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Excellent service. Good price, very quick dispatch and communication was fantastic. Product exactly as described and we'll packaged. One very happy customer. Thank you. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/02/2021 10:15:45

Hi Suzanne, I received the replacement screen super quick and fitted it on Saturday. It is perfect and I am very pleased with it. Excellent comms, excellent customer service (Nick), excellent delivery, and excellent product (second time around!) So thanks all very much. - "Bob"

Bob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/02/2021 10:11:01

Thank you for the swift service, screen received this morning, packaged perfectly and of excellent quality. Fitted it this morning, and my daughter said wow why does it look so much better than the other one did?!!! Big thanks! - "Derrick"

Derrick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/02/2021 10:55:25

Fantastic company, superb service, great products and never let me down in the last 10 years. - "Andy High"

Andy High 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/01/2021 10:53:48

excellent service, order placed on monday evening, and arrived mid morning wednesday, laptop repaired within 1/2 hour. Will definitely recommend. - "Russell Willoughby"

Russell Willoughby 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/01/2021 18:57:17

Wow, excellent service, ordered new screen for Acer Aspire, received within 24 hours, fitted minutes after arrival, my daughter is ecstatic her laptop works again. - "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/01/2021 11:53:58

Just to say, screen arrived yesterday (26/10/20), very well packed. Customer brought laptop back today (27/10/20) & new screen fitted. Very happy customer :-) If my customer's happy, then I'm happy. Thanks for a quick supply service. My only quibble is that you don't have a telephone or email contact !! :-( Cheers, - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/10/2020 13:00:00

Received the replacement screen and just installed. All working fantastic, thank you all very much for the help and quick responses/delivery turn arounds - "Gareth"

Gareth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/10/2020 14:37:36

This was the second screen I've purchased from laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk, and, like the first, the whole process was excellent. The huge selection of screens with detailed product pages made it easy to find the right screen, my screen was very securely packed and sent to the courier in hardly any time at all, and it arrived safe and sound the next morning. The quality of the screen is great, and (in this case) it was very easy to install. laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk is exactly the kind of supplier I need for my customer screen replacements, and I will definitely use them whenever possible. - "David Rand"

David Rand 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/10/2020 10:01:23

So I had a dell laptop where a kids argument resulted in a lego projectile shattering the screen. Dell quoted £158 to replace (parts only) with the same non-IPS HD display... from you I got a FullHD IPS display for £52 and the video guides made fitting it trivial. Very happy! - "Malcolm"

Malcolm 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/10/2020 14:01:27

Excellent delivery, very well packaged, easy to install, dare I say better replacement than the old screen. Thanks very much guys. Oh did I mention the price? Excellent value. - "Abel"

Abel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/09/2020 18:00:47

Great prices and quick delivery service. Well packaged, my lcd was really well protected. The replacement works and looks amazing. Thank you! - "Mollie"

Mollie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/08/2020 16:24:41

Great service arrived next day well packed would definitely use them again - "Les Downs"

Les Downs 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/07/2020 09:33:01

ordered on friday received on tuesday perfect fit Good picture and staff helpful when I emailed - "Dave A"

Dave A 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/07/2020 15:19:15

As good as new! Perfect replacement, service and delivery. After a fair amount of research I purchased a replacement screen for my HP COMPAQ NOTEBOOK PC 14 CK0599N from laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk. Finding the correct screen was very easy. The price wasn't the cheapest but the delivery time and tracking service made up for that. I ordered it late on the Friday, received it before lunch on the Monday and with a bit of help from a video on YouTube my laptop was back up and running in no time. Not what I expected during a pandemic lockdown. Definitely worth forking out the extra money for the proper screen. As good as new! Would recommend and use this company again. - "Ann White"

Ann White 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2020 17:21:01

Loads of useful info easy t find, really reassuring when lost looking at model number after model number. great site - "Jack teitge"

Jack teitge 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2020 08:01:22

Suzanne, just to let you know I balked at giving my email to your companies "partner" trustpilot to rate your performance. I'd prefer to keep my email private. But I wanted to let you know I really appreciated your efforts on my behalf and I found you and your companies service impeccable. I'll definitely order from you again the next time I need a screen. Thanks again for all your help. - "Michael"

partner 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2020 08:00:19

Hi Nick, - I'd also just like to say you may have a new long term customer. My 'usual' screen supplier who I have used for several years (& have been absolutely fine!) let me down in quite a big way this week! I know & fully understand a lot of suppliers are struggling with workloads/couriers etc. in the current climate. However not only did they not fulfill my fairly average request, they didn't pick up the phone or reply to my numerous emails requesting their help. This was actually after them sending me the wrong screen in the first place! You have been excellent in very trying times & it's suppliers like yourselves that are going to come out on top when this has all blown over. Thanks for such great service! Kind regards - "Fergus"

Fergus 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/05/2020 15:04:35

Hi, wery easy and convenient purchase and logistics. Thanks and regards - "Blagoja Trajchev"

Blagoja Trajchev 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/04/2020 09:01:00

Very good site, take care of yourself ! - "Francois"

Francois 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/04/2020 15:27:41

Wanted to let you know it went well (took about 10 mins) and I'm delighted with your service, great website, fast delivery and quality product (I appreciated the screen protector!) Please feel free to use my feedback in any of your advertising. Thanks again and best regards, - "Nick Carlin"

Nick Carlin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/02/2020 09:29:15

Product in very good shape. Everything perfect. Thanks a lot. - "Isabel Nunes"

Isabel Nunes 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/01/2020 09:10:11

Absolutely spot on and extremely rapid service. Item received within 20 hours of ordering. Fitted and working within 15 minutes of delivery. Highly recommended. Will certainly use this company again. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/01/2020 10:10:35

Good quality screen. Exact fit. Cheaper screens I looked at were 2-5 dead pixels norm. This screen no dead pixels. Half hour to swap, phillips P1 screwdriver, tweezers and a little patience is all that it needed. Just make sure you earth yourself. I connected earthing wristband to earth pin of a three pin plug and plugged into house earth circuit - "Kevin A"

Kevin A 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2019 19:03:52

Can I compliment you on (a) your speed of response and (b) the excellent video on your site that showed me exactly what I had to do to replace the screen! Very useful indeed! - "Terry"

Terry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2019 13:17:43

Item received and installed (I'm using it to type this email:), all working perfectly - Thank you. Kind Regards - "Sandra"

Sandra 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2019 11:30:00

Impressed with the clarity and speed of the website and especially with the way that key chacteristics were high-lighted for the SKU's e.g. 'MATTE' - i did not want gloss finish so i liked that =:o) . Looking forward to receiving delivery. Bye for now. jc - "John Currie "

John Currie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/08/2019 10:02:11

Thak you for lcd screen hp 15 au150sa. It working very good. Iulian - "Iulian"

Iulian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2019 09:16:52

Superb service. I was struggling to fit the new screen and customer service was extremely helpful answering questions and providing excellent support. Screen was well packaged and works perfectly - thank you - "Lesley"

Lesley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/06/2019 08:01:53

I was a bit concerned no telephone contact details, but screen delivered next day on time, no problems. Very pleased. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/05/2019 10:40:48

Thank u for a brilliant service, laptop is repaired would highly recommend . - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2019 13:54:23

Hello Suzanne Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your speed with all of this. We replaced the screen yesterday and it is working. Your team's speed and customer service have been excellent. Best wishes - "Karen"

Karen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/03/2019 14:15:07

Hi Suzanne, Screen received, fitted and working by 10:45. Thanks for your excellent service and please accept my apologies for repeatedly calling you Lynn. ATB - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/03/2019 09:37:23

Received and installed, thank you so much my daughter is so pleased, off now to write a review. - "Jonathan"

Jonathan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/12/2018 11:38:09

very fast delivery fitted working greet thank you. - "Robert"

Robert 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/11/2018 13:16:02

Really easy to use excellent service - "Nicola"

Nicola 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/11/2018 20:08:21

Hi Nick, The screen came this morning, was easy to fit and works a treat. Thanks for your excellent service. Cheers - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/10/2018 16:35:56

Hi Jane, I am typing this mail looking at the new screen. Top service and excellent product. Looks good as good as my original. I received the screen today. 10 minutes to install and ready to mail again! You can use this reference on your site if you like. Wish there were more companies like yours. A happy customer - "Daan"

Daan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2018 18:41:53

Dear All, My you folk work fast . . I was away yesterday and only now have I had a chance to “catch up” with e-mails etc. I have just posted a review on Google and trust pilot. I realise that to post both reviews I had to use my Google credentials. (Sid Plymouth) therefore you may not be able readily to mark me as a “certified buyer”. You have my permission so to do despite the fact that the e-mails do not match! In addition to what I have said in the review (reproduced below) Please all of you accept my thanks for your help with this. Regards, - "Sid"

Sid 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/08/2018 12:38:38

Very smooth service, look forward to Tuesday when I get screen - "Andy Glover"

Andy Glover 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/08/2018 07:42:48

FAO Jane Usher, Jane, I congratulated Laptop Replacement Screens on their excellent service provision, as in the appended e-mail. My view remains the same. Unfortunately I do not wish to share my e-mail address with any parties outside of the conducted transaction, in order to verify my genuine comment. Regards - "Gordon Fox"

Gordon Fox 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/07/2018 10:40:10

Suzanne was first class with quick replies to my emails Thank you - "Stephen Booth"

Stephen Booth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/07/2018 10:39:16

FAO Nick/Scott, Thanks to Laptop Replacement Screens, my replacement lcd screen was delivered on Friday 29 June as scheduled and my laptop Acer Aspire ES 15. ES1-533-P47G, is now back in operation. Thank you for your prompt service. Regards - "Gordon Fox"

Gordon Fox 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/07/2018 08:44:04

Hi Nick, Everything went as planned, arrived today and the install was successful so very happy. ? Thanks again for the quick response and excellent service! - "Davy"

Davy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/06/2018 09:19:59

super helpful service - "Stephen"

Stephen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/06/2018 10:31:01

Thanks I fitted this morning - following the video on YouTube - all looks good and I also posted a review Thanks - "Robert Armes"

Robert Armes 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/06/2018 09:18:53

Hi, Screen arrived this morning and it's replaced. Thanks a million. If you need any feedback on whatever site just let me know. trustpilot, google or whichever. Thanks again Nick - "Patrick"

Patrick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2018 09:09:52

All is great, fantastic service - "Sean O'Hanlan"

Sean O'Hanlan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2018 08:54:45

Hi Scott Received. Perfect and much sooner than expected. Great service! Thank you very much Cheers, - "johan"

johan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/06/2018 09:10:21

Excellent service Jane. Very good service from your company. Would use again. - "Martin Luck"

Martin Luck 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/05/2018 09:28:16

Very quick and straightforward service. Many thanks - "Dave Pickett"

Dave Pickett 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/05/2018 09:14:33

Hi, I’ve left a review. I had a good experience keep up the good customer service. I’ve left 5 stars the only issue I did have and this was more my fault is I brought the wrong screen. This is as my laptop says it’s an dell inspiron 15 7000 but in reality the actual model is a dell 15 7570. Your customer service rep easily identified it using the service number and sorted the issue out. If you could add a help page which could instruct people that they could find the actual model of their laptop using the service number it may help people like me who were ordering their first screen. But once again this has no bearing on your service which was great but just a suggestion for the future. Thank you, - "Ajmal Manzoor"

Ajmal Manzoor 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/05/2018 08:53:16

Excellent service. Bought a screen for my laptop, received it 3 days later in Denmark, it didn't function. Contacted CS, immediately help at 9 PM, had to return it due to my special model. The same day they received it, they tested it, and they returned all my money. Excellent. - "Torben Olsen "

Torben Olsen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/05/2018 09:26:16

HI, Just received the new screen this morning and the high res option you recommended works fine in my x250 - thank you! Regards - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/05/2018 09:19:18

My screen arrived this morning at 10:00am. Thank you for your prompt service. - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/05/2018 16:55:07

Hi Scott, Got my screen today after mix up by Royal Mail and I have fitted it and I am delighted with the results. Thanks once again for great service. Best regards, - "Dave Kelly"

Dave Kelly 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/05/2018 16:17:00

I would rate 6 stars if i could and even the LCD is only compatible and not the original one, it is working properly without any compatibility issues. I prefer to have this one instead the original because the image is more clear, colorful and the brightness level seems to be higher at 100% in comparison with the original one. Since i bought my laptop i had "Backlight bleeding" on the lower area of the LCD but i did not want to return it for warranty and because i broke it suddenly, i got the chance to replace it with a 100% compatible better version than the original one. I kindly recommend your trusted website to anybody! By the way, the shipping process to Romania was really fast. Thank you! - "Marius M. "

Backlight bleeding 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/05/2018 11:45:42

Hello Jane, I would have awarded your company 5 stars as the replacement laptop screen was a reasonable price and very quick delivery and it was easy to fit/connect. The main reason for this email to you is to tell you that i tried to leave a review on trustpilot but i have no accounts with either facebook or google and when i tried to enter my email address it wasn't recognised and was then asking me to register so i just gave up !. Regards, - "Vic Tatman."

Vic Tatman. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/05/2018 08:16:44

Dear Sir/Madam Thank you. I can confirm that the order was fulfilled as requested and arrived promptly. - "John R Hudson"

John R Hudson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/04/2018 09:58:02

Hello to Everyone, item arrived two days ago; installed this morning and everything is working well. Many Thank to all. - "Enzo Bergamini."

Enzo Bergamini. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/04/2018 11:32:13

Hi Suzanne The screen is installed and works a treat. Thanks for your help - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/04/2018 16:06:52

Hi Nick, fyi, I bit the bullet and ordered the screen from yourselves and it works perfectly. Many Thanks for your assistance. Cheers, - "Mal"

Mal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2018 09:07:36

Very simple to use this site thankyou - "Amanda steele"

Amanda steele 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2018 09:02:33

Dear Jane Usher. I just finished installing the lcd panel and it was all right, it works fine. I'm happy with the product. Of course I will recommend to others who need lcd panels Reagards - "Javier Hernández"

Javier Hernández 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2018 09:01:59

Hi Jane, It's excellent, thanks. I don't have a Trustpilot account but all is well, thanks. Kind regards, - "Phil Sowden"

Phil Sowden 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/04/2018 09:40:46

Thank you for a good service. I got my LCD screen last week and mounted it yesterday and now my computer is working perfectly! - "Göran"

Göran 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/04/2018 09:07:41

Just a quick note to thank you guys for a great service . Right from the initial call to identify which screen I needed, to the speedy delivery ... this is the way to do business! Replacement screen fitted and working perfectly . Have a great weekend. Thanks again - "Dennis."

Dennis. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/03/2018 08:47:38

Jane, You and your company are stars!.. Received screen this morning.. Wish more companies around like mine and yours! Have a great weekend. Oh my brother has his own PC repair company and have already passed details of your company to his Cheers Best regards - "David Simpson"

David Simpson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2018 09:45:30

Absolutely outstanding Suzanne!!! Received the screen as promised a few minutes ago, less than 24 hours after ordering and all is well again :-) Thank you for your quick and friendly assistance - I cannot praise the service highly enough!! Douglas - "Douglas Hamilton Enterprise Solutions FAE - EMEA AMD"

Douglas Hamilton Enterprise Solutions FAE - EMEA AMD 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2018 09:43:57

Received, installed and working Saturday am Thanks - "Bobby"

Bobby 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2018 09:43:12

Needed a replacement screen fast. Quoted £160+ to get my screen replaced by other companies. A quick call to laptop-lcd-screen, talked through options, expert knowledge and ordered a screen at a fraction of the cost. No technical knowledge but thought I would give it a go. Amazing screen arrived next day. Followed easy to follow instructions/video , changed and up and running in 10 mins, honestly 10 mins. Amazing service, price, delivery and customer experience. Thank you - "Jeff foster"

Jeff foster 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2018 09:35:20

for the attention of JANE USHER. re- puchase of 1 X CHI MEI N156BGA EA2 REV.C1 laptop screen,your service/delivery was excellent and the product seems perfect,thank.you.I will leave a review with Trustplot as requested .Thanks again, - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/03/2018 09:41:27

Dear Jane, No time to do a review, but I can tell you I am delighted with the screen you supplied to the extent that I wish the original screen had broken sooner. The screen you supplied (which was so easy to fit) with smaller sized digits is so much sharper,and compact. Also I have to commend you for your service. When I ordered the screen I was pretty sceptical when you said it be with me the day following my telephone call which it was. So,top marks for product and service Kind regards - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/03/2018 10:40:32

Hi Jane, Will do very pleased with purchase and service and would happily recommend you. That said I hope I never have to deal with you again.:). Kind regards - "Mick"

Mick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/03/2018 09:51:59

Many thanks for your email and I was extremely happy with the product and service you provided. However I don't have anything to do with Google, Facebook or any company/website that I haven't dealt with directly so all I can do is say that I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again should the need arise. Kind regards - "Norman Ashe"

Norman Ashe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/03/2018 11:46:39

Thanks Suzanne Your screen was spot on by the way Let me know best place to leave you a good review and I will Thanks again - "Paul Toner, Install Manager Scotland & NI"

Paul Toner, Install Manager Scotland & NI 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/02/2018 10:22:28

This arrived this morning. Thank you so much. My laptop is now working again. Great service! - "Caroline"

Caroline 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/02/2018 09:50:10

This arrived this morning. Thank you so much. My laptop is now working again. Great service! - "Caroline"

Caroline 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/02/2018 13:02:51

Excellent price -delivery as requested next AM, A Great company to do business with , thank you , highly recommended 5 out of 5 stars - "Ric Best via Facebook"

