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This item (lucom f2133wh4 a21cd0 part), is currently unavailable and we are unable to locate a supply of this product at the moment. For more information, see the product description below.

Lucom 13.3 inch parts replacement laptop LCD screen 

Brand: Compatible with Lucom
SKU: 630426
Product Type: 768p Screen compatible with Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 ?
See also: LP133WH4  
Condition: New & Class 1 (ISO-9241) ?
Warranty: 2 years return to base

Lucom F2133wh4 A21cd0 13.3

You are viewing a Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 Class I and fully compatible (with LP133WH4, and other models) LCD part. We have these screens with a GLOSS (Glare) finish. Please check that your original screen has a glass area of 13.3" inches diagonally (not including the frame) and has a maximum resolution of 1366X768 (or is known as HD resolution or 768p). This screen's backlight is powered by LED backlight technology. The signal connector on this LCD is 40 pin which can be found at the bottom right side of the screen - on the back of the LCD.

How to install:

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Do I need a new Lucom 13.3" parts laptop screen?

cracked Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen

Cracked Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 screen

You need to replace the broken screen. Watch our video on How to replace any laptop screen.

Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen flickering

A21CD0 Screen Flickering

You might need to buy this screen replacement product. Check your video cable behind the screen. Here are instructions to check on laptop screen flickering.

Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen with lines

Lines on Laptop Screen

You may need to replace the screen. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check vertical lines on laptop screen. You can follow these guidelines for horizontal lines on laptop screen also.

Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen completely black

Lucom Laptop Black Screen

You might need this screen replacement. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check with an external monitor.

Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 blue screen

Blue Screen on Lucom Laptop

You might not need to replace the screen. Here are some resources for you to rectify the blue screen on laptop.

Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen completely white, Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 laptop screen whiteout

White Screen on Lucom Laptop

You might need this screen replacement. Check with an external monitor. Here are the instructions to check the problem related to white screen on laptop.

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Customer reviews about this product


federico on 27/10/2013 | ★★★★★

i think that would be better if you leave a telefhone number in order to check available.

jonathan tejeda on 10/01/2017 | ★★

Jonathan, phone number is at the top of the page, and on the contact us page and on the about us page.

laptop-lcd-screen Admin on 11/01/2017 | ★★★★★

I bought this product from you 3 years back now, and it is still working well! Thanks a lot, for a fantastic service. I am now upgrading my laptop for a new one and selling the old one on, and remembered you! I kept the emails you sent me. Anyhow, nice to see you are still in business =) Jay

Jason Fung on 09/08/2019 | ★★★★★

Lucom F2133wh4 A21cd0 Screen Replacement Quality Promise

Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk guarantee you a working Lucom F2133wh4 A21CD0 screen replacement, or your money back. With our 13 years of trading experience, we can warrant that claim with real expertise. If you research our company, you will encounter our impressive accumulation of fantastic reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google.

Ordering by Screen Part Number
When ordering by screen model number, the actual part code sent may vary from the original. We will always send the most currently available model to replace the original. Screen part code availability is always changing, what we do promise is that the part code we send will be as good, or often better than the original. More about this...

Glass finish
Lucom Screens can be manufactured in MATTE or GLOSSY finish. MATTE is better for outdoor use and GLOSS is better for indoor use. GLOSS screens will display brighter and richer colours, and MATTE screens will look duller, but are less reflective. We try where possible to offer both options, if we have both options, we will offer them in the product description. More about this...

Screen size measurement
We always list the size of the screen to help you determine which product is right for you. Screen sizes are measured diagonally, from corner to corner, of the visible display area only. The measurement does not include any frame (or bezel), just the area that lights up and is part of the display area. More info about this...

13 years' experience
We have the largest screen replacement database on the Internet. In addition to this, you have peace of mind that we have many years of trading, during which time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which enables us to provide the right screens, first time. The long time we have been established has also enabled us to build sterling relationships with top manufacturers like AUOChiMei InnoluxSamsungHannstarToshibaLG DisplaySharpBOEHydis Hundai,  and others.

Better quality screens
We insist on higher grade Class I panels, (note that there is no such thing as a Grade A screen). We pay a little more to ensure our products impress and please every time, and give a long working lifetime. With more than a decade of experience our team will ensure your high quality replacement screen is as good - or better than your original, and that the whole process from purchase, through the delivery and to installation, is seamless. And this promise is endorsed by our customers.

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