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100% Protect your family home from 3G 4G 5G and the future!

How to use YShield EMF conductive paint, BlocCopper and BlocSilver to create an invisible faraday cage and completely shield a room from 100% of the radiation coming from cell towers and neighbours. Creates a totally safe space inside part or all of your home from past and future radio technologies that are now being proved to be hazardous to biological life. Unlike other presentations we'll show you how to remove 100% of the radiation in your neighbourhood that penetrates your home 24 hours a day and compromises the health of your family. Video created by Qual-IT London Limited We used products supplied by EMF Protection Limited We're not endorsed or affiliated with EMF Protection Ltd but they left such an impression on us we were compelled to mention them and we will be using them for all future projects going forwards.
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