Ric Best via Facebook 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/02/2018 13:06:05

So impressed with this company. Screen arrived overnight as requested. When I had a problem fitting it my emails were answered immediately. Thank you. I would definitely use this company again. 5 out of 5 stars - "Joanne Ursell via Facebook"

Joanne Ursell via Facebook 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/02/2018 10:40:11

I know next to nothing about computers. I found my laptop screen damaged when I switched it on this morning. In the space of 90 minutes I found your site and followed the guidance as to how to address my problem. Having stripped the screen down I phoned to ask advice as to which screen I required. The lady who advised me was patient, precise and helped me to identify the screen I required. I have now ordered the screen and hopefully I can put the device together again. If I can't it is due to me. Thanks for a superb service. Regards, Clive Glass - "CLIVE GLASS"

CLIVE GLASS 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/02/2018 09:52:53

Screen arrived promptly and safely, your service was excellent. Unfortunately there was a hidden fault on my machines connector so I could not use the screen. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/02/2018 09:50:50

Hi, It took less than 10 minutes to connect and works like a dream. Thanks ! - "Harry"

Harry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/01/2018 13:43:33

It worked - thanks Kind regards - "Nick Lack"

Nick Lack 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2018 11:31:26

Thanks Scott, Fitted the LCD Screen over weekend. Followed Dell’s instructions, which were a complete pain, but have successfully upgraded my screen to full HD - "Al"

Al 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2018 10:16:43

Many thanks. Usggested screen works first time.Happy customer! - "Greg"

Greg 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2018 09:40:26

Thanks Nick, consider it done. Thank God for your more generous warranty! Look forward to getting the replacement soon. - "Johnny"

Johnny 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2018 12:38:36

Wow super fast delivery . And so easy to replace . Screen seem good for now .many thanks guys - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/01/2018 10:31:07

Ordered from these guys over the new year, and the replacement screen arrived quickly despite the holidays. Screen is great quality, and the tutorial vid made it a breeze to fit. Why use anyone else? Cheers guys, and Happy New Year! - "Dee via Facebook"

Dee via Facebook 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2018 16:57:53

Dear Scott, Would just like to say what a pleasure it has been purchasing from you. The item arrived at midday today and your video made the replacement so easy. Cheers guys! - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2018 16:42:05

Hi Suzy and Nick, Thank you for another trouble-free year of being our sole supplier of laptop screens - great service! We hope that you have all the usual including lots of good food, wine, and merriment!! Very best wishes, and look forward to lots more business in the new year. - "David & Ian"

David & Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2017 16:17:58

Dear Jane Usher I'd prefer not to use Trust Pilot for my review. However, I would like to say that I thought Laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk provided an excellent service. My laptop is as good as new, made very easy by your helpful website and information, and straightforward ordering process. Delivery was swift and the screen was well packaged. Thank you very much. And compliments of the season. - "David Wilson"

David Wilson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2017 16:16:33

Hi Scott, New screen delivered to France fitted and working 48 hours after placing my order. Excellent service. Many thanks, - "Mick Wegner."

Mick Wegner. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2017 08:54:41

Hi Suzanne Just to let you know the screen arrived today. I have installed it and it works perfectly so I would just like to say thank you very much for your patience. Could you also thank Nick for his input and help as it is very much appreciated. Merry Christmas to you all & a prosperous New Year Kind Regards - "Robert Chenery ??"

Robert Chenery ?? 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2017 08:26:44

Very helpful and informative service. - "Louise"

Louise 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/12/2017 15:28:47

Received the screen today...works perfect thank you - "Gary"

Gary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/12/2017 18:44:29

Thank you a brilliant service and very efficient. Kind regards, - "Bridget"

Bridget 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/12/2017 17:58:42

Nick: I have my screen and fitted. No problems and I would shop with you again! Thank you - "Arvinder"

Arvinder 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2017 11:20:01

Hi Nick, Thank you for upgrading my account - that's really outstanding! I am aware of the whole eDP 1ch/2ch paradigm from my previous purchase, perhaps you remember. I placed an order for the FullHD (...-B1, matte) now and I'm hoping to get as lucky with it as last time ^_^ Thanks again, doing business with you is a pleasure and a privilege. I couldn't be happier with your service! Have a great week :) Kind regards, - "Andrej"

Andrej 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/11/2017 12:43:46

just want to thank you for a very good service, right product, delivered on time,and fitted and up running . in 24hrs, who can ask for better. THANKS AGAIN, - "Norman Hale."

Norman Hale. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/11/2017 16:37:05

Hi Suzanne, Screen arrived, quite fast I gotta say. thank you for your professionalism in processing this transaction. - "Mikhail"

Mikhail 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2017 13:31:33

Yes, everything is fine. Many thanks for the wonderful service, posted a review as well. All the best - "Eric."

Eric. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2017 09:35:41

Hi Nick, The panel got delivered this morning (that was super-quick!), and I just wanted to give you a heads-up that it works, which is pretty awesome. I suppose that from a manufacturing point of view, it's easier to fit all these models with a dual-channel eDP cable, since at least some of them are meant to have FullHD panels, than it is to tailor the cable to the intended panel. That's what I was betting on, anyway. I'm glad that it paid off. Thanks again for all your support, 'till next time! Regards, - "Andrej"

Andrej 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/10/2017 09:22:07

I am so impressed with your quick response by sending me replacement screen. THANKS a lot. I have just fitted it and it works perfectly this time. Excellent service !!! One of the best customer care I have ever seen on web. THANKS!!!! - "DuÅ¡an DokiÄ?"

DuÅ¡an DokiÄ? 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/10/2017 16:41:27

Initial query answered effectively and efficiently. Search and order process hassle free. All round a good service. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/10/2017 15:40:38

Dear Scott, Just to say thanks for the quick delivery of my laptop screen. I have just fitted it and it works perfectly. I am so impressed with your quick response. Kind regards - "Gary Leslie"

Gary Leslie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/10/2017 09:18:08

I recived the new LCD and it works like a charm, good price and good delivery time. Was a bit skeptical at first but you guys completely delivered on what you promised, so cheers guys! Will be using your site in the future as well. - "Anders"

Anders 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/10/2017 15:35:50

Excellent service thank you, everything sorted. Thanks again Regards - "Noel"

Noel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/10/2017 08:59:33

Hi, So the screen was delivered as you said. Only had the time today to test it and it's working great. Thanks. Best regards, - "Gabriel"

Gabriel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/10/2017 08:39:07

Fabulous. The service has been excellent. It is how a business should be run thanks again for all your help Regards - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/10/2017 10:05:40

As usual Itried loads of websites to order a screen all seemed a little suspect based on cheapness. PCW wanted an open cheque for parts, 7days to assess, order and fit plus £60 labour, so did my local PC repair man. Laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk were easy to order from got the right screen in stock and delivered next day. I bit the bullit and fitted it myself and now have a new guaranteed screen for a total outlay of £51.54 including £8.59 to the Govt. and £8 to Royal Mail. If you ever need a screen go to laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk 0203 355 9521 - "Major Robins"

Major Robins 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/10/2017 15:39:16

Laptop screen has now been fitted and I'm delighted with it. Have posted my review on TrustPilot. Thanks for everything. - "Jo Egleton"

Jo Egleton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/10/2017 08:45:34

Morning Suzanne, Just to let you know that the panel arrived Saturday morning and I fitted it that afternoon. All went well and its working fine. I would like to thank Nick for the link he sent me to compare panel specifications as well as his help on the questions I asked. I would also like to thank yourself along with Jane (Accounts) and Scott Stacey (Web Administration) for keeping me informed and making this a pleasant transaction and should I need a panel in future I'll be sure to use your services. Again many thanks for all your help it was very much appreciated. Kindest regards - "Vic"

Vic 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2017 10:43:26

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for a great service and a great product which is now fitted and works well. Kind regards, - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2017 09:02:34

TOSHIBA SATELLITE C70D A 114 17.3 i was taked this screen thankx good job. - "IFRAN"

IFRAN 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/09/2017 12:05:31

Great service, new screen delivered promptly, back up and running in no time at all, really impressed and will definitely use again. - "Adam"

Adam 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/09/2017 09:15:57

Dear Nick, I just wanted to say thanks again for the safe and fast delivery. I'm completely happy with the screen, i have a feeling the display is actually of better quality than the original, much clearer contrast and more vibrant colours. Maybe I'm just excited :). In any case great doing business with you guys, and I'm sure i will again. Have a great day, Kind regards, - "Andrej"

Andrej 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/08/2017 11:05:40

This company have one of the best customer care, If you have a problem there are people who will kindly help you. - "Petru"

Petru 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2017 09:20:36

Hi Scott, Thanks for the screen, all went well and thanks for a good prompt service. All the best, - "Aidan O'Donoghue"

Aidan O'Donoghue 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2017 10:28:24

Hi Scott, Thanks for the screen, all went well and thanks for a good prompt service. All the best, - "Aidan O'Donoghue"

Aidan O'Donoghue 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/08/2017 12:05:15

Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the replacement screen for my Toshiba Satelite C50 B 153. Whole process from ordering to delivery....and on to fitting was totaly painless. Clear instructions, and a pleasure to see no dead pixels. Perfect screen, perfect service. D=Saved me paying another £300 for a new laptop. This was the first time i've atempted anything like this, so i was a bit nervous, but it all went great. Thank you. - "Calvin Brewer"

Calvin Brewer 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2017 10:58:25

Hi Nick, Thank you for your support, I'll wait for the refund. But I really appreciated your help. Your customer service it's incredible! Have a nice day, - "Fabrizio"

Fabrizio 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/08/2017 09:50:06

Website very easy to order replacement screen - "Eamon Mc Kernan"

Eamon Mc Kernan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/07/2017 15:30:49

Morning Nick, Just wanted to say thank you for helping us get the laptop screen sorted. All installed and working well this morning, one happy son. You're customer service was fabulous. Have a great day - "Sharon x"

Sharon x 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/07/2017 08:36:42

great service on the phone. Website easy to use and next day delivery on a Saturday. Will use again - "Georges Fraulo"

Georges Fraulo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2017 10:38:25

Very helpful finding my screen i spoken to a lovly lady on the phone she was very helpfull. - "Stefan Richardson"

Stefan Richardson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2017 09:44:48

It fits, it works, what else would you wan tto know ? - "Chris Cosgrove"

Chris Cosgrove 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2017 09:44:19

Many thanks for the very speedy delivery. Screen arrived with the first post this morning and took me 20 minutes to fit. Perfect! - "David Bish"

David Bish 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/07/2017 10:51:03

New screen arrived this morning. Now installed and working perfectly. Many thanks for the superb customer service Regards, - "Paul Gurney"

Paul Gurney 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/06/2017 09:39:26

Hello Suzanne, The display has come in order, works flawlessly and is already mounted in my laptop. Thank you very much for my complaint. With friendly greetings to - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/06/2017 12:32:40

Hi, I am happy to say that the screen arrived today - Monday - and the laptop is back up and running. - "Chris Cosgrove"

Chris Cosgrove 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/06/2017 20:04:01

Thank you! Screen arrived this morning and is now fitted and working perfectly. - "Stephen Fryer Buckland Computers"

Stephen Fryer Buckland Computers 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/06/2017 15:38:02

Really impressed. I didn't have a clue which screen I would need as there are so many,They had my screen and delivered within 2 day's.Thankyou very much. - "Anthony Flanagan"

Anthony Flanagan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/06/2017 09:20:05

Great seller, Fast delivery, My new screen worked fine, Buy with confidence, Would be happy to use again in the future, Thank you for the sterling service. - "Stuart"

Stuart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/06/2017 09:33:47

Hi Suzanne just received the new screen and fitted it in there, its working perfectly. Thanks very much for all your help and the great customer service we received we are very grateful. - "Rita S"

Rita S 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2017 12:53:53

Purchased a replacement screen, item as exactly as described, delivered on time and in good condition. Great service and price. Thank you. - "R K Myers"

R K Myers 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2017 12:28:24

Hello Jane, thanks for kind e-mail and very good service. I am very very satisfied with your attitude. All went well, considering the screen replacement, and you can also find my 5-star review on TrustPilot. Thank you and I will recommend you anyhow I can. Have a nice, smiley, day :) - "tom"

tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/05/2017 09:42:03

Thank you Jane, I have received and fitted the screen. The swift service from Laptop- is much appreciated! Yours - "Frank Edwards"

Frank Edwards 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/05/2017 08:54:09

Great and easy experience helped by the amount of information to make sure I get correct part. Never been so easy thanks for the help. - "Anonymous"

Anonymous 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/05/2017 09:13:12

Fast and easy to use I have used them for many years no problems at all. - "Alastair Kerr"

Alastair Kerr 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/05/2017 15:00:19

Hi Scott Screen received as promised, installed and working perfectly Regards - "Barry Fitch"

Barry Fitch 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/05/2017 09:07:16

Very easy to order, excellent support and very fast next day delivery. Would recommend to friends. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/04/2017 08:42:22

i ordered an Asus laptop screen. it arrived a few days earlier than expected and works great. I definitely recommend Laptop-LCD-screen.co.UK - "Rob"

Rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/04/2017 08:42:00

the new screen for my Dell laptop arrived promptly, well packaged. I fitted it in half an hour and am delighted to revive a laptop that I thought I might have to throw away. thank you - "Jim Goad"

Jim Goad 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/04/2017 11:50:28

I found the whole experience refreshingly simple and straightforward. I rang the number listed on the Web site; was answered by human who listened to what my request was; was informed of stock availability and processed my order. I received my screen adequately packaged at what I considered a reasonable price. I intend using this supplier again. - "Daniel Knight "

Daniel Knight 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/04/2017 10:23:11

An excellent experience all round. Really impressed with the company. I particularly liked the extensive online fault finding guide. Would definitely use you again, although I hope I don't have another broken screen any time soon!! Thanks, - "Matt"

Matt 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/03/2017 12:08:40

Great, thank you - "Junaid"

Junaid 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/03/2017 13:27:01

Hi Suzanne all received and fitted and working perfectly, thank you so much for your speedy response, one very happy customer Kind regards - "Henry"

Henry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/03/2017 10:38:39

The laptop screen arrived yesterday and I fitted it this morning and now have a fully functioning laptop again without the need to purchase a new laptop & transfer data and all that that entails - so I am extremely delighted The service from your company has been absolutely faultless and exemplary. I compliment you on the way you run your company and every member of staff I spoke to. I will have no hesitation whatsoever in using your company again or indeed recommending you to any personal or business contacts I have Absolutely superb service You should all be extremely proud Many thanks for your help especially Nick & Suzanne Kind regards - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/03/2017 10:34:05

Checked out as guest and therefore no lengthy account registration and paid with Paypal. All done in seconds. Smooth tranaction. Well done. - "Derek"

Derek 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/03/2017 16:47:34

Nick, I replaced the cable and fitted the new screen; everything works fine now Thanks for your support. Greetings - "Paul Wynakker"

Paul Wynakker 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/03/2017 16:47:04

Excellent service. Ordered yesterday, installed today. Thank you - "Robert Short"

Robert Short 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/03/2017 16:28:02

Great site. Quick shipping to France. Got a wrong one (my fault) and replacement was proposed with no charge (RMA). I recommend. I put 5 stars!! - "Pascal"

Pascal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2017 09:27:26

Very efficient as promised. Purchased screen from another "well known" supplier. Took ages to arrive, difficult to contact seller. After 3 weeks screen LED failed, seller wasn't interested, so I purchased another from you. Thankfully I paid with paypal, and with their help I will be receiving a refund.1/10 for that company, whereas your company 10/10 - "Doug Pike"

well known 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/02/2017 10:26:14

Hi Scott, Replacement LCD screen received this morning. Fitted this afternoon without any problem. Everything working O.K. Original screen fitted by Dell didn't like the cold weather when it was left in our motorhome during the winter months by mistake. Hence 3 horixontal lines. Is this normal? Won't do that again. Thank you. Good service. Will recommend you to others. - "David R Cardy."

David R Cardy. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2017 09:26:53

Hi Scott, Replacement LCD screen received this morning. Fitted this afternoon without any problem. Everything working O.K. Original screen fitted by Dell didn't like the cold weather when it was left in our motorhome during the winter months by mistake. Hence 3 horixontal lines. Is this normal? Won't do that again. Thank you. Good service. Will recommend you to others. - "David R Cardy."

