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Tablet screen replacement - models from 7 to 12 inches

Our tablet screens are high quality class I genuine replacements for Android and Apple devices. These are not the same products that you will find selling on low cost websites. These come in two parts, we sell the digitizer (glass front touch assembly) and we also sell the LCD screen (display) that sits behind the front glass cover (digitizer). You can choose to replace just the front glass touch assembly, the LCD display screen or both. If you're unsure of what you need then just ask us.

Galaxy 2 white Acer Iconia ASUS Transformer
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 & 3 / Plus
Glass front (Digitizer)
Acer Iconia series
Glass front (Digitizer)
Asus Transfomer series
Glass front (Digitizer)

P1000 black
P1010 black
P3100 white black
P3110 white black
P3113 white black
P5100 white black
P7500 white black
P7510 white black
P6200 black
Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
P3210 Digitizer black
T210 Digitizer (WIFI ONLY) black
T210 Digitizer (WIFI ONLY) white
T211 Digitizer (WIFI, 3G) black
T211 Digitizer (WIFI, 3G) white
P3210 Digitizer white
SM-T310 in black
SM-T310 in white
SM-T311 in white

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

7" Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T230 Black digitizer glass
8" Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T330 White digitizer
10" Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530 Black digitizer glass
SM-T531 Black digitizer
Galaxy SM-T535 digitizer Black

Galaxy Tab S 8.4"

SM-T700 and SM-T705 screen and digitizer assembly

Galaxy Note 2014 10.1

Screen and digitizer for models SM-P600,SM-P601,SM-P605

Galaxy Tab Pro

Full lid assembly in black and white for the Samsung SM-T520 and SM-T520N.

all Samsung Galaxy Screens

More models & LCD panels

A100 black
A200 black

screen + digitizer
A210 black
A210 Screen + Digitizer (black)
A500/A501 Digitizer 69.10I20.F01 V0 / ZVLT504
A500 Screen+Digitizer black
A501 Screen+Digitizer black
A510 black
A700 black
A700 Screen + Digitizer (black)
W500 screen
W500 digitizer black
W500 Screen & Digitizer
W510 screen & digitizer black
Acer Iconia A1-810 (model B079XAT02.1 HW:1A)
Acer Iconia A1-811
Acer Iconia B1-710 Digitizer black
Acer Iconia B1-A71 Black Digitizer
LCD screens for the Acers

FP-TPAY 10104A-02X-H. Digitizer for Asus T100 series
Full assembly screen plus digitizer for the T100 and T100TA models.
T100T and T100TA Models
TF300 G01 black
TF300 G03 black
TF300 5158N FPC1 black
TF700 black
Asus Transformer LCD screens


Asus Transformer LCD screens

TF810 69.11I03.T01 Asus TF810 Screen & Digitizer
TF810C screen replacement
TF810T replacement screen

iPad black
Asus Vivobook Series

Vivobook S200 digitizer in black
Vivobook S200E digitizer

Asus Vivobook S200 screen

Vivobook S200E LCD screen

Vivobook S300 screens and digitizers

ASUS Vivobook TF600 and TF600T screen & digitizer

X202 Vivobook Digitizer Black

Vivobook Q200 Digitizer

X102B Digitizer Black

X102BA Digitizer Black
iPad black  white Nexus 7
Apple iPad & Retina edition
Glass front digitizer
Apple iPad Mini & iPad Air
Digitizer & LCD screen

Google Nexus 7
LCD & digitizer

iPad 1 black
iPad 2 black white
iPad 3 black white
iPad LCD screens

iPad mini (digitizer only) black white

iPad mini (digitizer + FPC assembly + button) black white

iPad Mini LCD Screen only (B080XAN01.0 / LP079X01 (SM)(A1)

iPad Mini 2 Screen Sharp LQ079L1JY42

iPad Mini 2 Digitizer black

iPad Mini 2 Digitizer white

iPad Mini 3 A1599, A1600 and A1601 Digitizer black

iPad Mini 3 A1599, A1600 and A1601 Digitizer white

iPad Air 5th gen A1474 A1475 A1476 Digitizer white
iPad Air 5th gen A1474 A1475 A1476 Digitizer black
iPad Air 5th gen A1474 A1475 A1476 LTL097QL02 A01 A02 / LP097QX2 (SP)(AV) Screen
Google (ASUS) Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen
1st Gen Digitizer ONLY
Microsoft Surface iPhone 5 replacement screen Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 replacement screen
Microsoft Surface Pro
LCD & digitizer
Apple iPhone 5
Screen & Digitizer
Lenovo Ideapad
LCD & Digitizer
Microsoft Surface black
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 10"
Surface Pro 3 12"
Surface RT replacement screen 10"
Surface 2 RT 10"
iPhone 5 screen black
iPhone 5 screen white

iPhone 5S screen black
iPhone 5S screen white
Ideapad Yoga 11 touch screen
Ideapad Yoga 11s touch screen

IdeaTab S6000 touch screen

Ideapad YOGA 13 LP133WD2 SLB1 touch screen

Samsung Smart PC XE500 series Dell Streak 10 display replacement Asus fonepad screens
Samsung XE500 Ativ Smart
LCD & digitizer
Dell Streak
LCD & Digitizer
Asus Fonepad/MEMOPAD
LCD & Digitizer
Samsung XE500 screen black

Samsung XE500T black screen

XE500 screen grey

XE500T screen grey

XE500 white screen

XE500T white screen

Dell Streak Pro 10 display assembly Asus Fonepad ME371

Asus MemoPad

We also stock Asus MemoPad screens, and MemoPad Smart screens! (includes models ME301 and ME301T

