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IVO is a fairly newcommer in the LCD manufacturing market, founded in 2005 in Kunshan, China. The total investment cost for the operation was just over one and a half billion US dollars.

Starting with just a few part numbers such as the M156NWR2  and popular netbook screen M101NWT2, IVO has expanded to currently produce over 120 thousand panels a month. These include laptop and tablet screens, but also LCDs for smartphones, desktop computers, TVs and vehicle installations.

More recently IVO has not only been competing with larger manufacturers on price and quality, but have also been moving more into the touch screen market, which is still not dominated by any one supplier. Latest model offerings include panels such as the MATTE M140NWR4, the GLOSSY M140NWR4 R2, and IPS screens such as the M116NWR7 and the odd sized 12 and a half inch M125NWN1.

Quality wise, we believe IVO screens to equal rival brands such as Samsung and LG Philips. Often we've found with some models, especially lower end models, that the IVO screens are often better in terms of brightness and crispness of the display. This could also be that they offer better compatibility with existing drivers installed on the device you are repairing.

Often when ordering an IVO screen you may well be sent an alternate model. This is because IVO is a relatively small LCD producer compared to larger producers such as BOE and Innolux. Often the original IVO part will need to be replaced with a currently available model.

Any good LCD supplier should be able to match a compatible model of the same or better spec for you when you order. You can read more about screen compatibility here if you are interested to find out more.

More info at IVO's English Home Page:

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