David R Cardy. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/02/2017 16:18:57

Brilliant service, well packaged and easy to fit. Thanks to the online guide. Recommend by my own experience. Best Buy for me. Thank you. - "John owens"

John owens 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/02/2017 10:29:37

Hi Jane, Actually, ive not installed it at all, in fact the screen is still in the box you sent it in wrapped in its original packaging. My Laptop, with its nackard screen, was stolen from my car the other day, its completely useless to them unless they fix it and wipe the drives but such is my luck! So I’m actually stuck with a screen I no longer need, Mr Insurance is going to get my a new laptop. I can certainly leave feedback about your sales and delivery which was perfect, you were all very helpful, but there isn’t much I can say about the screen itself or the install process! - "Darren"

Darren 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/02/2017 10:10:49

Hello Suzanne The LCD screen is working perfect. Not only, is working perfect in 1920 x 1080. Thank you again - "Claudio"

Claudio 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2017 10:52:20

The company showed a lot of professionalism after the first screen I received was not fitting to my exact model number they quickly sent the right part number, I would recommend it 100% - "Jorge"

Jorge 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2017 09:29:58

Great team. When I order LCD screen, I allways receive LCD screen. Imbelievable. Continue this way and I allways come back. - "Claudio"

Claudio 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/02/2017 10:19:16

Excellent service and appreciated fact you recognised me as previous customer and option to choose cheaper delivery charge. - "Isobel Clark"

Isobel Clark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/02/2017 10:52:14

Hi thanks for for. The lap top screen it works fine it was a pleasure doing business whith you - "jay marshall"

jay marshall 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/01/2017 10:38:11

a fantastic website very easy to use reasonably priced with a speedy delivery - "j ridley"

j ridley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/01/2017 10:18:03

Good to do business with excellent service and helpful. - "Anthony white "

Anthony white 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2017 10:06:44

good service !!! - "tony"

tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2017 12:02:30

I found the service to be second to none. I was unsure about which screen to fit to my Dell Inspiron laptop but was assisted throughout the process in order to find the right one. Delivery was very quick and fitting it was easy after looking at the YouTube videos - just a plug and four small screws. Laptop now as good as new. The price was also the best on the internet. I reckon I saved £50-£60 as well as all the hassle of taking it to a repairer. Will definitely use again. - "Pete"

Pete 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/12/2016 10:47:22

Hi, Thank you so much for your quick professional service, Panel received, fitted, and job completed... Perfect!! I do not do the “social media” thing, but please keep me updated via email if possible.. Many thanks - "Dean Townsley. Woodlands Home P.C"

Dean Townsley. Woodlands Home P.C 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2016 13:48:12

Just to confirm I have received the screen this morning and all working fine. Thanks for the fast delivery. Kind regards, - "Stoyan Raykov"

Stoyan Raykov 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2016 12:36:22

Thank you very much for your excellent help, Suzanne! The correct screen arrived today on-time and it is amazing. Have a very good festive season! Kindest regards, - "Philip Alexander"

Philip Alexander 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2016 10:06:47

A good fast service, and a quality product, staff were most helpful on initial enquiry. Would highly recommend to others. 5 star service - "Michael Bruce"

Michael Bruce 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2016 09:48:01

Good seller verry good item and fast postage.Good comunication. Thank you! - "Nicolae ILas"

Nicolae ILas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/11/2016 10:23:38

Hi Just a short note to thank you for such a good service, delivery was around 10am and fitted screen by 11am.....perfect great clarity Would have no hesitation in recommending you to others Kind regards - "Michael Bruce"

Michael Bruce 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/11/2016 13:15:32

Easily the best handled exchange (following me buying the wrong part) I've had. Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, almost a shame you don't deal in other products. Many thanks. - "Ollie Critchley"

Ollie Critchley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/11/2016 10:54:46

Fast and easy to find product, excellent. - "John Harris "

John Harris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/11/2016 16:49:13

I ordered the screen on Friday, it arrived on Saturday I fitted it on Monday and its working fine. BUT I did ring you on that Monday to confirm all this !!!! - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/11/2016 18:37:28

Hi Nick, Many thanks, the second screen worked perfectly. Thanks for your help and rapid turnaround, its very much appreciated. Kind regards - "Ollie"

Ollie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/11/2016 12:53:05

Dear Suzanne and Nick Thank you so much for your great help - the new screen works perfectly. It's a great display. And I managed to get the touchscreen to work as well. (Well, just plugged it in and it did, anyway :) Thanks for your advice, patience and prompt deliveries. Best regards, - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/11/2016 11:00:17

Dear Suzanne and Nick Thank you so much for your great help - the new screen works perfectly. It's a great display. And I managed to get the touchscreen to work as well. (Well, just plugged it in and it did, anyway :) Thanks for your advice, patience and prompt deliveries. Best regards, - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/11/2016 16:18:13

Just to let you know that I fitted this today to an HP 15-ac106na laptop (had a cracked screen) without difficulty and it fitted perfectly and works perfectly. Many thanks - "Norman"

Norman 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/11/2016 10:00:27

Absolutely amazing service all round - I spoke to a very helpful man when the website put me in an ordering loop, he sent the payment direct to paypal to be confirmed, delivered next day despite 2nd class. Screen was perfect and as ordered, pretty easy to fit. I'd recommend replacing sticky tape on back of screen fastening ribbon, so the cable doesn't get pulled out when laptop closed first time after testing ðYTf - "RobH"

RobH 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/11/2016 13:55:34

Hi Jane, I am very impressed with your service, but being a plumber, hopefully I will not need your service again. If the need arises I will not hesitate to use you and I will pass on your company details to my clients. Many Thanks - "John Tucker"

John Tucker 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/10/2016 09:59:06

Hi Nick Just to let you know the screen arrived about twenty minutes ago, now fitted and all working. Thank you so much for your help and assistance. Kind regards - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/10/2016 10:27:12

Hi, Just a quick note to say thanks. The screen arrived very quickly and well packaged - I've fitted it now and no bad pixels - excellent service. Thank you - "Michael Luckham"

Michael Luckham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2016 09:33:30

Really good web site! Clear, well-organized, and helpful. Kudos to the perps and the people who write all the procedures and descriptions.- "djc"

djc 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/10/2016 09:04:28

Dear Sir/Madam, Order Number 20018297 Many thanks for your prompt attention in relation to the above order, as stated the screen arrived on Saturday morning and was fitted and back up and running in the evening, fantastic. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the receipt which you emailed in relation to the purchase and was wondering if you could oblige and re-send it to me. Many thanks again for a magnificent service. Regards, - "Kenny."

Kenny. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/09/2016 10:22:24

Thanks very much for your prompt and professional service. I have received my new screen and is fitted and working. I won,t hesitate to use or recommend yourselves in the future, Many Thanks, - "Josh Birks"

Josh Birks 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/09/2016 09:46:35

Hi Screen did the job thanks (along with Youtube video guide) Very happy. Thanks - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2016 11:26:21

The company was helpful when we contacted them by email and phone to check we were ordering the correct screen. It came within 2 or 3 days and after looking up how to fit it on you tube, it was a doddle to install. Much cheaper than getting the screen fixed at any of the large computer retailers. - "Simon Carlton"

Simon Carlton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2016 10:05:57

Im really happy with the support and delivery ðY~S - "Johann storbjork"

Johann storbjork 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/09/2016 09:40:35

I ordered this screen for my granddaughters computer in the afternoon! The very next morning about 09hrs30 it arrived! By 10hrs30 she was using her computer. Excellent service, the item was well and securely packed. Thank you.

🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/09/2016 08:43:55

Hello perfect service fast delevery and screen works perfect good :) Thank you verry mutch Best regards - "René Wonsbek"

René Wonsbek 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2016 09:26:20

My son's ASUS laptop screen got broke in his hand luggage when the flight operator put his bag in the hold. Found this site, spoke on phone to a guy who knew what he was talking about and the next day a new screen arrived.So, thoroughly recommended! 5 Star service! - "Chris Smith"

Chris Smith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/08/2016 13:02:38

Thank you very much! Item arrived this morning and is working perfectly. Great Service! Regards - "Terry Vella"

Terry Vella 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/07/2016 16:15:10

Needed replacement screen for my Satellite S50. Found this using Google, so ordered one. Arrived a couple of days later. Youtube had a fitting video, so after watching it a couple of times took a deep breath and went for it. Ten minutes later had a working laptop with a great new screen. Good service, good product. Saved me over £100 in repair costs. What not to like? - "Roger"

Roger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/07/2016 12:29:07

Hi Nick, Just to let you know the upgraded screen arrived and is fitted. Perfect! Works like a dream, and is definitely better than the original, so thanks for the advice. Regards, - "Neil."

Neil. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/07/2016 09:19:18

Excellent product. Great advice and information from the lady taking my order. Great price,very quick and efficient delivery and the item was very well packaged and protected. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company as they are first class. - "Mr woodley"

Mr woodley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/06/2016 12:16:26

Very good product.first time change in about half an hour time. - "Arnas"

Arnas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2016 15:19:35

Excelant service! The screen arrived promptly and was in excelent working order. Used standard delivery, ordered on the Monday(4pm) arrived on the Thursday. Very happy! - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/06/2016 10:12:58

Great service and experience from initial telephone query to next day delivery... Part fitted is top quality and was delivered in protective packaging.. Highly recommend this supplier... - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/06/2016 10:10:24

Hi Scott, Received my laptop screen today and fitted it within 15 mins. All seems good so far. I could have done with a little bit of double sided tape to fix it perfect but will order some as the tape attached to bezel was not sticky anymore. Thanks - "Gary"

Gary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/06/2016 12:02:20

Great service and quick delivery - "Richard Barnicoat"

Richard Barnicoat 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/05/2016 10:26:01

When I ordered my LCD screen, it turned out that it was the wrong model that did not fit. When I contacted the 'Laptop-LCD-screen' customer service they immediately sent a new fitting screen free of any charge! Also, I got the shipping costs paid for the faulty LCD screen that i returned! The staff of 'Laptop-LCD-Screen' gave me all the time a very friendly reception, was very helpful and behaved in a very proffessional way! Therefore, I will undoubtedly recommend others in Sweden to buy laptop screens from 'Laptop-LCD- Screen'. The LCD-screen price was also unbeatable! If I have to buy another screen I will certainly buy it from 'Laptop-LCD-screen' in UK. Best regards Tord in Sweden - "Tord, Sweden"

Tord, Sweden 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2016 08:49:16

Always superb service, parts & delivery. - "Andrew High"

Andrew High 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2016 17:04:20

Feedback already provided. You guys rock...simple! All the best, - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/05/2016 09:22:07

I had been struggling to find a specific LCD. When I sent an enquiry email through, Suzanne replied almost straight away and was so helpful. I had issues with the website and she helped until it was sorted (even with a school run in between.) I will definitely use Laptop LCD screen shop again. Thank you so much. :) - "Bev Smith"

Bev Smith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/04/2016 16:54:22

Thank you the screen is fantastic and your service was great!!! - "Lynnette"

Lynnette 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/04/2016 10:44:32

Received replacement screen very promptly. Fitted it and working very well. Very pleased with efficient service - "John Lamberton"

John Lamberton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/04/2016 10:29:56

Absolutely faultless service. New laptop screen arrived in next to no time. Also, fantastically easy website to use. Great job guys. Will use again (if I get clumsy with my screen!)Failing that, will be recommending to others. Many thanks... - "Colin McNicoll"

Colin McNicoll 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/04/2016 10:22:32

Many thanks for your prompt service. Would definitely recommend you to friends. Computer up and running within 24 hours of putting order in. - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/04/2016 09:04:47

Have received screen and fitted. "Perfect " thank you very much for your efficient service and pleasant manner - "John"

Perfect 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/04/2016 09:36:29

I emailed you about process and procedures for export to Guernsey Not only did you reply promptly but you deal with things exactly in accordance with HMRC notice 703 So many online suppliers don’t - FANTASTIC A near competitor to you claims to follow the correct process but try to charge carriage 5 times the Royal Mail Your carriage was £8 not cheap but not appalling (for small light weight package Rpyal Mail charges are the same as the mainland I.e about £3.95 second class for 1kg I placed the order and it all worked as you said. I will be using you again and will recommend you widely Thank you Yours -"JM"

JM 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/04/2016 09:41:35

All fitted and working better than original - thanks - "Graham"

Graham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/04/2016 16:29:08

I am just very impressed with your service. The screen arrived safely about an hour ago and is already installed on the laptop and functioning perfectly. Thankyou - "Pagan"

Pagan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/04/2016 12:14:53

Hello Scott, many thanks for your so very quick response and the fast shipment ! Best ! - "Andreas"

Andreas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/04/2016 09:48:47

Thanks for your help with this Nick, I was travelling when the screen broke and was only back in the UK for a day before leaving again. Your assistance in correctly identifying the part and even linking me to the page was much appreciated. The screen arrived yesterday and as soon as I got back today it was a 30 second job to get it installed and working perfectly. Once again I really appreciate your help. Given the business you're in I hope I don't have to call on you again but I'll know where to refer anyone and everyone when similar accidents occur. Kind Regards, - "Marcus Strang"

Marcus Strang 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/04/2016 09:03:53

Thanks Nick - I have received an excellent service in my dealings with your company. Regards - "Fintan"

Fintan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/04/2016 09:38:30

Nick, Thanks for all your help and thanks for the quick delivery of my new screen - it 's working great now and the picture is better than before. Cheers - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/04/2016 08:54:16

Suzanne, I put the new screen in and it worked perfectly first time. (Though I'm rather regretting taking the gloss protector film off, given the treatment it's likely to get.) You have more than lived up to your excellent reputation for customer service. What could easily have been a very trying situation has been made a peasure by your helpful, can-do attitude. I can't thank you enough, and I'll be recommending you every chance I get. Thanks again and again, - "Chris White"

Chris White 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/04/2016 09:18:16

Many Thanks, Arrive on Saturday and is fitted and working. I ordered the LCD screen for the N210 10.1 but my laptop is a N220 10.1 they must be the same, it works fine. Regards, - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/03/2016 09:46:48

dear sire,i am very glad from your good services,and will thank you for quick shipping and delevery LCD screen for HPelitebook 254OP,I GIVE YOU AAA5 plus rating feedback...good seller...quick delevery...fantastic service,most recommanded...thank you very match...armando grasso in Belgium...i am proud customer. - "armando grasso"

armando grasso 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/03/2016 16:50:56

Excellent service - Nick always replies in seconds. Cheers - "Kevin "

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/03/2016 17:06:29


JOHN FINDLAY 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/03/2016 10:29:53

Excellent service. Have used website in the past for purchases. Prompt delivery. Recommend to all. - "Tahir Khan"

Tahir Khan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/02/2016 10:58:16

Hi! I got it, the display is cool, I think it's nicer than LG before. Best regards, - "Balazs"

Balazs 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/02/2016 16:32:20

Excellent check out process very impressed - "David Lovett"

David Lovett 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/02/2016 10:45:47

Arrived this morning. Fitted and working. First rate service! Cheers, - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/02/2016 17:45:19

I am blown away by your professionalism and outstanding service - and would be very happy for you to quote me - not that my current status as a hack solicitor will do you much good but I used to be President of the Law Society of England and Wales (which despite the name is a global job). - "Nicholas Fluck"

Nicholas Fluck 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/02/2016 12:59:47

Great firm to do business with.Screen arrived well packed.Fittting screen not difficult,the hardest part is placing the lead into the socket on the rear of the screen. - "Clive Mason"

Clive Mason 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/02/2016 09:44:05

excellent service and products - "mohammed latif"

mohammed latif 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/02/2016 10:15:33

Screen fitted successfully,thanks for a great service. Sent from my iPad. - "Bill Burnhope"

Bill Burnhope 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/02/2016 09:41:34

Hi,I received the display today and installed it. It has fabulous colors! Thanks for the great customer service! Greetings. - "Kurt"

Kurt 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/02/2016 17:07:36

Received screen today perfect, many thanks for your speedy delivery. Kind regards - "John Skiba"

John Skiba 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2016 16:25:05

Very happy with the speed and accuracy of the delivery - "Ammar"

Ammar 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/01/2016 09:48:01

I ordered a LCD screen for my Asus PC, it arrived four days later, at my address in Denmark. Without mistakes and it fitted to my Asus. Great service, many thanks. - "Leif Madsen"

Leif Madsen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/01/2016 17:06:46

OMG, think they asked sepuerman to deliver the screen super fast delivery, packed very well, beautiful quality, replacing the screen took less than 10 minutes. 10/10 A*** - "Reeves"

Reeves 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/01/2016 12:01:04

Excellent, easy to use, Ideal Site. I've worked with computers for many years and this has to be the best site I've came across. - "John Ferguson"

John Ferguson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/01/2016 10:21:04

you were the first site that I found my computer model listed. Nice easy web site & believe me I am rubbish at online shopping. I once bought 3 vacuum cleaners from a website by accident ! - "Sue Castle"

Sue Castle 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/01/2016 10:11:41

Hi Nick !! Fantastic service. Thank you for your advise (on mail) which screen I had to choose.Order on Monday evening(late)and delivered at Thursday, and I actually live in Sweden. The screen is installed and is working great with no problems so far. Thanks again and thanks for your professional and rapid service. I would be happy to recommend you in future. Best wishes Anders from Sweden - "Anders Torliden"

Anders Torliden 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/01/2016 17:58:06

Brilliant service. Broke my laptop screen yesterday 8am, called and ordered new screen at 11 am, delivered by 10am the next day and I installed it in 5 mins... Friendly and very professional. 10/10 - "Derek Hendry"

Derek Hendry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2016 11:27:44

Fantastic service, I received the right screen for my dell laptop, It arrived exactly when I expected it and saved me a huge amount of money compared to getting a dell engineer to replace it. Would strongly recommend - "Elliot"

Elliot 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/01/2016 20:04:18

Clevo W230SS Screen. Great item. Super fast delivery. FULL professional! - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2016 12:39:54

Super quick service, item arrived well packaged, in perfect condition and as described. Excellent pricing - my 8 year old 17" Dell laptop is now sporting a 1920x1200 monitor for under £80, including delivery. I won't be needing to buy a new one for some time now! - "David"

Dell laptop is now sporting a 1920x1200 monitor for under £80, including delivery. I won't be needing to buy a new one for some time now! - 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2016 10:34:27

Hi Well I actually live in Portugal and had the screen delivered to my friends father in the UK, she only came back yesterday, so I am still waiting to get it from her :-) But your service was impressive so once I get it, I will def write you feedback. Thanx. - "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2016 11:14:46

Thank you for a prompt and professional service. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2016 11:03:10

No problems, just a great Thank You for a fast and correct delivery. Works just fine. - "Henrik"

Henrik 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/12/2015 10:33:30

A 100% satisfied with all aspects of the services provided with delivery, returns and advice on reordering. A pleasure to give credit to where it is deserved. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/12/2015 10:32:53

