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Question: Does the problem still happen when the laptop is connected to an external screen?

try using an external monitor with your laptop

Does the problem happen when using an external screen?

The base of your laptop contains many components of the laptop computer, including the graphics controller or video controller.

The video controller is the lowest level component responsible for what you see on the laptop screen.

By attaching an external monitor to the laptop, you can quickly ascertain whether or not the display problem you have is a low level hardware issue or simply an LCD (laptop screen) failure.

How to try an external monitor:

Firstly you will need an external screen, such as a desktop PC monitor. You can also use some modern televisons.

Ascertain which kind of video connector your laptop has and ensure you have the correct cable(s) to connect the laptop to your external screen.

Once physically connected, there is usually a key combination on the laptop's keyboard that will switch the display over to the external one. This is typically Function (or "FN") and one of the F keys, such as F5. The correct F key will have a logo looking similar to two displays printed on it.

Some laptop models will automatically detect an external screen and use it, if powered on with the external screen attached.

Consult your documentation or the manufacturer of your laptop if you need further assistance with this, or trya Google search for "how to use an external monitor with XXXXXX" <-- With your laptop make and model here in place of the X's.

Does the laptop work properly with an external screen?