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NANO-IPS Quantum technology laptop screens for 2018

IPS upgrades seem to be all the rage at the moment, with many users looking for a swap of their old TN LCD panel for a slick IPS screen with extra wide viewing angles. If you trawl through the forums online, you will find many people asking how they can upgrade their TN screen to IPS.

Although IPS screens are generally more desirable, as they tend to display colours better and do not wash out when you view the screen at an angle; they do have some disadvantages. Not only do they drain the laptop's battery faster, but they also have a slower refresh rate. This means that they tend not to be so good as TN panels when it comes to gaming or fast graphics. The lag from an IPS screen can cause trails in fast action game play.

Although it has recently become the latest buzz-word; IPS seems to be looking a little long in the tooth these days, and LG hopes to address that with it's new NANO-IPS technology. Dropping it's previous high end OLED technology, LG hopes to bring a new and exciting development into the laptop screen market.

According to LG, Nano IPS is about using nanometre particles on the screen’s LEDs to absorb excess light wavelengths to enhance the purity, which sounds similar to how Quantum Dot’s crystals focus the LEDs to provide better and more vivid colours.

This technology is for professionals who require sharp and fast, accurate screen technology. and will offer ultra high resolutions starting at 5K ultra-wide resolution, clocking in at 5120×2160.

“Most of us spend hundreds of hours in front of monitors every month and yet it’s one of the least likely products to get upgraded when higher productivity is desired,” said LG’s Chang Ik-hwan.

And he is certainly not wrong, with many new laptops still being produced with the same old screens that have been used for the past decade.

Exciting news for 2018, we hope to see many new NANO-IPS screens for laptops coming in the next year offering users exciting new display technology, finally =)

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