Nick, The screen is installed and is working great with no problems so far, in fact I have had to reduce the brightness slightly from my original unit but this will help if I ever use it outside in bright sunlight. I was pleasantly surprised to see it is a Samsung screen and not some unbranded make; I would definitely use you again and will recommend you to others. Thanks, - "Tim Taylor"

Tim Taylor 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/12/2015 16:40:32

Fantastic service. Ordered yesterday, arrived today, 15 minutes to fit it and I'm now able to use my Laptop again. Brilliant! - "Martyn Stone"

Martyn Stone 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/12/2015 15:23:13

A fantastic and efficient service. Highly recommended. Thank you. - "paul williams"

paul williams 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/12/2015 17:31:41

I needed an ASUS TFT Screen+ Touchpad which I found on Lapto-LCD- Screen web site. Ordering process was easy and I spoke with a lovely lady who not only managed the order swiftly but was helpful with the admin and payment side of the process. I received my screen in time, it was fitted and one device is now happily back to life! Good service- thank you :-) - "Anonymous"

Anonymous 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/12/2015 11:04:34

Not fitted it yet. But was impressed with speedy response. That was appreciated. The screen on my PC was going on and off for a week or so until you sent the new one. Since buying it, the old one has work fine. Typical................ Cheers - "Neil Barnes"

Neil Barnes 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2015 10:44:51

Not fitted it yet. But was impressed with speedy response. That was appreciated. The screen on my PC was going on and off for a week or so until you sent the new one. Since buying it, the old one has work fine. Typical................ Cheers - "Neil Barnes"

Neil Barnes 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2015 11:24:57

Brilliant fast service will definitely use again. - "David Hardy"

David Hardy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/12/2015 11:31:16

Thank you to Nick, for responding so quickly to my query even outside opening hours. Great that you except PayPal and in PayPal one can already select a delivery address other then the billing address, which I did, however the PayPal selected delivery address automaticly became the billing address in your payment window. It would be nice if you copied this info from PayPal in the right way. Looking forward to receiving my screen. Kind regards, Bart - "Bart Baarbe"

Bart Baarbe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2015 09:28:20

Hi Suzanne, The latest replacement panel has arrived, I have fitted it, and it is perfect! So, a big "thankyou" to both you and Nick for your patience and generous attitude to customer support. It was unfortunate that by chance I got two bad panels to start with, but never mind - this one is excellent. I will tape together the two boxes and send the return panels in one consignment - I'll get those posted out to you asap and let you know when they have been sent. Thanks again for all the trouble you have taken and for your pleasant and helpful communications. In spite of the problems (which were down to bad luck and were not your fault) it has been a pleasure to deal with you. Please give Nick my thanks too. Best wishes, - "Roger"

thankyou 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/12/2015 15:25:59

I don't tweet so can't give you a like, but I do like the easy way your ordering system worked.....an example to many other online companies. - "Colin Bailey"

Colin Bailey 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/12/2015 16:29:57

Hi Nick, just a quick thank you. I bought the new screen and it works like a charm. No ghosting/image retention. I have left a glowing review. Many thanks - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/12/2015 12:23:00

I post a message few minutes ago... Thank you very much for your product. Excellent service and great quality product. I highly recommend the seller. Regards, - "Henrique Morais"

Henrique Morais 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/12/2015 10:01:16

I think the service by your employees was very considerate and vary polite. The delivery was vary poor but not due to laptop screens, as per usual it was the delivery service that was very poor sending it to Bristol instead of Cheltenham, so I do not hold laptop screens responsible for that, I would recommend laptop screen to friends as I believe they are a respectable company and yes the display works perfectly thank you very much. Dave Lewis - "Dave Lewis"

Dave Lewis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/11/2015 11:59:50

Absolutely brilliant, very quick delivery, just what we need to get the device back in action. - "Barbara Woodliffe"

Barbara Woodliffe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/11/2015 10:21:30

Hello All was fine, LCD is good :) it came also pretty fast. Thank you - "ilija"

ilija 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/11/2015 17:14:46

Very easy to find and order screen. - "Brian Caughey"

Brian Caughey 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/11/2015 11:23:27

I was firstly impressed by the advice given to ensure that we were ordering the correct screen and from here things just got better. The screens were quickly dispatched once ordered and arrived promptly there after. A really good service, that I would highly recommend - "Mark Tann"

Mark Tann 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/11/2015 17:42:10

Dear Nick,

Just wanted to send a message to say thanks for all your help and advice over the last few days. In the end I brought my laptop in to work and phoned your company. I spoke to a lady called Suzanne (?sp) who was professional and very helpful. She was able to guide me to the correct code and confirmed the replacement screen even though, as you said, it was not standard for the laptop it is in.
The company have offered to sell me a replacement screen for £49 (me to collect - they are local - and fit) but as I said before, because of the excellent customer service you have offered I have made an order with yourselves at the slightly higher price.
Thanks again and please pass my thanks on to Suzanne for your professional and rapid service. I would be happy to recommend you in future.
Best regards,
Martyn Thompson.

🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2015 09:43:51

hey, took me 30 mins to install - looks a lot better than the old one. Too easy, cheers for an easy transaction. - "J Bee"

J Bee 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2015 12:04:16

The lady I spoke with was extremely helpful. She took my order and it arrived when she said it would. I fitted the screen and it's as good as knew. Fantastic service and Product!! Thank you!! - "Denis"

Denis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2015 11:57:27

Arrived as promised,have installed n it's working perfectly,thanks again for your help. Sent from my Windows Phone. - "Christopher"

Christopher 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2015 11:56:31

Fantastic service.Screen easy to fit. Online vidio very helpful.Screen very Well boxed up. Again many thanks. - "Brian jiggins"

Brian jiggins 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/10/2015 10:42:47

Excellent service. The staff are so helpful and polite. Would highly recommend. - "Lisa Hickling"

Lisa Hickling 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/10/2015 09:35:35

fantastic service. screen very well boxed up. very happy with the service i received. many thanks. - "brian jiggins"

brian jiggins 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/10/2015 11:36:41

All was good easy to fit thanks for video link and great price hp wanted 154 pounds for a laptop that only cost 199 pounds Steve r - "steve riches"

steve riches 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/10/2015 10:23:36

Hello Suzanne
Thank you for responding:)
I really must say, your service is excellent, fast and reliable!
I will recommend you to everyone:):) You have a nice weekend
Best regards, - "Flemming Nylander"

Flemming Nylander 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/10/2015 10:14:38

I was very sceptable buying a screen for my Sony Z tablet as my previous experiences of buying a screen for a laptop was not good as the quality was so poor in so many respects with dead pixels,dark areas, uneven backlighting ect. but I just put up with it.

However this company was different. I had trouble identifing my screen as all the sites I looked at showed a different design screen but the person who actually answered the phone identified the correct one, it arrived quickly and well packaged and works perfectly and is as good as new. It was not the cheapest but I did not want the cheapest, I wanted service and quality and that is what I received. Very pleased - "Shaun Arkinstall"

Shaun Arkinstall 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/09/2015 08:52:31

Hi Suzanne thanx for a screen all good gr8 service - "Jacek"

Jacek 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/09/2015 13:30:26

Dear Ms Usher,Thank you for your e-mail. I would be more than happy to write a very positive endorsement on the service I received from your company which was exceptional; the screen arrived first thing the following morning just after I'd got up. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me I suppose, I managed to re-wire the original screen which now works again, and so the new screen has been stored as a replacement; I have 3 Dell 1525s, all in tip top condition, one of which will probably need a new screen soon. So sadly I can't offer any advice to future customers other than changing the screen is no big deal, as long as you can find the instructional video on YouTube!! Kind regards, - "Simon Manning"

_blank 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/09/2015 09:41:07

contacted to check correct part for my laptop ,was advised by sales advisor which part was correct she was so helpful and polite .Ordered part, came very quick ,installation instruction where very good ,had a problem when switched on, contacted LCD and a technician when through the check procedures and every thing worked 100% .I would recommend Laptop LCD Screens 110% - "Roger Thomas"

Roger Thomas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2015 11:59:19

good service and screen arrived next day worked fine, as the original - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2015 09:34:02

Great from the off, BRILLIANT TEL SALES !!! The young lady was so helpful and friendly. Replacement screen for my daughter came the next day in A1 condition. Fitted myself and her mum is non the wiser about the disaster. No doubt with 3 clumsy daughter's I'll have to repair another one at some soon. I now know to whom I'll turn to without Question and that's Laptop-LCD-screen. - "Marc from Norwich"

Marc from Norwich 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2015 09:25:17


1 * very quick reply on all requests.
2. *very quick delivery after payments delay 3. *packing PERFECT!
4.* quality and item number - as ordered delivered!
5.* price = cheaper than in EUROPE founded!

Next time, will order again, if price is compet. Of course
Kind regards, -"Thierry sintobin"

Thierry sintobin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/09/2015 12:27:31

Excellent service, first sent did not fit the Dell 15Z (5523) as I had the touchscreen version which has a different connector. You need to order the Chinea innolux N156BGE-LB1 RevC1 However after dismantling my laptop I was able to get a replacement sent out straight away and that one worked. It was a difficult screen to replace as it was bonded to the digitizer, however I managed to scrape off the old one, clean up the digitizer glass and re fit the new screen. Very quick delivery and turn around service, thanks - "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/09/2015 09:01:09

Thank Jane. Received on Saturday now fitted and working well and mum still doesn't know excellent result. Many thank for your help and A1 service hope you employers know what a great asset you are to them. Without hesitation I would use and recommend your company and that's down to you. MANY THANKS AGAIN. Kind Regards - "Marc."

Marc. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/09/2015 12:59:49

Hi Jane, many thanks for the prompt delivery, received right on schedule last week on Friday. Working perfectly, many thanks, I shall definitely be using your services again for my clients ! Cheers, - "Giles"

Giles 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2015 12:48:04

Dear Suzanne, I just replaced my screen that arrived today! My laptop works!!! Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me find the correct screen and for your advice over the phone. It means a lot that a company like this is so helpful and honest. I would recommend this company to anyone I can think of! Companies like this are few and far between. I always say it is the people that make or break a company and this is a company that has great people, good customer service and wonderful after care in the form of communication sent after a purchase and I even got a link for 'how to' replace my screen. I am so grateful I didn't have to send my precious laptop for repair. Thank you all again. - "Rosie x"

Rosie x 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/08/2015 13:37:38

Flipping great company. The screen I ordered didn't work, so they instantly recommended a different screen to try, we swapped and hey pesto...sorted. Magic. Thank you. Simon - "Simon L"

Simon L 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/08/2015 08:34:32

I made a mistake when ordering online. I called customer services which was answered straight away. The person dealing with my request was very pleasant and efficient. The item arrived just as guaranteed. Have used other companies before but customer services were rubbish. Will always use this supplier from now on. A big thank you. - "Ensign Solutions Ltd"

Ensign Solutions Ltd 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/07/2015 11:54:52

Many thanks for your help. I just had to email and say how pleased I was with your link to the screen replacement video. It was extremely helpful. I haven't yet disassembled my screen, but I have at least found the screw holes round the outside hidden by little rubber plugs!!! If I find that I have to replace the screen and not the cable, then be sure I will purchase a replacement screen from you. Kind regards, - "Barrie Leggett"

Barrie Leggett 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/07/2015 10:45:25

Amazing, prompt service. Replacement screen was of excellent quality and worked without any hassle. If I break any more screens I'll be sure to use Laptop LCD Screen.co.uk - "Seb"

Seb 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/07/2015 09:11:42

Arrived on time and easy to fit with instructions on site. Thanks - "Tom Key"

Tom Key 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/07/2015 10:37:33

What amazing service. Very helpful, friendly but professional on the phone and helped me without any issues. I would and will use them over and over again. If only every purchase was this easy and swift. - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/07/2015 10:31:10

Very much appreciated your service. Everything went well and efficiently and the new LCD screen is assembled and working fine. Thank you for your collaboration. - "Rogerio Goncalves"

Rogerio Goncalves 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/07/2015 12:42:54

Great service. Screen arrived promptly and was well packaged. On line tutorials made the change straightforward for anyone with basic electronics skills. One happy daughter: thanks very much! (Note to the LTS team: it might be worth thinking about adding some close up shots of the removal/reattachment of a screen connector as this is probably the trickiest part of the process?) - "Tony P"

Tony P 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/06/2015 09:35:46

Pleased with the screen, came the following day, well packaged, after ordering it and didn't take long to replace watching the online tutorial. Would gladly recommend. - "Paula"

Paula 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/06/2015 10:53:52

What an amazing service you offer and next day delivery at my door prompt, thank you so much!! Over the moon :) - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/06/2015 11:41:35

The new screen for the Portege R500 laptop has now been fitted quite easily and is working well. Many thanks. Regards - "Fatehdad"

Fatehdad 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/06/2015 09:07:50

Brilliant service. Suzanne was great. She reassured me I was quoting the correct number, discussed relative merits of gloss versus matte screen, kept in touch with me as to when delivery was in stock, talked through delivery options and gave advice on where to find fitting instructions. Screen arrived early, really well packed and the price was comparable to other internet sites but the service better. Well done, a good business. I will be recommending you, just like I was recommended by a school IT technician who use this company for all their screen replacements. Cheers. - "Mandy"

Mandy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/06/2015 08:56:15

Sort of knew what i wanted, but our telephone call totally confirmed and belayed my concerns. Paid for next day delivery. And. To my suprise it did, thursday pm at 3.00pm and in my hand by Friday 9.45am. Swapped out old and new screen works a treat, don't know what else i could of wanted. Paniced as Laptop is the works one now they'll never know. All very good 10/10. Very reasonable cost too. Thank you. - "Gordon McElduff"

Gordon McElduff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/06/2015 09:44:13

Thank you for your support and instructions. I received my order fast and due to your instructions fitting the new screen was pretty easy. It was a pleasure doing business with you so i will be looking for you in the future for my laptop parts. - "Evaggelos Tsirkas"

Evaggelos Tsirkas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/05/2015 09:58:28

Great customer service over the phone when querying certain products, very helpful and informative. Proceeded with our order promptly and arrived with us in no time at all. We have laptop-lcd-screens as one of our main suppliers for computer components, and we will be keeping that partnership. - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2015 10:19:48

phone order found an exact match for a hard to find screen as compatible screens were not the answer when to great lengths to help will def use again thanks for all - "David Smith"

David Smith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2015 10:49:11

No question, just a compliment: you made me happy, after 3 months searching the globe for this screen i've got it from you, i installed it and the light shines on me again.... :-). Thanx - "Jos"

Jos 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2015 10:48:32

Very pleased with the service from Qual-IT, found them via a google search and the price and the testimonials gave me enough information to order. I rang as opposed to using the site contact and spoke to Suzanne who was quick, knowledgeable and took my details and order quickly. The screen (for a Lenovo E530 laptop) turned up the next day and a couple of days later I fitted it with no hassle, the screen was pristine and came really well packed. It all worked first time, very pleased with it. One hint for those taking Lenovo laptop screens apart, the Lenovo manual has you taking the entire thing apart but you can just angle a small screwdriver to get the screws holding the bottom of the bezel, you don't need to remove the whole assembly. As before, really pleased, would happily buy from Qual-IT again the next time one of my Sales team decide to (accidentally) play Frisbee with their laptop. - "Mike Davidson - IT Manager at Murray Volkswagen in Plymouth"

Mike Davidson - IT Manager at Murray Volkswagen in Plymouth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2015 10:47:01

What can I say... amazing service all round! Suzanne was very helpful and courteous, the screen was delivered quickly and was a top quality unit. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk again :) - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2015 10:45:49

Hi ! I am very pleased your fast delivery, About 24 hours, and it was in Helsinki Finland. Finnish mail company (Posti) was very, very slow. it took about a one week to come from Helsinki to Nousiainen (les than 200km). - "Petri"

Petri 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2015 10:04:48

No question, just a compliment: you made me happy, after 3 months searching the globe for this screen i've got it from you, i installed it and the light shines on me again.... :-). Thanx - "Jos"

Jos 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/05/2015 12:07:58

The ordering process very easy. i am leaving the fitting to IT experts. - "Mark Turner"

Mark Turner 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/04/2015 10:53:42

Great Customer service and very quick delivery. - "John Devane"

John Devane 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/04/2015 09:38:26

Hi Suzanne, Just to let you I have received the refund payment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your real professionalism in dealing with me. As it turns out this was not the right product for me, but due to the excellent customer service you have shown me and the fact that every thing did exactly what it said on the tin, I am left with a really positive customer experience and would be insuring that you are my first point of call for any further purchases of these type of products. Thank you again for a really positive experience. - "Adam"

Adam 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/04/2015 10:45:24

I found ordering so simple and quick and I now await delivery of my replacement screen. - "Raymond Cannon"

Raymond Cannon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/04/2015 16:46:54

fantastic service, very helpfull and fast delivery. perfect. - "leggy"

leggy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/03/2015 10:13:28

very good, effortless. Thanks - "david"

david 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/03/2015 12:34:46

excellent product and all round service recommended - "brian findlay"

brian findlay 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/03/2015 12:33:02

I called the company because my laptop screen expired before breakfast on a day when I needed it for an important evening presentation. They were able to prepare a screen for me to collect after lunch and I returned and installed it in less than 10 minutes. The screen is excellent and the service was exemplary. - "Mick Bean"

Mick Bean 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/03/2015 12:43:44

Thank you for your interest, The product is working flawlessly and we will be doing business again very shortly . - "KRISTIAN"