Asus Memopad F series

FHD10 screen replacement

Asus Memopad 100 series

ME102 screen replacement
ME172 replacement screen
ME172 digitizer front glass black
ME173 digitizer glass front black
me173, me173x,me173v Screen only
me175, me175cg, me175kg Screen only
ASUS HD7 Memopad Screen only
ASUS K00B Memopad Screen only

Asus Memopad 300 series

ME302 screen only no touch digitizer
ME370T screen only no digitizer
ME301 digitizer black
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX screen replacement Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement, digitizer only in black
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
LCD & digitizer
Sony Xperia Z
Kindle Fire HDX 7" screen
LG Philips model LD070WU2 (SM)(01) + touch digitizer

Kindle Fire HD 7" screen
LG Philips model LD070WX3 (SL)(01) / LD070WX4 (SM)(01) + touch digitizer
Sony Xperia Z Digitizer Only Black

Hard to find tablet digitizers

Flytouch 9 superpad 8 x220 tablet digitizer in black
Allwinner tablet screen 9 inch for models A12, A20, A23 part code Czy6353a01-FPC in black
Tesco HUDL 1 LCD screen and digitizer combo in black.
VERSUS 8INCH MT70816 V.0 Black digitizer part for Versus TOUCHTAB 8"
ARGOS CNM tablets
Kurio TAB KIDS 7s replacement digitizer in black
Kurio 10 and 10s
Archos Arnova 101 G4
Medion Lifetab E73XX series DY-F-07047-V2 digitizer screen
Medion Lifetab E710XX series DY-F-10108-V2 digitizer screen
Archos Arnova 101 G4 touch screen replacement

Lenovo Ideapad Y011 full display and plastics with touch

Ideapad Y011 by Lenovo, full display and touch digitizer

Touch screen laptops

Touch screen laptops have been slow off the mark, with limited support from available applications and Microsoft's backtracking with Windows 8.1, popularity has been less than expected. Interestingly Apple decided not to implement touch facilities in any of their laptop or netbook devices after a study showed that it was difficult for people to work long periods with their arms extended. Were they right? Nevertheless we stock some of the more popular touch enabled laptop screens as well.

More about tablet computers

Though recent innovations, tablet computers featured prominently in a number of films and books written and produced in the latter half of the 20th century. Note, for example, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s reference to a “Newspad.”

Drawing inspiration from Clarke’s work, in 1994 the EU set up the “Omni-NewsPad” project, inviting Acorn Computers Ltd. to design an early form of tablet which was subsequently dubbed, (perhaps unsurprisingly,) the NewsPad.

2008 saw early design discussions for the first Android tablets. The Archos 5 was one of many products that went on sale to the public the following year.

Tablet touchscreens are usually either resistive, (meaning the screen is high resolution and requires the use of a stylus,) or capacitive, (meaning that the screen is more sensitive and can be operated using the fingertips.)

Figures released by NPD DisplaySearch indicate that more screen panels are being shipped for use in tablets than in laptops. The company suggests such figures may indicate a significant turning point in the computing industry, as consumers turn from using classic clamshell laptops to newer tablet models.

The History of the Tablet Computer

Today, tablet computers are commonplace, but, what did the first tablet look like and, when was it first made? We take a look at the history of the tablet computer.

Tablets: a history

The Rand tablet

One of the first devices capable of detecting user input via the use of a stylus was the Rand tablet. Built by the American corporation Rand, (and released in 1964,) the Rand tablet cost a staggering $18,000.

On a lighter note...the Star Trek PADD

Fans of the sci-fi fantasy series Star Trek may well remember that the characters often used, (and referred to,) a tablet-like invention called the PADD. The crew of the Enterprise were obviously further ahead than we thought!

Apple's Knowledge Navigator

Apple's 1987 invention the Knowldege Navigator was an early form of tablet which operated as a virtual assoatant, (much like smartphones and tablets do today.) The Knowledge Navigator also aimed to make virtual business meetings possible.

The Penpoint Operating System

In 1991 GO Corporation released the Penpoint Operating System which allowed users to navigate around early tablets and portable assistants. The operating system allowed users to select different onscreen options, and, to drag and drop certain icons.

The ThinkPad 700T

IBM's first ThinkPad, (the 700T,) was one of the early tablet computers which made use of the GO Corporation's Penpoint Operating System. The 700T ThinkPad came equipped with a 10 inch, stylus operated screen and a keyboard.

Fujitsu's Stylistic 500

Released in 1994, Fujitsu's Stylistic 500 had a slightly smaller screen that its predecessors, (8 inch,) and it ran on Windows 95. Though its screen was noticeably smaller, the Fujitsu Stylistic 500 weighed in at a bulky 1.18kg.

The Cyrix WebPAD

Available for purchase in 1998, the Cyrix WebPAD was a stylus operated tablet computer which allowed users to access the net, (when within 500 feet of a base with a suitable internet connection.)

Microsoft's Prototype Tablet PC

At a conference in 2000, Bill Gates introduced the world to Microsoft's Prototype Tablet PC. This prototype was operated using a stylus and it ran an early version of Windows XP.

BlackBerry's PlayBook

In 2010, BlackBerry released a tablet computer with a 7 inch screen called the PlayBook. As a product, the PlayBook wasn't particularly popular as you had to attach a BlackBerry phone to access all of the available features.

The Apple iPad 4

In 2012, Apple released the iPad 4 which came complete with a 9.7 inch screen, a faster, all round, processor and 128GB worth of storage.

Tablets Today

Today tablet computers are advancing at an astonishing rate, we've compiled our pick of the top 7 tablet computers in 2015.