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Customer Review by Ashley - 17/10/2009 13:11:07 All customer reviews

thank you for your quick reply, i have recieved my new laptop screen today and have fitted it and all is ok, once again i thank you and your team - "Ashley".


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Medion Akoya P series replacement laptop LCD screen 

Brand: Medion, Condition: Brand new, grade A+
Glass: GLOSS (Anti Reflective)  [?]
Screen size: 16.0" inches / 40.64cm  [?]
Resolution: 1366X768 (HD)  [?]
Shorthand name: 768p
Aspect ratio: Wide (16:9)
Backlight(s): 1 CCFL Lamp(s)  [?]
Connector type: 30 PIN
Connector position: Top right (from back of screen)  [?]

This MEDION replacement LCD screen for the MEDION AKOYA device is not in stock in our main warehouse but it may be possible to order the panel on a short lead time. We have these screens in a GLOSS finish. Please check that your original screen has a glass area of 16.0" inches diagonally and has a maximum resolution of 1366X768 (or is known as HD resolution). This screen's backlight is powered by 1 CCFL Lamp(s) CCFL Lamp(s) backlight technology. The data connector on this screen has 30 pins located at the top right hand side of the screen.

The medion akoya p6612 replacement lcd screen will be delivered in the UK guaranteed on Tuesday morning. European destinations are equally as fast and take only a few days, you can find out more here

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