KRISTIAN 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/03/2015 12:57:06

good afternoon, thanks so much once again for again for such a truly amazing service.the screen arrived as promised in this mornings post and was as described brand new.installed it within 20 mins a perfect fit and its working perfectly. Thank you so much for such an amazing service. kind regards - "Mr Bernie Lomax"

Mr Bernie Lomax 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/03/2015 14:05:52

Hello Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you and your team for going the extra mile for me today. I have just finished installing the new screen and am viewing this on it as I type. Crystal clear and shows me how much my old one had deteriorated before it went doolally!! Thanks again, I will be recommending you to any friends who get screen troubles. Have a great weekend Very best regards - "Mick"

Mick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/03/2015 18:07:42

Hi Jane, I'm so happy I found you! Selling genuine parts at really good prices together with excellent customer service is a rare thing these days.. I will be recommending your company without reservation. Thank you ever so much, - "Allan"

Allan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/03/2015 13:37:54

Initially phoned for advice about replacing my laptop screen, female adviser was briliant. Told us where to locate product code on old screen and then helped us with our order. I was kept informed about my order by email and the replacement screen arrived within two days by courier. Screen was packed in a sturdy box. We went on their website for help on how to fit the new screen - once again brilliant. We managed to replace the screen in about 15 minutes. Screen working perfectly. Excellent service. Would definitely recommend. Thank you very much. - "Tracy"

Tracy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2015 13:01:28

The screen is perfect and the delivery was first class I have had no complaints about the the staff who took care of things top notch I say and thank you very much - "Roger"

Roger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2015 12:57:16

I am amazed at just how easy it was to navigate this website, find my screen and order it. Shipping was prompt and delivery (to France) excellent. The fitting of the screen was made easy by watching a video on YouTube. I highly recommend both the website and for people to fit their own screens. With a little care and common sense you can save yourself a tidy sum. Thank you everyone concerned. - "Roger B"

Roger B 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2015 13:01:16

Two screens ordered and came well packaged and overnight. Fitted quickly using instruction video I found on youtube. Both laptops working fine. - "Bob"

Bob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/02/2015 11:44:44

Good, clear website - ordering easy - thank you - "Roger Bingham"

Roger Bingham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/02/2015 11:37:00

A friendly professional service, with good customer care, good communication during the repair process. I will most likely use again and would highly recommend to work colleagues family and friends. - "Mark Garner"

Mark Garner 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/02/2015 11:34:40

hello, I received the lcd sreen, installed, and I am very happy. Bravo for the service. - "Jean-Pierre Alzetta, Belgium"

Jean-Pierre Alzetta, Belgium 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/02/2015 11:55:00

Jane, Thank you. I was very pleased firstly with your attentive, swift and friendly service. Secondly the replacement screen is a genuine LG part and and laptop is now like new. I fitted with ease. Initially, I thought it might be time to upgrade the laptop but this easy repair will extend its life. It was worth a few minutes searching google and finding you. kind regards, - "M.W."

M.W. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/02/2015 11:24:08

Thanks, The screen arrived at 9.15 am. I installed it this evening, despite my now less than nimble 88 year-old fingers, and this message comes to you from the repaired machine. Excellent service from both Qual-it and Royal Mail. Cheers - "SYLVIA PICK"

SYLVIA PICK 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/02/2015 11:22:00

many thanks for your prompt delivery of my 14"hp laptop screen very impressed I am trade thanks I will be back REGARDS "GRAHAM" - VIDEO STARS

hp laptop screen very impressed I am trade thanks I will be back REGARDS 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2015 11:08:26

Hello Scott, Screen received. Yet to be fitted. 25th wedding anniversary so it has become a present, in the guise of the 'silver' screen. Thank you. Good service. See you later. - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2015 11:07:18

Thank you for prompt delivery with a excellent Screen. Everything is working fine. Best regards - "Hasnun"

Hasnun 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/01/2015 15:51:32

Quick delivery, right product, thank you - "jay chappell "

jay chappell 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/01/2015 14:54:46

I recently purchased a replacement screen for my laptop from you and wished to pass on my thanks for such an efficient service. I had an immediate response to my initial inquiry, the screen arrived promptly and we followed the video linked to your page to help us to carry out the replacement ourselves. Extremely pleased with the service and results. Many Thanks - "(Mrs) Jean Pullinger"

(Mrs) Jean Pullinger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/01/2015 10:49:48

Many thanks screen arrived quickly was well packaged and is fitted ,working superbly was a pleasure doing business with you ...thanks again. Mike - "Sent from my iPhone"

Sent from my iPhone 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/01/2015 12:45:36

Many thanks for your immaculate service. By 10am this morning I had my new screen connected and laptop up and running. Less than 24hrs I was 'out of order'. Many thanks for being so efficient - "Kelly"

Kelly 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/01/2015 11:05:32

Jane, Item received on time, fitted within minutes and working perfectly. Many thanks for your excellent service. I know my daughter has a "dead" laptop with a broken screen, I will be passing your details on to her. - "Malcolm"

dead 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/01/2015 19:09:06

It was a very good store.Thank you. - "Roar Lieng"

Roar Lieng 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/01/2015 11:33:42

Quick delivery ,great service, screen fitted and working - "David Ffrench"

David Ffrench 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/01/2015 11:23:12

Great service and friendly staff on the end of a phone, would highly recommend... - "Jeff"

Jeff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/12/2014 18:17:54

Just like to thank you for a great service and super fast delivery, the item was just what I nedded and has fitted well and great video that was easy to follow, im also happy regardind the way you sent the item via royal mail special delivery this helped me track the item a lot faster, Keep up the good work and have a happy Christmas From one happy customer ,,KIRSTY ASHBY a +++++ - "kirsty ashby"

kirsty ashby 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/12/2014 10:52:22

Thank you. What great service. - "Karen"

Karen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/12/2014 12:00:08

Ordered Sunday, Received Friday. Fast shipping to NL. Good service, low price, compared to NL. I will remind this one! - "Martijn"

Martijn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/12/2014 12:18:18

When my gaming addicted son's Dell XPS fell off the sofa arm, he was devastated but, as usual, it was Dad to the rescue. I was wary of other suppliers offering branded screens at lower prices, who then said that 'equivalent' screens may be substituted. Qualit-uk were more expensive but I was pleased to get, what appears to be a genuine LG screen. I fitted it in less than an hour, and my son says it is better than the old Samsung one. Customer service from Suzanne was excellent, and delivery was fast. 10/10. - "Rob H"

Rob H 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/11/2014 21:40:40

Fantastic service . Screen fitted perfectly. - "Sanjay vala"

Sanjay vala 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/11/2014 14:58:00

Excellent customer service with the patience some of us need at times. Thankyou - "Chris Butler"

Chris Butler 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/11/2014 12:12:00

The replacement laptop screen arrived promptly the next day and, with the help of youtube, replacing the broken screen was very simple and straightforward and took less than 20 minutes to do. Very pleased with the service. - "Roger Eaton"

Roger Eaton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/11/2014 11:23:22

Fantastic service. I bought a replacement LCD screen for my Sony Vaio; it arrived next day as promised and works perfectly. Thanks. - "Mark Jones"

Mark Jones 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/11/2014 11:02:58

Hi Sue, Screen recieved as promised and the laptop is working perfectly. My niece is now very happy. Thanks for an excellent sceen and service. Best wishes Pete - "Pete D"

Pete D 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2014 12:04:50

First class service, very helpfull staff. Son cracked his 9 month old HP laptop, took it back to P C world and was told it would cost £50 to send off for inspection of fault but in over 95% of cases it is accidental damage and would lose the £50 or put towards the repair. went to an independant repairer and was quoted £145 Did it myself for under £60 in less than 30 mins. - "John B"

John B 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2014 11:47:34

Hi Nick, Replacement screen received and fitted all OK. Thankyou very much for your help and brilliant customer service!!!! Brgds - "Chris Butler"

Chris Butler 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/11/2014 18:40:52

Dear Jane Many thanks for superb service. Replacement screen received this morning. Fitted it to my Daughters' laptop which is now working perfectly. Excellent! Kind regards - "Colin Lucas"

Colin Lucas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/11/2014 12:25:44

Just perfect !! I got exactly what i wanted : a true genuine Samnsung laptop screen, and identical to the one that whas broken on my Qosmio X870. Fair price for the excellent quality of the screen and very fast sending. Greatings from France. - "Lotfi"

Lotfi 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2014 11:49:42

Excellent quality and service, could not ask for more. - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2014 11:37:40

Excellent service kept up to date with all aspects of the purchase. The replacement screen which should have worked with my lap top did not work however you supplied replacement quickly and efficiently with a model that did work. I must add that the srvice was excellent the screen was just not compatible with my lap top you sourced an origionel type screen which worked. the instruction video was also very good. - "WILLIAM JONES"

WILLIAM JONES 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/10/2014 17:06:56

Excellent service and highly recommended - "jreed-EnterIT"

jreed-EnterIT 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/10/2014 15:51:44

What a pleasant change to come across a company where the person on the phone was extremely helpful, and whose website was easy to negotiate, after all, we're not all computer geeks :) - "Peter Lovell"

Peter Lovell 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/10/2014 10:48:14

What a perfect service I rang on friday about my screen for my acer and got it deliverd on Saturday morning. Screen fitted perfect and email communication was excellent service I will use again. Thank you all for your help - "Tim Sherred"

Tim Sherred 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/10/2014 09:47:40

Excellent screen, perfect fit, delivered when quoted. Fitting instruction video is generic, maybe look at putting product series specific videos on the page for each screen, i.e. HP pavilion series, etc. - "Mark Garner"

Mark Garner 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/10/2014 11:49:46

Absolutely brilliant service, arrived almost before I'd put the phone down!! Very proficient at identifying the screen I required. Thankyou. - "Roger Womack"

Roger Womack 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2014 09:04:16

Thank you for your excellent service!!!! The product arrived fast and safe :) - "Aggeliki"

Aggeliki 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/09/2014 09:48:46

Excellent Service. Will certainly trade again - "Silent Computing Ltd"

Silent Computing Ltd 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/09/2014 09:46:52

First time customer , by far the cheapest replacement screen vendor on the internet , excellent customer service , speedy delivery and help for first time 'novice' fitter. What more can you ask. Thank you! - "Tariq"

Tariq 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/09/2014 09:17:52

Received & fitted, super job thanks. - "Rog"

Rog 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/09/2014 09:04:28

Super service,very Nice Pro. people talking with, and fast accurate delivery. Think you so much !! - "Erik Nielsen "

Erik Nielsen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/09/2014 10:40:20

Can't fault the service and knowledge of components on a number of makes and model (have used you in the past). Goods arrived next day as promised, so I and my end user are happy. Thanks for everything, Jim - "Jim Thomas"

Jim Thomas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2014 11:00:50

After my grandchildren accidentally knocked my laptop off the settee and broke the screen I was devastated to think I was going to have to pay a couple of hundred pounds or so for a new one. Then I found this site and ordered a new screen for a fraction of the price. Jane, who I spoke to about my order was very helpful and polite and my replacement screen arrived very quickly - ordered on the Monday and arrived on the Wednesday! My husband (who is very good with computers anyway) watched the short video on how to change the screen and within 20 minutes was done and my laptop is like new again! Great service and would recommend to anyone wanting a replacement screen at much less cost than replacing the whole laptop! Thank you! - "Angela Douglas"

Angela Douglas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2014 10:59:54

Very good service. Fast and efficient. Very helpful. - "Lisa Metcalf"

Lisa Metcalf 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2014 09:17:08

After my grandchildren accidently knocked my laptop off the settee and broke the screen I was devastated to think I was going to have to pay a couple of hundred pounds or so for a new one. Then I found this site and ordered a new screen for a fraction of the price. Jane, who I spoke to about my order was very helpful and polite and my replacement screen arrived very quickly - ordered on the Monday and arrived on the Wednesday! My husband (who is very good with computers anyway) watched the short video on how to change the screen and within 20 minutes was done and my laptop is like new again! Great service and would recommend to anyone wanting a replacement screen at much less cost than replacing the whole laptap! Thank you! - "Angela Douglas"

Angela Douglas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2014 08:16:22

You are very fast. Unbeilivable fast!!! Thank you very much. - "Christos"

Christos 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2014 13:23:34

Service was excellent, very fast, I was able (in fear and trembling) to fit the screen and two weeks later it's working fine; long may it last! - "Gillian Wright"

Gillian Wright 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2014 09:51:24

Service received was A++ and I was happy with Jane and had a laugh. Originally meant to buy the part elsewhere but I was won over and pleased with the interaction that I just placed the order, came in good time too. - "Joe Taiwo"

Joe Taiwo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2014 15:18:06

Hello There!! I got the LCD part and I replaced it. Everything is OK and working just fine! Thank you very much! :) - "Hector E"

Hector E 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2014 11:45:36

Excellent service, ordered on Sunday received 9:00 this morning, really easy to fit and very happy thanks. - "Debbie Lopez"

Debbie Lopez 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/08/2014 13:42:04

Great. Screen arrived in perfect condition and was a doddle to fit. (Dell Studio 1555) Also got the matt finish instead of gloss. - "Niki"

Niki 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/08/2014 10:50:30

Laptop screen received and successfully installed ... many thanks for your service. - "Kathleen"

Kathleen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2014 17:53:02

Thanks for the new screen :). So happy - "M.Kelkiti"

M.Kelkiti 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2014 17:33:14

I was a bit wary about ordering from a (to me) unknown supplier, but the dog had pulled the laptop off the table breaking the screen so I took a punt and 24 hours later the screen has been delivered and replaced and is working a treat. Excellent! - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/08/2014 09:35:44

Fast efficient service. Tele sales people made sure I got the correct screen for my laptop and confirmed the resolution for me. Thanks. - "John W."

John W. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2014 11:07:42

Midday yesterday I decided to take the plunge and try to replace my smashed laptop screen myself. Less than 30 hours later I'm typing away on it writing this feedback! Thank you for the fast efficient service. - "Scott Elsey"

Scott Elsey 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/07/2014 11:24:18

I was very happy with the product I ordered and the time scale I received it in - "Kevin McBain"

Kevin McBain 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/07/2014 10:01:46

Fantastic service will be ordering from you again at some point in the future. - "Jamie Rosbottom"

Jamie Rosbottom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2014 11:53:26

Hi Jane, The screen is brilliant, thanks! Fitting it was OK, had some of the plastic bosses snap when unscrewing because they had screwlocked them in place but a bit of loctite to bond the bosses back in worked. The screen is fine, nice and sharp. Thanks for your great service!!!!! Best Regards - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2014 10:20:02

Excellent service will be using you again - "Colin Cranswick "

Colin Cranswick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/07/2014 16:16:06

Brillant service. Screen was perfect and make my teenager smile! that says it all! - "Constance dunlop"

Constance dunlop 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/07/2014 16:15:30

Vary easy to find the replacement screen and very easy to place the order and pay via PayPal - "Barry"

Barry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/07/2014 09:09:48

excellent service quick and efficient - "steve owen"

steve owen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/06/2014 11:46:02

Jane Thanks, screen arrived before 1200 and now installed and working. Regards Willie :)

🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/06/2014 11:44:48

Hi Scott, Many thanks for the excellent service, I see the screen is out for delivery so that's great. Good to have the VAT invoice through quickly too, your style is spot on. Hopefully the replacement will go without any problems. Thanks again and best regards - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/06/2014 11:28:50

Fast and efficient replies to inquiries. Nice to see there are competent people on the other side dealing with your question, not just someone who checks the e-mails once a week or so! - "Vladimir"

Vladimir 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/06/2014 11:48:16

Excellent customer service and very speedy delivery. Would definitely recommend. - "M Bartley"

M Bartley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/06/2014 09:21:56

Hi Suzanne, Thanks for the all the replies, I've been out all afternoon so didn't get a chance to reply. Many thanks for getting a new one dispatched so quickly and for not insisting I send the other one back first before you would send out a new one as this repair is fairly urgent. I have used you in the past and your customer services has always been excellent and the way you have dealt with this small problem certainly hasn't changed my mind. Kind regards - "Mark MacPherson", Seafield IT Services

Mark MacPherson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/06/2014 11:43:54

Excellent service. - "Gary Gascoigne"

Gary Gascoigne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/06/2014 12:57:52

Very pleased with my Sony LCD purchase. Quick delivery, quality product, good price. Thank you for your service! - "Emil"

Emil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/06/2014 12:45:04

Hi Scott, Received screen Saturday morning now fitted and working. Excellent service. Thanks - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/06/2014 15:37:02

Fantastic all round performance with the whole process. - "stephen merrison"

stephen merrison 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/06/2014 13:00:28

Excellent service from verifying the replacement laptop screen required to despatch. - "Nigel Revitt"

Nigel Revitt 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/06/2014 14:38:34

Many Thanks, well pleased with the product/service I received laptop now OK again - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/06/2014 14:13:34

Hi Nick - you guys are awesome! The screen arrived this morning - and with the help of the YouTube vid you linked me to - installation has been successful. I am so very grateful - thanks again - "Karen"

Karen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/06/2014 11:30:58

Really good - quick services, good prices and delivery. I will order again when my customers need new parts. - "axel"

axel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/06/2014 11:11:22

Great service! I broke my laptop screen on Saturday night, found you guys online on Sunday and my screen arrived today! (I also got told by my local computer shop that they could not offer a repair on my make and model of laptop, so im glad i decided to repair it myself.) - "Tristan Morphew"

Tristan Morphew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/06/2014 11:09:54

All I would say is this was a smooth faultless service. Screen arrived within 24hours, and using your video I had fitted it within 20 mins. Thanks, would definitely recommend you. Regards - "Graham"

Graham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/06/2014 11:34:30

Excellent advice and service. Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. - "Sam Walton"

Sam Walton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/05/2014 14:31:40

Great service did exactly what it said on the Tin. The youtube video was easy to follow. I was very chuffed to be able to have done it in less than 10 mins - "Jonathan Roberts"

Jonathan Roberts 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/05/2014 14:27:56

Very pleased - "Allan Barter"

Allan Barter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/05/2014 12:49:04

Excellent service, communication & delivery - "John Marston"

John Marston 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/05/2014 12:48:40

>We've despatched your 1 X SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 2 NP275E5E 15.6 >replacement LCD screen today for you.
and it arrived today. Now my laptop is up and running again. Fast delivery, great.
I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future
kind regards
Esben I. Jensen

🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/05/2014 12:13:28

Hi Suzanne, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received when sorting out the replacement screen for a laptop recently. Thankyou for making sure the screen was the correct model etc. it arrived the day after I ordered it and is now getting a good workout playing Mimecraft on my daughters laptop. - "Aaron"

Aaron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/05/2014 16:01:50

Hi. Received and install the LCD screen today and everything works just perfect. Thanks. You will hear from me “next” time ? Best Regards. - "Torbjørn."

