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Cracked laptop screen
Liquid Crystal (ink) leakage
Damaged glass

cracked laptop screen

Reason(s) for fault:

At the present time, all laptop screen displays are manufactured using very thin layers of glass that are sandwiched together. Between these layers of glass lay the liquid crystals that make up the "pixels" of the display.

Pressure around the corners of the screen causing any slight "bending" of the laptop screen panel, or pressure on the surface of the screen can crack these layers of glass and sometimes cause the liquid crystals to leak, as in the example image to the left.

More information as to how laptop screns are manufactured.

Isolate the problem:

If the laptop has been involved in some kind of impact, (such as being dropped), or any other kind of shock, it is a sensible idea to ensure the problem is related only to the LCD screen itself.

Connect an external monitor to your laptop and test the machines keyboard, hard disk drive and CD/DVD drives. If all looks and sounds okay it is more than likely that the problem is related only to the laptop screen itself.

How to deal with this problem:

1) Find out how to replace the laptop screen.

Once the layers of glass are cracked, punched or shattered, the only course of action is to replace the laptop screen. A FREE laptop screen replacement video is available online to show you how to complete the replacement of the LCD screen. No technical knowledge or specialist tools are required.

2) Find and purchase the correct replacement laptop screen.

A Google search for "replacement laptop screens" will show you local suppliers of laptop screens for the UK and Europe, or you can visit "replacement laptop screens" supplied by laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk.

Make sure you purchase from a reputable supplier selling brand new A grade condition screens with at least 90 days warranty.

Any reputable and experienced laptop screen supplier will be able to guide you if you require assistance selecting the correct laptop screen.

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