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Why do LCD suppliers send alternative parts to the ones ordered?

We are not endorsed by the laptop makers and provide the service we do to you without the support of them. In fact they would prefer if we were not here and some companies like HP, try to take legal action against us, but as HP, Sony, DELL and friends do not make screens we are legally allowed to buy and sell them as they are made by a handful of far east electronics companies.

We offer a cheaper alternative to an authorised repair centre and guarantee the same quality products the laptop manufacturer used. In fact there is no such thing as a cheap or copy of a screen as LCD production costs billions of dollars to set up. For this reason only top brands like AUO, CMO, LG, Samsung, Sharp etc produce LCDs.

Like the people that make your laptop we buy from various sources such as AUO, LG and Samsung. 

For example in a Thinkpad laptop made in March 2015 we found part code B156HAN01.2.

6 Months later in the same laptop we found LP156WF6.

Lenovo call both these screens the same thing - FULL HD, IPS displays.

What's going on? What is happening is the same thing that happens with the rest of the components in your laptop, like the hard disk and memory the brand changes in the same laptop over time depending on what is currently available in China. Shortages of screens or fluctuations in the US dollar (the currency we buy screens with) means different brands are available at different times for the same machine.

These screen part numbers are all interchangeable in your laptop and as far as the laptop makers are concerned are the same thing. There are differences in spec but they are so small the laptop makers still call all of these the same thing. E.G My Apple Retina display is made by LG and Samsung, neither of these screens are the same but they are the same thing as far as Apple are concerned. 

I can't see the difference with my eyes. 

Now we balance a compatibility list of 100k products here, whilst ordering currently available stock from China that will replace the older screen. If I go to despatch now and read the part code on what we are currently sending (which is a waste of time because it means nothing to you anyway) and those parts finish before your order is boxed you may receive a different model. 

Model numbers keep changing. We should know we currently have over 100,000 of them in our database.

We do accept returns and we do guarantee our products for 2 years - which is a bold statement as most companies offer just 90 days. We're confident in our products and services and wish you to fit our product and try it, if you are not happy we are glad to accept it back for return. But don't ask us about specific part codes or email us specs from data sheets please, our job is difficult enough as it is!

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