Torbjørn. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/05/2014 15:56:44

Excellent service, new screen all delivered and working - "Mark Rance"

Mark Rance 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/05/2014 12:33:48

got my new screen at 10.30am Tuesday had my notebook pc fixed in20min.just to say you have a fantastic team, they were more than helpful would recommend your company to anyone. thank you for your help. yours - "james"

james 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/04/2014 11:31:36

A very good and fast company to buy from. And very good parts. - "TRQ Data/ Tommy Qvick"

TRQ Data/ Tommy Qvick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/04/2014 12:42:30

Fantastic service! I would highly recommend! - "Theresa Stock"

Theresa Stock 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/04/2014 10:42:48

Extremely Happy with the service the comunication was simple and efective. best regards, Sertorio Ribeiro - CPULAND - "Sertorio Ribeiro"

Sertorio Ribeiro 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/04/2014 09:44:58

Great item fast delivery deal with again - "Ian McA"

Ian McA 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/04/2014 14:17:30

Good pre-sales, very competitive on price quick delivery. Overall a brilliant service and will be using again. - "David Perry"

David Perry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/04/2014 09:41:10

Excellent service very helpful and efficient - "Martin Wallington"

Martin Wallington 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/04/2014 12:11:00

I thought the service and product provided we're first class. The delivery was second to none. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/04/2014 11:45:34

good afternoon - i just want to say a huge thank you to everybody there for such a fantastic service.my new screen arrived this morning its a perfect fit ans was as described brand new truly an a1+ online store warmest regards - "Bernie"

Bernie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/04/2014 14:27:28

needed a new screen for a friends lap top.found this company after a brief search.ordered the new screen Thursday morning was delivered Friday morning to jersey in the ci.the screen was a perfect fit and was as described brand new.the support was fantastic and reply to an email was within a few minutes.believe the hype what a fantastic company to deal with.if i need more screens in the future i will be using this company.outstanding service and support - "Bernie "

Bernie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/04/2014 13:31:24

Thank you received it today fitted it and it works perfectly. Sent from my 4G Ready Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three - "Kevin Mason"

Kevin Mason 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2014 13:11:24

Sorry for my late reply. All were good. thank you for all. - "xristos vstromass"

xristos vstromass 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/04/2014 13:20:06

Thanks I am very happy with my screen. Sent from my iPhone - "Mr Elvis"

Mr Elvis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/04/2014 13:18:04

“When my 17” Laptop screen failed, like so many other people I’m sure, my feelings were of anxiety and what the heck am I going to do thinking that this was going to cost me a small fortune to put right. On searching the internet I came across http://www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk. What was even more thrilling was that a replacement screen would cost me a lot less than £100.00. I ordered my screen on the Sunday and to my surprise it arrived really quickly on the following Tuesday morning. Having watched the video on the website I soon figured out how to swap it out. Now in my case the screen didn’t work so I rang customer service who very quickly sent out a replacement and WOW, not only was it easy to fit, the quality well exceeded the original. So thank you. Your speed and quality of service and support I have to rank as one of best I have ever experienced. Please pass on my thanks the whole team. I’ll certainly be promoting you to all my friends.” - "Chris Gregory"

Chris Gregory 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/04/2014 11:13:34

Yep - same perfect service as a year ago. I agree its difficult to improve on something that is absolutely right. Thanks. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/04/2014 11:16:52

The service is fantastic and the shipping was fast! Thanks! - "Apostolos Diamantopoulos"

Apostolos Diamantopoulos 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/03/2014 10:25:14

Brilliant service and advice. Screen arrived next day & my son fitted it with no problems. Have already recommended your Company to a friend! Thank you. - "Diana Letts"

Diana Letts 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/03/2014 17:25:54

Great price, product arrived next day, superb genuine OEM product, took 5 minutes to install, got instant help by email for a problem that was my fault (I didn't remove the thin protective film at first). Great company. Thanks! - "Nathan George"

Nathan George 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/03/2014 13:21:56

Good afternoon Suzanne and team, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service that you provided regarding my recent purchase of a replacement screen from yourselves. I was very impressed with the technical knowledge and helpfulness of Suzanne when I called the sales team and also with the subsequent aftersale information I recieved via email regarding the installation etc. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks. You are an excellent example of how a business should be run. I wish you all the best in the future. Kind regards. - "Wesley James May"

Wesley James May 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2014 18:32:50

thank you very helpful will tell any one who needs parts you are the best people Thanks - "W Joseph"

W Joseph 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/03/2014 14:00:24

Thank you, it works. I'll return back to your services if I'll have screen related problems in future. - "Vaidas"

Vaidas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2014 14:14:04

I would like to thank you for the fast service you delivered. Ordered in the morning delivered next day brilliant. - "John Harman"

John Harman 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2014 13:25:30

from the College of North West London. We have been buying screens from you for about 3 years and so far we are happy with the quality of the product and the service. Thank you! - "Daniel Pacheco"

Daniel Pacheco 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2014 13:25:06

Thank you for getting the Netbook screen to me so promptly, my son has now fitted it and is on the plane back home to Portugal. He has your Tel No and will recommend you to friends. Thanks to Suzanne for her great customer service. Yours - "Diana Letts"

Diana Letts 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2014 13:19:16

The service and delivery was excellent. I was a little disappointed to receive a gloss finish screen when I had specifically ordered the matte finish for my Toshiba Z830, but due to time constraints I am unable to exchange it. It's not exactly the end of the world any way. - "Kevin Gaughan"

Kevin Gaughan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/03/2014 11:50:20

Hi Scott, screen has just been delivered, thank you for the very speedy service. Regards - "Les Taylor ICT Support"

Les Taylor ICT Support 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/02/2014 16:03:18

I´m glad to use our service and thank´s - "José Paulo"

José Paulo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/02/2014 12:37:54

Easy to fit and a lot cheaper than taking for repair - "p cadman"

p cadman 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/02/2014 17:28:06

Everything is nice. Tks - "Nuno Vicente"

Nuno Vicente 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/02/2014 13:04:48

Many thanks for your really fast service. - "Jose Rebelo"

Jose Rebelo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/02/2014 11:45:30

Great Service - "Lee Kiddell"

Lee Kiddell 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/02/2014 13:26:52

Screens were supplied very quickly and securely packaged. Easy fitting and excellent results. A first class service allowing three machines to be restored rather than retired. Thank you. - "J Cliff"

J Cliff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/02/2014 13:00:20

Thanks for the screen, i received it on time with no delays. I greatly your help thanks. - "Navjot Singh"

Navjot Singh 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/02/2014 12:45:22

use this company for all our replacement screens.exellent prices, service & quality. - "Paul Arnold"

Paul Arnold 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/02/2014 12:44:54

Dear Jane Usher ! I was absolutely satisfied with the service provided by you. Bye, - "János Almádi"

János Almádi 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/02/2014 12:43:38

The lady on the phone was very helpful in getting the correct screen ordered for my laptop. The delivery was prompt on the next day and the whole price was very reasonable. There was plenty of help available to assist me with fitting the new screen in my laptop. I am very pleased and would recommend this seller. - "Richard Legg"

Richard Legg 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/02/2014 12:41:58

You managed to provide a laptop screen that was proving very difficult to source from anywhere else. The screen arrived within 24 hours of order. Very happy with the product and service received. Many thanks. PC PAL (Watford) - "Sean"

Sean 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/02/2014 12:41:18

replacement Sony vio screen. Good price, excellent service, what more do you want.! - "Les Wilson"

Les Wilson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/02/2014 11:28:44

@laptoplcdscreen You succeeded in supplying a difficult to source screen where others had failed. Many thanks. - "PC PAL Watford @PcWatfordTech"

PC PAL Watford @PcWatfordTech 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2014 16:11:42

i changed the screen and it works perfectly o.k. thanks - "Nicoletta"

Nicoletta 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2014 14:21:00

Brilliant service always helpful Screens always arrive on time A pleasure to do business with Thanks - "AC COMPUTERS"

AC COMPUTERS 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2014 17:32:40

The service was brilliant and we got are delivery very quick - "Kevin McBain"

Kevin McBain 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2014 14:29:22

Thank you so much from the Mum of a devastated 8 year old who broke her screen on Friday. Never having changed a screen before I was extremely stressed but I followed your instructions and can't wait to see my daughter's face after school today. Brilliant serv ice. Thanks again.x - "Rachel Donnellan"

Rachel Donnellan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2014 12:32:10

I am very satisfied with your service i am pleased with my product. I will definately use you in the future. - "STANISLAW"

STANISLAW 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/01/2014 13:27:18

I am completely satisfied with all the items, I have bought from You, and the service it excellent. No complains from her. Best regards - "Kjell"

Kjell 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/01/2014 12:37:40

Easy to use guide and fitting the screen is very easy and instructions are extremely good to follow. - "Kenneth Coulson"

Kenneth Coulson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/01/2014 12:08:32

Just a quick note of thanks for an excellent service nice to know there are still companies out there you can rely on . Regards - "Stan Welbourne"

Stan Welbourne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/01/2014 13:48:28

After a lot of trouble with a previous supplier, I came to laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk and found the screen I required, at a higher resolution and for less money, and to top it all off it would be delivered the next morning. I must say I wasn't dissapointed. The screen was top quality and well packaged. The upgrade from the cracked HD+ to the Full HD screen went perfectly, the screen actually seems to be better made than the one I was replacing. Wont hesitate to use yourselves for repairs in the future. Anyone looking to upgrade their screen should remember well its perfectly fine to do, you need to make sure you assess the full specs designs of both the old screen and new. I didnt recieve the tracking number I was expecting but the screen arrived on time exactly as promised so I really wasnt bothered. - "Jamie"

Jamie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/01/2014 12:52:52

From the for first call to receiving my replacement screen was excellent customer service and the information and advice given to me was first rate! The product arrived promptly as specified and once fitted my replacement screen to date has worked a treat with no issues. I have an acer iconia tablet a500 and fitting the LCD screen only was quite easy providing you are competent enough and have the right tools. I would advise anyone to watch the youtube video showing how to dismantle the tablet part by part, fitting the replacement screen (once the parts are very very carefully removed) which is quite easy and then simply reassembling part by part
If I remember there are about 5 or 6 parts to carefully remove in order to get to the lcd panel screen, make sure each part (you start with the battery) is placed safely to one side (I used white paper as islands for each component part from the battery, speakers, motherboard etc to place these parts on)
As long as you dissemble and reassemble very carefully and don't rush (took me about 10minutes to remove and refit my new screen) providing you feel competent because if you damage a fitting or snap a connection that's it! the whole operation will be a failure and you're tablet will be broken
I hope this feedback is useful and if anyone has a question I would be happy to help - "RUSSELL LIDDELL"

RUSSELL LIDDELL 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/01/2014 15:00:58

Received the screen this morning. Excellent service. I just have to fit it now! Merry Christmas, Regards, - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/12/2013 15:03:28

LCD screen come well packed an it was Perfect fit - "Kim Knappe"

Kim Knappe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/12/2013 15:02:40

good service!! user friendly website - "Nina"

Nina 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/12/2013 18:36:22

Just got the new LCD screen for my Vaio VPCEC 390X, excellent and correct screen unlike those selling the non-HD version on eBay or Amazon. - "Peter Yong"

Peter Yong 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2013 13:58:52

First time using this site. Very clear and easy to use. Links to HP laptop maintenance & service guides would be useful alongside replacement parts (eg displays) - "Darren White"

Darren White 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2013 14:59:18

The service was excellent. Confirmation of receipt of order was given. Delivery was quick and as promised. Definitely will use this company again. - "Valerie Coyle"

Valerie Coyle 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/12/2013 15:51:14

Everything went well. - "Vidal"

Vidal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/12/2013 11:56:50

Great service, good price and quick delivery. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/12/2013 12:56:46

Great service as usual & quality replacement screen - "Paul Arnold"

Paul Arnold 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2013 11:30:22

great service had to phone as it wouldn't accept m order on line and the lady I spoke to was lovely - "wayne"

wayne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2013 11:13:06

A very good service, I was completely satisfied I recommend - "Carlos"

Carlos 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/12/2013 17:48:42

Dear Jane, Just to say that this purchase was totally satisfactory. The screen was replaced and works perfectly. Thank you for the tip on how to make the replacement. It was extremely useful. Yours - "Helena"

Helena 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/12/2013 14:48:04

I ordered some LCDs. All of this has a high quality. - "Joerg"

Joerg 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2013 15:49:28

Excellent service and video was very useful guide for fitting. - "Peter Merrington"

Peter Merrington 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/11/2013 17:01:50

The laptop screen arrived okay and I had the screen changed in about 15 minutes. Thank you for a first class service! - "Kerry"

Kerry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/11/2013 13:41:34

Hi Nick, Suzanne & Scott, Screen arrived on Thursday. Fitted and working. Thank you for all your help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you in the future. Kind regards - "Duncan"

Duncan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/11/2013 13:18:02

Screen arrived and fitted. Thanks for speedy and excellent service. - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2013 14:41:42

Thank you Jane, I have to say that I very rarely have the pleasure of doing business with someone so helpful and professional. I very much appreciate your assistance. regards - "Lorraine"

Lorraine 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2013 13:43:48

As usual your service was excellent. Quick response to my pricing enquiries, (excellent value)and next day delivery is great so we do not keep customers waiting for long. Thank you. - "Shirley"

Shirley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/11/2013 20:45:20

Screen received and fitted - great service. Many thanks - "Pat"

Pat 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/11/2013 20:18:32

I bought an LCD screen for my ASUS: perfect, great service! Thank you!! - "Marco Tieso"

Marco Tieso 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2013 15:04:32

I have found Qual-It / Laptop-LCD-Screen to be a pleasure to deal with. Where as previously we needed specific part numbers when trying to find replacement screens, all we do is call up with the model of the laptop and a screen is with us next day. Also the price is hard to beat, but the service is impossible to beat. Keep it up - "Darren McCabe"

Darren McCabe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2013 14:03:48

Very easy to use web-site. Located the screen I required and ordered it. Received next day and it is exactly the screen I required. Excellent Service - Thanks. - "Peter, Birmingham"

Peter, Birmingham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/11/2013 14:44:00

Excellent service, super fast delivery. Would recommend A+ - "Jane Storey"

Jane Storey 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2013 13:42:32

Hello, And a big THANK YOU! Very impressed with quality of your service. All the phone people I talk to over the phone, very kind and helpful , one word: PROFESSIONALS. Nowadays very few people know what they sell, and you are one of them. - "Constantin"

Constantin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2013 13:41:12

Thank you for a excellent service provided,fitted the screen following your you-tube instructions it was as easy as you said it would be,works a treat saved me a lot of money,thanks again. - "Phill"

Phill 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2013 13:37:50

A really helpful website which makes sure that you order the right item for your particular laptop. They say it will there next day....and it is!! (A rare occurence these days). If my dog ever breaks another laptop screen, I will certainly go to LLS again. Mike - "Mike Buckley"

Mike Buckley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2013 17:03:56

Dear Nick, Many thanks for your help . I have fitted the screen and it works great and it is fantastic to see the whole screen again . Many thanks for your prompt delivery and after sales Yours - "Steve Goldsmith"

Steve Goldsmith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/10/2013 17:10:00

Hi ,Just to say a big thank you for sending out my order so promptly. I ordered the screen whilst on business in the US on Friday and it arrived next day (Saturday) within 3 hours of me returning to the UK. I fitted it the following day , within an hour with the help of a video on U-tube and was back to 'normal' for work on the Monday. If I am ever in need of another screen I will certainly come back to you. Thanks again, - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/10/2013 12:57:46

A great service, and very helpfull staff and website. Was a little disappointed the price increased from the original quote by email. - "Stephen Welby"

Stephen Welby 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/10/2013 12:55:40

This is a great friendly human service, I can check the details of the screen before purchase and get good adbice - "Haymill Computers"

Haymill Computers 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/10/2013 11:20:02

very good prompt service, would use again - "christine"

christine 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/10/2013 12:52:50

Hi Scott, Screen arrived first thing this morning, installed and fitted in 20 minutes. Many thanks for your excellent customer service. A company that I would definitely recommend to others. Kind Regrads - "Mike Buckley"

Mike Buckley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/10/2013 12:51:22

Very helpful service that works towards a positive outcome. I recommend them. - "David Huen"

David Huen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/10/2013 13:18:06

Very Impressed, great quality OEM product shipped quickly, staff were concise, friendly and very helpful A+++ - "Paul Sidley"

Paul Sidley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/10/2013 09:21:18

