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Question: Does the problem change ever, especially as the lid is opened and closed?

moving the laptop screen back and forth

Is the problem always the same?

Although unlikely, there is a possibility that the problem you have is related to the flat grey VGA (signal) cable that comes from the base of the laptop and plugs into the back of the laptop screen.

This signal cable provides the signal that the screen then turns into the display you are looking at. The signal cable is flat and grey and runs from the base through the hinge and up to the rear of the laptop screen, which is held within the lid of the laptop.

What could have happened?

At the laptop screen is opened and closed this cable that runs through one of the hinges of the laptop screen can become damaged due to the folding and unfolding action of opening and closing the lid.

In these circumstances opening and closing the lid will cause the problem to shift around. You may find lines or bars come and go, or move around. Coloured patterns or hues on the display including shadowing may also move around and come and go.

There may be times when you find a position for the lid of the laptop whereby the screen works normally.

If moving the lid backwards and forwards changes the problem in any way, the chances are you have a damaged screen cable.

Does it look like the problem is the screen cable?