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This item (idtech iaxg01 part), is currently unavailable and we are unable to locate a supply of this product at the moment. For more information, see the product description below.

ID tech 12.1 inch parts replacement laptop LCD screen 

Brand: Compatible with ID
SKU: 525376
Product Type: Screen compatible with Idtech IAXG01 ?
Condition: New & Class 1 (ISO-9241) ?
Warranty: 2 years return to base

Idtech Iaxg01 12.1

You are viewing a Idtech IAXG01 Class I and fully compatible LCD screen part. Please check that your original screen has a glass area of 12.1" inches diagonally (not including the frame) and has a maximum resolution of 1024X768 (or is known as XGA resolution ). This screen's backlight is powered by 1 CCFL lamp/s backlight technology.

How to install:

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Do I need a new ID tech 12.1" parts laptop screen?

cracked Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen

Cracked Idtech screen

You need to replace the broken screen. Watch our video on How to replace any laptop screen.

Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen flickering

Tech Screen Flickering

You might need to buy this screen replacement product. Check your video cable behind the screen. Here are instructions to check on laptop screen flickering.

Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen with lines

Lines on Laptop Screen

You may need to replace the screen. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check vertical lines on laptop screen. You can follow these guidelines for horizontal lines on laptop screen also.

Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen completely black

ID Laptop Black Screen

You might need this screen replacement. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check with an external monitor.

Idtech IAXG01 blue screen

Blue Screen on ID Laptop

You might not need to replace the screen. Here are some resources for you to rectify the blue screen on laptop.

Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen completely white, Idtech IAXG01 laptop screen whiteout

White Screen on ID Laptop

You might need this screen replacement. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check the problem related to white screen on laptop.

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