The person that answers the phone is brilliant. The delivery is the same. I've bought 3 screens and I will buy my next from here. - "john webb"

john webb 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/10/2013 10:50:04

Superb site . atleast it seems. got to wait until i get the order though - "Mathias"

Mathias 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/10/2013 10:47:28

I am very satisfied, because, i received first time invoices like email attachment. Thank you for your improvement. Best regards - "Dusan Klenko"

Dusan Klenko 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/10/2013 08:30:42

very good service, this is the second order and if we need more LCD;s you will be our first choice - "Ian Cleland - JoyGlobal uk"

Ian Cleland - JoyGlobal uk 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/10/2013 13:24:16

A big Thank you Nick, Just installed the screen and it's worked a treat! I will list you as a UK supplier for the G585 in the Lenovo forums. Kind regards and thanks for your patients. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2013 12:07:30

good stocks - "RADU"

RADU 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/09/2013 12:52:58

Great service, good price and a lovely person to chat to on the telephone. What more could I ask for?! - "Paul Tarbox"

Paul Tarbox 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/09/2013 12:16:42


PETE 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2013 12:42:54

excellent service, from one to ten, i give you 9 - "Ivailo"

Ivailo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/09/2013 10:43:32

LCD already on the job. Very good service. I recommend it to my best best friend. Um abraço from Portugal - "Carlos Miguel"

Carlos Miguel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/09/2013 09:56:16

The service provided was excellent thank you - "Wayne Tierney"

Wayne Tierney 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/09/2013 10:58:16

Prompt delivery to Belgium of our DEll LCD screen replacement. Good telephone service for the installation (connector pins needed adjustment). I recommend Laptop_LCD-Screen! Ms. Ivy Beccu, Amnesty International Flanders - "Ivy Beccu"

Ivy Beccu 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/09/2013 10:04:56

susan very helpful - "n stewart"

n stewart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/09/2013 10:04:22

Hi Jane, The new screen you sent fitted perfectly and now our son's laptop is back in working order! Great service! Also, thanks for taking back the screen that didn't fit. I'll be recommending you to all my friends! Cheers! - "Rich"

Rich 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2013 15:01:18

Hello there! Thank you ever so much, for the very quick delivery of the ledscreen i ordered! It is now installed, and working like a clock from Switzerland!! Best regards from Sweden! - "Mats"

Mats 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/09/2013 13:29:06

I received the screen a few days ago, fitted it today. I am so please with my purchase, and the screen is of great quality. Great doing business with you. Thank you very much, - "Elaine"

Elaine 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/09/2013 15:22:56

thankyou very much. all fixed now, so impressed with your customer service thankyou once again. - "julie"

julie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2013 22:56:56

paid on sunday delivered tues morn fitted in half hour .performs well , what more can you ask , will recommend - "dixon"

dixon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2013 15:05:00

Hi Nick, I know you're not holding your breath but I thought I'd let you know that the replacement screen does work and thank you for your additional efforts to complete this order. While you and I might think that a new machine might be more cost-effective, this repair is for an elderly relative who would not consider a new purchase (especially as a gift) so you have helped maintain the silver surfing! regards - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/08/2013 14:44:14

Customer service and communication is top class, screens are very good and good value,Delivery to channel islands in 24hrs, couldnt ask for a beter service,i will continue to use them as my main supplier for screens. Jay from Jersey - "Jason Crocker"

Jason Crocker 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/07/2013 12:16:24

What a service!!! Thanks very much! :) Kind Regards - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/07/2013 13:49:48

Thankyou Laptop-LCD-Screen for sending my replacement screen, model unavailable from anywhere else! Brilliant service! Excellent value! Highly recommend! - "S D Owen"

S D Owen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2013 10:52:44

Hi, I have made order from your store for another laptop and i was very satisfied with it. Now i need screen for HP Pavilion dv6-7003em P/N: B4D29EA. Now i didnt manage to find this model in your offer by this model name. Can you please help me since if you have screen for this model i will order it immediately. - "Bojan"

Bojan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/07/2013 09:20:52

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my laptop scree; all in all I got exactly the right product, at a good price and in a speedy time-frame. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/06/2013 20:45:12

Really great service! Local repair company quoted me £150 and 5-7 days to fix my laptop screen. Ordering a replacement from you guys only cost me £50 and arrived the next day. After a little research on youtube and about half an hour's work i had my new screen fitted and my laptop working as good as new! - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/06/2013 14:35:38

Hi ! I¸ve got your LCD-screen today and again everything is OK. Is a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you a lot. - "Klaudio"

Klaudio 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/04/2013 13:45:34

Hi i have my screen. Today post delivery to my house. Thx for all you support. :) - "Kamil"

Kamil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/03/2013 00:35:36

Do you have any suggestions to improve the store?: no, but I would like to say thank you to Suzanne Tompkins for her help & patience on the phone this afternoon. Very helpful. If I need another screen, I will order it from you. Thanks, - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2013 17:13:50

Received at 0800 this am - excellent service, Thank you - "Duncan"

Duncan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/03/2013 16:42:12

Hi, We managed to successfully complete the transaction just after the failed one. (This was due to an internet quota timeout issue here with our Websense filtering system). We have since received and fitted the screen and are very happy with the service that we have received, even more so with this follow up email re the failed transaction. I have now passed your website details to both our Purchasing & Desktop Support teams here to use for all future laptop screen replacements. (We have in excess of 500 laptops in use). Regards - "Patrick"

Patrick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/02/2013 17:22:30

Hi folks, The screen I ordered on fri arrived today and is installed - super job. I just want to thank all involved in all your help and prompt and professional help in obtaining the screen and the vid for installing same. I will certainly remember you for future orders and recommend you very highly to those whoo ask me for recommendations. Once again thank you, Regards - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/02/2013 16:28:30

Hi Suzanne, I just thought I would write and say a big thank you for your prompt and efficient service - my replacement screen was delivered first thing this morning after placing the order late yesterday. The packing and protection of the screen was first class ensuring a safe delivery. It took 30 minutes to fit it and all is working perfectly. Thanks again, and I would certainly recommend you to others. Have a great weekend. - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/02/2013 15:32:46

Hi, I'm so happy - I wish to share the information with you - The first two orders from your company has arrived perfectly in Denmark. I think you should have the information, that we will continue doing business - Amazing only 2 days from order date. Wish you a nice day. Kind regards - "Tonny"

Tonny 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/02/2013 15:32:04

Just a quick note to say a big thankyou for the prompt arrival of what is an excellent replacement screen, many thanks, lee gubbins.. I will be ordering from you again!! - "Lee"

Lee 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2013 18:35:10

Excellent service with rapid delivery of a quality screen. If only all UK companies were like this! - "Antony"

Antony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/02/2013 14:20:52

Hey. Thanks for the fast lerveranse of the screen, it fit perfectly. Regards - "L A Carlsson"

L A Carlsson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2013 15:31:08

Good - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2013 14:36:14

is very nice seller and company thnak !!! best regards - "ZAFIRIS "

ZAFIRIS 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/01/2013 14:07:08

Hello, I did receive the matte screen. It is perfect. Thanks a lot for your good customer services. I will not hesitate to order again from your company if need be. (this one was for my personnal broken laptop screen) Regards, - "Yohan"

Yohan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/01/2013 13:29:04

Great service, had perfect screen for asus N56M. I've never fitted a screen before, but very easy following videos on site. Thanks! - "Sandy"

Sandy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2013 12:16:48

Amazing customer service - they called to confirm the delivery address as the billing address was different. Ordering was quick and easy and so was the delivery. Actual replacing the screen was simple too! Would definitely recommend this website for anyone with a broken laptop screen. - "Ling "

Ling 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/01/2013 14:27:32

Thank you, product arrived as promised so very speedy considering the time of the year. Fitted product and all fine so my son is happy again! - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/01/2013 13:42:22

amazing - "rob"

rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/01/2013 12:50:40

I've bought 2 screens the last month and I'd like to thank you for your excellent customer service, shipping time and products. You are great +++++++++++. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!...RG - "Argiris Visvardis"

Argiris Visvardis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2012 12:27:50

We are a small company in Brockham and have been using Qual-IT for years and they have never failed us. Best service around and 2nd to none. Also Suzanne is my favourite person to ring. - "Evan Devereux"

Evan Devereux 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2012 12:07:52

Brilliant service, laptop arrived well packaged the following day, perfect fit and a pleasure to have done business. A+++++++ - "Mick Carter"

Mick Carter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/12/2012 11:12:26

Second time I've had to order the same screen in 2 months thanks to my son putting his foot through it... twice now I've had a new screen the very next day. Superb service (and very helpful phone support) - "James W"

James W 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/12/2012 15:29:32

Brilliant service thank you! Replacement screen arrived 7.30am Saturday morning as advised and was fitted within 30 minutes by myself, a complete novice. - "Michelle"

Michelle 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2012 17:16:04

Fast delivery(next day before 1pm as mentioned), superb!! Clear tutorial from the video - "Vincent Chai"

Vincent Chai 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2012 13:41:44

Dear Suzanne Just to thank you for speeding through our replacement screen, great service as usual, hope you have a great Christmas - "Gary"

Gary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/12/2012 14:20:34

My screen has arrived and I'd like to thank you and give you a very positive feedback. Excellent seller!!! Great product!!! Fast shipment!!! I'll buy again soon+++++ Best regards - "Argiris"

Argiris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/12/2012 17:00:12

Hi, finally I got the screen. Though it took several days, it was worth the waiting. The screen is the only perfect one I bought (ebay's screen sucks) in the recent few months. All I want to say is thank you for your high-quality products. - "Jeremy"

Jeremy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2012 14:03:14

This is why your my preferred supplier :) a reply in under 30mins .. I don't suppose you plan to stock mobile phone screens and digitizers (iphone ect)or have a sister company that does ? Impeccable service as usual - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2012 12:51:20

Hi Suzanne, screen arrived today, and is now installed and fine, I suppose this is the opposite of Murphy`s Law. Screen installed and fine. Many thanks for a fine service, I will advise local computer dealers of your service. Kind regards - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/11/2012 16:09:16

Hi Again Nick, Just wanted to let you know the new display arrived this morning and have just finished fitting it into my laptop. I am pleased to say it works an absolute treat, colours are so much punchier than the old matte display, couldn't be happier! I was a little apprehensive with it being an "unknown" but no, plugged it and on it came! thanks alot! - "David"

unknown 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/11/2012 15:21:02

Hello and good day Suzanne and Jane, I just want to say 100% fast delivery and good service and 100% quality as you have send to us. We are sure that we will buy from you in the future With kind regards and good weekend - "Hedinn"

Hedinn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/11/2012 19:07:18

Hello Suzanne, After only 3 working days I got my new screen delivered from you to me in Sweden and now I have installed it according to your excellent instruction videos and it works perfect. Many thanks for your impressive delivery performance and also your support and I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Best regards - "Seth"

Seth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2012 14:32:04

Hi, Many thanks for this. The correct screen has been delivered and fitted. Great service, Regards - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/11/2012 18:06:20

Amazing service, after all the assistance I have revived today from you today i will be changing my future orders for screens to your company the service is fantastic i am glad i found you :) I will be placing a screen order this evening, Regards - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/10/2012 13:26:28

Thank you for your excellent service. I was pleasantly surprised when my screen arrived on time and had it fitted within half an hour. I waited over two weeks for the same screen from a competitor, their name came up before yours in the search engine. They offered next day service but after acknowledging the order failed to respond to two phone messages and two emails chasing it up. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone. Regards - "Fred"

Fred 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2012 11:48:54

Hi Suzanne, Have recieved the replacement screen this morning. Spot on. Not a blemish, and all pixels working fine. Thanks for your prompt responses and excellent customer service. I'll certainly recommend your services to anyone who asks. Cheers - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/10/2012 11:39:32

Hey, finaly got my display today :) There was some problems with customs, I had also to pay them for that, but Im so satisfied now, when I managed to change it by myself :D Thank you guys, good luck to you in business! Im pleased for your service! - "Romans"

Romans 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/10/2012 11:02:28

Received my new screen for Asus N73SV next day..super service..many thanks. Pity you don't do the LVDS cables as well..could really do with your super service as Asus quote 4 weeks to supply..! All the best.. - "Dick"

Dick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/09/2012 12:40:10

Hi, Thank you for your great service, the new panel arrived this morning and has been fitted. - "Jon"

Jon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/09/2012 17:33:26

Hi folks, Many thanks for excellent service, quality product, speed of delivery, secure packaging and fitting tuition for my Samsung RV510. Had no problems fitting the screen and everything works perfectly, Delighted customer, - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/09/2012 17:31:08

A wonderful delivery service and wonderful assistance service from you. I will recommend your company to anyone needing a replacement screen. Best regards, - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/09/2012 16:38:34

Just like to say thank you very much! Screen arrived as promised, very well packed, it fitted perfectly and my 13 year old is very happy! It is just nice to deal with a company, that keeps you informed and delivers what it promises. Thank you, - "Aidan"

Aidan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/08/2012 09:21:28

After 3 weeks of stress over my broken screen I have it all looking shiny and new again. Quick delivery, securely packaged and your video made it easy, Thank you. - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/08/2012 10:25:16

Many thanks for the swift delivery of my replacement 17" LCD screen last Friday morning, it's great to deal with a Company that delivers what it promises. Best wishes - "Tim"

LCD screen last Friday morning, it's great to deal with a Company that delivers what it promises. Best wishes - 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/08/2012 10:09:46

Hi guys, thanks for the help with confirming the backlight fault, how to rectify and sorting out the right panel and the fast efficient service. The new panel shows how dull the old one got. I thought it was still ok but it was nowhere near as bright on 100% so had to turn the new one down a few notches. Much appreciated and a pleasure doing business. Kind regards - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/08/2012 11:18:06

Good service - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/07/2012 14:54:46

a big thank you for your as usall excellent service, regards - "nick"

nick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/07/2012 15:15:06

Ordered at 3pm, arrived before 10am next day. Very well packaged and great customer support. Many thanks, - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/07/2012 14:23:22

Once again I can on comment that I allow to be quoted to other ciustomers, that the servie I have recieved and accomodation outside of your usual processes has been exceptional. If you purchase a c reen through laptop scrrens direct or Qual-IT you cab be assured that any fault within 90 days will be dealt with satisfactorarily to a conclusion. These people understand the necessitty to get yourself back online after you have broken your original screen, as you will at some point. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/07/2012 09:42:22

Thanks for being so efficient. Fitted perfectly in about 25 mins. Regards, - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/07/2012 09:39:50

As an IT professional may I commend yourself and all involved at Quali-IT for excellent customer service in dealing with this matter. You have made this sitiuation work a lot easier for me. So once again thanks. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/07/2012 13:23:10

Thanks for the call Nick, screen installed and all OK. Best regards, - "Fred"

Fred 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/07/2012 14:20:48

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Screen turned up 9am this morning and is now installed and working perfectly. Previous attempt using lcds4less had me waiting nearly a month for a screen that they kept promising would be with me in a couple of days despite their £10 next day delivery. I won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends, family and colleagues. Many thanks. Regards, - "Rob."

