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This item (lg philips lp154wx7 tlp1 led part), is currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience.

LG 15.4 inch parts replacement laptop LCD screen 

Brand: LG
SKU: 512375
Product Type: 768p LCD Part
Condition: New & Class 1 (ISO-9241) ?
Warranty: 2 years return to base

Lg Philips Lp154wx7 Tlp1 15.4 LED

You are viewing a Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED Class I and fully compatible LCD screen part. Please check that your original screen has a glass area of 15.4" inches diagonally (not including the frame) and has a maximum resolution of 1280X800 (or is known as WXGA resolution or 768p). This screen's backlight is powered by LED backlight technology. The data connector on this screen has 30 pins located at the top right hand side of the screen, when viewing the reverse side of the LCD display.

How to install:

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Do I need a new LG 15.4" parts laptop screen?

cracked Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen

Cracked Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED screen

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Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen flickering

Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED Screen Flickering

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Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen with lines

Lines on Laptop Screen

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Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen completely black

LG Laptop Black Screen

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Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED blue screen

Blue Screen on LG Laptop

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Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen completely white, Lg Philips Lp154wx7 (tl)(p1) LED laptop screen whiteout

White Screen on LG Laptop

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Customer reviews about this product

The screen was damaged on receipt as the ribbon broke off when attaching to the inverter. Having experienced fitting this type of screen previously, this ribbon sheared off with little force. I contacted customer services but was told no refund would be given. I‘m very unhappy and I will not use you again or recommend you to anyone

Simon Walton on 12/12/2014 | ★★★★★

The screen was damaged before it was received - and - the ribbon just came off in my hand during fitting. This customer butchered the screen and then tried to get it replaced free of charge. I can‘t remember the last time we had to refuse a return, it wasn‘t pleasant for us either but if parts have been ripped off the screen we can‘t send them back under warranty. Nothing would have been hanging off these are delicate pieces of equipment and need handling with care.

Nick (Laptop-LCD-Screen) on 12/12/2014 | ★★★★★

And if something was damaged on receipt we should have been notified immediately, why try and fit a damaged product? It wasn‘t damaged on receipt was it.....

James on 12/12/2014 | ★★★★★