Rob. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/07/2012 10:11:12

Thank you for your fast and trustworthy service - "Abe"

Abe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/07/2012 12:01:56

Just wanted to say many thanks. I was very impressed by your service,ordered screen yesterday and it arrived today,screen perfect and well packed. I look forward to using your services again in the future. - "Col"

Col 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2012 13:47:36

Screen received, fitted & fully operational. Many thanks for the swift & efficient service. I know where to come next time. Regards - "JohnC"

JohnC 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/06/2012 14:16:36

Thank you for your prompt service, package arrived at 08:00 and was working at 08:20. Regards, - "TK Garrity"

TK Garrity 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2012 09:48:10

Dear sales ,would like to say what great service i got from your company replacement screen arrived to day fitted perfect .Will advertise your company here in greece .thankyou very much . - "wendy"

wendy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/05/2012 01:06:02

Just like to say being a IT Technician ( in a very large company) I have dealt with many companies and I am very impressed by your prices and service levels and will relay this to others I work with. kind regards - "mani"

mani 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/05/2012 12:30:24

Thank you for all your help and assistance, excellent service. regards - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/04/2012 11:46:14

I just wanted to thak you very much for the excellent service when I ordered a replacement Sony Vaio laptop screen. I ordered this over the Easter weekend and despite it being a Bank Holiday Monday, I received contact regarding a question I had, on the Monday. The service from your company has been first class, and I will recommend you without reservation. The screen arrived on the Wednesday as promised. Excellent service. Thank you. - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/04/2012 11:42:10

Hi, Just to let you know that I recieved the screen today and it works perfectly as an upgrade in the Alienware m14x - Best Regards - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/04/2012 16:32:48

Nick, Thank you very much for all your help, pleasure doing business with you. Sent from my iPod - "Marcus"

Marcus 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/04/2012 12:54:20

Dear Laptop-LCD-Screen UK The screen arrived today and it works fine. Thank you for your service! br, Pertti

🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/04/2012 11:44:26

Hi suzanne I recieved the screen yesterday moring and it fitted well, thanks i will order from your company in the futre Regards - "Noel"

Noel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/04/2012 11:42:50

Not a question, just like to say thanks for the amazingly prompt arrival of the screen I ordered for my wife's computer last week. Ordered on Friday afternoon, delivered on Saturday! I've never done anything like replacing a screen before, but your excellent instructions made it simple. My wife was so impressed with me! - "Gerry"

Gerry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/04/2012 12:28:16

Once again i want to congrats your work and the Laptop Screen UK service. Your service is great. You can close this case, if i have more question i will contact you. Many Many Thanks. Best Regards, - "Nuno"

Nuno 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/04/2012 15:33:24

Thanks! - Unbelievable service - next day delivery to channel Islands - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/04/2012 19:18:32

thank you for your rapid response. the screen has arrived and works beautifully, i will recommend you in future. - "Patrick"

Patrick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/04/2012 11:24:44

Thank you Screen arrived on time and in perfect condition and is working perfectly Great service! - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/04/2012 11:23:38

Hello...Screen arrived Extremly well packed yesterday.Fitted in 30 Mins..Fantastic Service and Value..Will recomend you to anyone who needs to replace..Many Thanks.. - "Ray"

Ray 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/04/2012 11:11:36

Nick Mission complete, and all working well. Thank you for your prompt attention (and patience). Great Product - great Service - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/04/2012 11:02:16

Many thanks for very good service - would thoroughly recommend you. (Just a shame that the screen didn't fix the problem!). Regards, - "Nick"

Nick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/04/2012 11:01:14

Dear Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent service.I ordered my replacment screen on Wed and my laptop was up and running on Thursday.thanks for a great service highly recomended - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/03/2012 12:21:02

Jane Many thanks for the prompt service. I won't hesitate to use your firm if I need a screen again and also won't hesitate to recommend your business. Cheers - "Mac"

Mac 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/03/2012 13:39:36

To whom it may concern, i would just like to say what an excellent service you provide and was delivered on the date stated, i will be recommending you to friends. once again excellent service thankyou Regards - "Alex"

Alex 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/03/2012 12:44:24

I have to say that this is the best customer service i have ever dealt with. Many thanks and will Send it first thing in the morning via courier. Have a pleasant evening and thank you again - "Ionut"

Ionut 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/03/2012 15:38:56

Thanks for the fast delivery of a Toshiba Portege R500 screen. The laptop is now up and running again! Great!! -"Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/03/2012 15:35:48

Dear Jane, Thank you for the prompt service, ordered screen at 09.00hrs new screen arrived next day at 08.30hrs. Your diagnoses help pages were spot on. Your Tutorial video was right, very easy to install, took about half an hour, booted up and worked first time. Regards satisfied customer, - "Philip"

Philip 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/03/2012 12:45:08

received screen in [in Greece] after 5 working days in an excelent condition parcel.Already replaced and working perfectly. - "George"

George 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/03/2012 13:38:14

Quick note to say thanks. The item arrived very quickly, works perfectly and I will certainly recommend you to people we know in the IT trade. We provide staff to technical operations who use laptop parts so we will pass your company details on. Regards -"Matt"

Matt 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/03/2012 20:36:26

Just like to say thank you to Bob for great help and service yesterday Ordered screen for my hp laptop at 3.20pm yesterday .Arrived today at 830am and now fitted and sending this mail .Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH. - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2012 11:58:30

I have received the replacement screen this morning and changed it and everything is fine. Thank you very much to all of you. Best regards, - "Bindo"

Bindo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2012 11:56:20

Thanks for your excellent service. Ordered LCD screen yesterday - received it today. It is now fitted and the laptop is up and running. Regards... - "RAY"

RAY 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/02/2012 14:57:04

Just want to give credit where credit's due - I received the replacement screen today and it was the correct one as you said it would be. I was half expecting it not to be based on my previous experience with the shop where I bought the computer day 1 - I had to drop the computer in to them 3 different times and on each occasion they somehow ordered the wrong screen. Eventually they said that it was not possible to get a replacement screen for this particular laptop. I tried you not really expecting any success and must say that I am delighted - I ordered it yesterday, it arrived today and I fitted it in under 20 minutes. Thanks a lot for everything - fantastic service. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2012 18:50:08

Many thanks for you help and tolerance, your customer service is 100% +++Perfection..................- "Ron"

Ron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2012 13:25:28

Wonderfull, thank you for your help. You deserve 5stars. - "Ron"

Ron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/02/2012 17:27:56

Astounding service ! Order placed on a Friday at 2.45, screen arrived before 10.30 on the Saturday morning AND I'm 200 miles from you. Goods exactly as ordered and worked perfectly. The next time my clumsy 15 year old manages to tread on his laptop, I won't bother looking at other suppliers I'll be straight to your website. Regards "Neville"

Neville 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/02/2012 18:16:20

hi screen turned up today as promised,i,ve fitted it everything working fine great product , great service thankyou THANKYOU - "WAYNE"

WAYNE 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2012 16:40:26

Screen is well received. Went very swift, thanks. Already replaced it, and I can finally again write this mail from my laptop without needing an external monitor. I am mobile again! :-) - "Ottar"

Ottar 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2012 13:20:38

Hi Suzanne, The screens arrived OK and the new one is fitted and working fine. We are delighted to have the laptop working, and we are so impressed with the level of service you have provided. Thank you. - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/02/2012 14:58:00

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU! Fantastic service, placed my order yesterday afternoon,received the screen before 10.30am today, brilliant. Keep up the good work. - "Judith"

Judith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/02/2012 14:22:54

Hello, Thank you for the screen and fast delivery. I have replaced it and it's up and running. A***** company. Regards - "Nada"

Nada 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/02/2012 14:42:44

Thank you so much to Suzanne for all the help.Your service is second to none very cheap and first class delevery.If i need a replacement screen again i know where i will be going........ http://www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk Thank you - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/02/2012 17:06:42

Thanks for the quick delivery - i was very impressed! - "Naomi"

Naomi 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2012 15:01:16

Thanks for a great service, screen arrived the next day to N Ireland and the laptop was as good as new within 15 minutes. Thank You - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/01/2012 16:30:38

hi, thank you very much for your speedy and friendly service, yes the new screen is fitted and working well. it was so easy to fit due to watching the links you sent,so easy even for a 62 yr old women would always buy from you in the future as your service is brilliant.would highly recommend you. many thanks ones again regards - "marilyn.." a very happy customer who now have her laptop back

marilyn.. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/01/2012 13:14:54

Thank you very much. I have received and fitted the screen today. It was well packaged and in excellent condition. Cheers, - "Stuart"

Stuart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/01/2012 20:37:24

Screen received yesterday, installed and now working perfectly. Many thanks for your prompt and excellent service. Regards, - "Alex"

Alex 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2012 20:37:24

I wish to express my sincere thanks for the excellent customer service I received when I order my replacement screen. I was made to feel confident that I would be capable of installing this screen, although I only look at the video once, it was explained in such simple terms that for someone like myself who is not mechanically inclined, I found the removal and installation a breeze. It is refreshing to know that there is still company out their that put the customer first. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends. - "J. Khan"

J. Khan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/01/2012 00:36:44

Please add testimonial:- Five stars for: the delivery - on time, product quality and selection, packaging - impressive (and suited to fragiles) the video description - a great help. Full marks, great company, will recommend to 2 unfortunate friends. Laptop-LCD-screens made the repair into a comfortable process from start to end. Thanks. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/01/2012 12:47:54

Hello Suzanne Just a quick note to say “Many Thanks”. The screen arrived on Wednesday and my laptop is now back up and running fine. Best regards - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/01/2012 13:03:02

Hi everyone who works on laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk. This is a site that really helped me a lot. I received my LCD Screen and now my PC has a new life:) Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. We can trust! Cordially - "Natalie"

Natalie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/01/2012 20:48:08

Thank you, thank you, thank you……… Received new screen today, put it in, all good! - "Damian"

Damian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/01/2012 13:01:42

Replacement screen arrived this morning - as promised next day delivery. After watching your video I took the old screen out and had the new one in within 30 mins again exactly as you stated. New screen is better than the original! Picture quality is sharper and clearer. I am absolutely delighted with everything, from the order process, delivery, packaging, quality of product and most importantly in today's financial climate the cost. This has saved me at least £200. I have shared your details with my colleagues and friends. Many Thanks - "Bill"

Bill 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/01/2012 12:57:36

Suzanne, Thank you for your quick response, what a great company to do business with. I will be putting in my new order today - Many thanks again - "Anita"

Anita 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/01/2012 11:36:12

Thank You Again Suzanne ! truly amazing performance, the parcel arrive here just a few minutes ago Saturday 7 January at 10:30 UK time. All I have to do is fit it now - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2012 19:16:56

I don't have Facebook or Twitter but anyway I want to tell you, that I am very pleased with your service. I managed to replace the defective screen in less than half an hour, so now my teenage daughter's macbook works perfectly again. With your help, I was her hero for a short while, and that is a rather rare occasion :-)- "Sverre"

Sverre 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2012 19:15:06

Hello The LCD arrived yesterday, everything is 5 stars. Thank you for the support - "Filipe"

Filipe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2012 19:13:16

I have to congratulate you on your superb customer service especially bearing in mind the time of year. Many thanks and I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to everybody I know. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/01/2012 19:17:06

Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent service. Wrong screen purchased, correct screen purchased, wrong screen returned and refund recieved. Apart from one minor misunderstanding everything has been carried out extremely efficiently. Thank you. Best Wishes - "Nigel"

Nigel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/01/2012 19:14:22

Thankyou new screen arrived within hours of ordering. Fitting was so easy following your online video. I'm very happy with your product and service. Merry Christmas - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/12/2011 11:45:10

thanks 4 a fantastic service.im very impressed and will use u again and pass ur num on. thanks jane - "Gordon"

Gordon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/12/2011 12:52:14

New screen now installed and everything seems to be working as it should. Many, many thanks for the excellent speedy service. Best regards - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2011 19:16:38

Screen arrived. Easy to fit. Bloody wonderful! I can see everything again! Just like a new laptop. Thanks very much! A very satisfied customer! - "Malcolm"

Malcolm 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2011 14:04:50

Dear Sirs, I've just received and installed the LCD replacement that you've sent me for my laptop. Many thanks for your fast shipping,excellent handling and pricing! I'll definitely recommend you for any future purchases. Kind regards, - "Periklis"

Periklis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2011 14:03:14

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and assistance in advising and providing me with the correct replacement screen for my laptop and also the attaching video explaining the procedure for replacing. Having no particular computer skills, I did manage to replace the screen by myself (albeit with a few problems at first, my fault, not yours)!! Thanks again. Regards - "Cynthia"

Cynthia 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2011 14:00:54

Thankyou service was excellent delivery amazing product was great you can't beat that well done. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/12/2011 12:04:44

Hi Jane, Once again, thank you for your quick response and delivery. This is the 3rd screen I have had from the company. It is fitted and working perfectly. Keep up the good work - "Les"

Les 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/12/2011 18:43:02

Thanks for the stellar service, my laptop screen arrived in time and in good condition. Your customer service guy was very courteous and helpful when I called to ammend my delivery address. - "Josh"

Josh 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/12/2011 18:41:44

Can I just say how hugely impressed with your company, web site, service and delivery....it has been a great experience start to finish...........just brilliant service.


Vice president BT Global Services

🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/11/2011 22:54:10

The screen arrived yesterday, I've fitted it and it's fine. Thanks - "Matthew"

Matthew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/11/2011 17:18:16

Hi folks, I really appreciate the effort and responsiveness on this from all the team on your side, customer service to this level is often lacking with on-line companies - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/11/2011 15:49:10

recieved the screen in perfect condition really quick, fitted the screen in 7 mins very good thanks, regards - "anthony"

anthony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/11/2011 15:41:56

Great service, prompt delivery, worked perfect. Many Thanks - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/11/2011 14:14:40

Hi Jane, Just a quick thank you for your help in my purchase of the LCD screen for my laptop. I was very pleased with the service that I was given, the delivery was prompt and I'm happy to say that I managed to replace the screen without any problem. Golden service! Kind Regards, - "Gary"

Gary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/11/2011 14:13:54

Thanks for excellent service again - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/11/2011 12:19:02

Hi. I ordered my screen thursday last week, and it arrived monday in Denmark. That could not be better, so my thanx to a good service from you. Regards from Denmark :) - "Torben"

Torben 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/11/2011 17:44:14

Hello! I want to thank you for fast delivery and good quality of the product. Yours sincerely, - "Zoltan"

Zoltan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2011 14:04:32

Thank you very much, its a pleasure doing business with you. - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/11/2011 15:49:58

Just to say how impressed I was with your service. Ordered a replacement screen for my laptop at 3pm yesterday. Then remembered that the main road to my house was to be closed for 3 business days for maintainance starting today, Thursday, and had expected a delayed delivery next Tuesday. To my great surprise and pleasure, Royal Mail had anticipated the road closure and had delivered the replacement screen at 7am this morning before the road works started. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/11/2011 14:37:30

Thanks, The new screen has arrived and has been fitted and is working fine. Regards - "Eamon"

Eamon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/11/2011 01:50:50

My replacement screen arrived at approximately 10:20 this morning and at 10:40 I was once again communicating through a brand new screen. The screen had obviously been on the way out for some considerable time as the new one is so 'sharp'. Thanks for the prompt service. - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/11/2011 12:28:20

Thanks for the timely despatch, the screen is now in place and working perfectly, this has been a great service and with your tutorial I successfully fitted the LCD screen myself saving a lot of money on a simple repair. - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2011 14:07:44

Thank you for the replacement screen. It arrived on-time, and I managed to install it in under three minutes (including removing the old one). All works perfectly. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/11/2011 13:44:34

The screen arrived next day as promised and is as brilliant (literally and metaphorically) as your service. Automated efficiency with helpful human interface! Much appreciated. - "Geoffrey"

Geoffrey 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/10/2011 20:52:56

What fantastic service ! Ordered at 3pm, arrived 8am next day & fully restored laptop by 10am. High quality screen, well packaged. Excellent - very well done. - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/10/2011 11:25:42

Just to say thank you so much for your prompt delivery for the replacement laptop screen and also for your help when the original one did not work I will pass your details to my friends if they too have a problems as your company has been fantastic - "Julia"

Julia 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/10/2011 13:08:42

Just to say a big thank you for your help over the phone on Monday. As promised the replacement screen arrived first thing the next morning.Your kind assistance and the fast delivery service is really appreciated and not surprisingly I would recommend your coy and excellent customer service. - "Lynne"

Lynne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/10/2011 11:00:16

Thank you so much for such speedy service. The screen arrived and we fitted it in an hour or so following your helpful video. - "VAL"

VAL 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2011 16:22:22

Thanks for your excellent service, the new screen is perfect and so easy to fit. I have been quoted up to £250 for repair and been told by so called experts to buy a new laptop because it is not worth the effort to replace the screen. What do they know other then trying to screw you. Many thanks again for a brillant service. "Richard."

Richard. 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2011 09:09:02

Hi I received the screen friday, put it in my laptop today sunday, it works perfect. Thanks a lot for exelent service. Best regards - "Finn"

Finn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2011 09:07:24

Thank you for the brilliant service you provided sending the correct screen out. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/10/2011 13:32:32

Dear Suzanne, Thanks again, I have received the screen and it is working great. thanks lot. - "izat"

izat 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/10/2011 09:14:18

Screen received less than 24 hours after ordering.Fitted easily with the help of the online instructions. Absolutely first class service. - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/10/2011 13:30:32

What a service. Broken screen yesterday,chatted with Suzanne. Screen delivered & fitted already today. Enormous thanks to everyone at Laptop-LCD - "Martina"

Martina 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/10/2011 10:52:06

Screen in and working excellent service as usual many thanks - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/09/2011 21:29:40

Many thanks for such a prompt service. - "Leonora"

Leonora 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/09/2011 21:26:40

Thanks very much for your efforts, received the screen this morning and fitted. All working perfect. Thanks again - "Lawrence"

Lawrence 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2011 14:40:32

many thanks for the excellent service i got when ordering my replacement laptop screen it arrived when you said it would and was packed perfectly. i had no probs fitting it and it worked perfectly (very happy bunny) - "Mr Tomlinson"

Mr Tomlinson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2011 14:36:30

I received and outstanding, exemplar service. I ordered a replacement screen on a Friday, which arrived the next morning and took less than 30 minutes to fit and worked perfectly. Thank you for a high-quality, cost effective service. - "Ken"

Ken 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/09/2011 14:40:58

Thank you very much for helping me! [..] For once again, thank you very much. Hope to do bussiness with you again. - "Evi"

Evi 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/09/2011 09:55:44

Many thanks for your support on this one. I have been impressed with the service, the only issue being the you tube clip that I was directed to was not available. Otherwise service and delivery were both excellent. - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/09/2011 22:03:22

Thank you very much for your service - I have been impressed by your prompt deliveries and useful advice on the phone - my laptop is now working just like it used to. - "Hilary"

Hilary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/09/2011 21:03:18

Dear sir/madam, I just thought that i would let you know that I have received my new laptop screen today and I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the service provided. I would highly recommend you. Thanks. - "Angela"

Angela 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/09/2011 13:08:46

wow you guys are fantastic!, screen arrived this am, fitted in 15 mins, your video how to remove screen is great, i would never have believed it was so easy,would reccomend you to everyone once again many thanks. - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/09/2011 13:02:18

I would like to express my complete satisfactionwith the quality of sevice recieved by Suzanne. I cannot praise her highly enough for the way in which she dealt with my transaction when puchasing a new screen for my dell laptop.Sevice par excelence! - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2011 09:23:26

Just like to say how pleased i was with the super fast service from ordering to fitted 2 days well packed and easy to do highly recommended and will certainly use again a big thank you Martin - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2011 11:55:54

I would like to thank you for your excellent service ,delivery (after 2 days i receive the screen here in Greece )price(cost me 120euros against 350 euros that ask me the local acer service) YOU ARE THE BEST - "Grigoris"

Grigoris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/09/2011 10:36:18

hello just to say thanks for such good service received my new screen this morning it is in and working fine thanks again - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2011 10:27:18

just received and fitted new screen very happy works fine fast del and very well packed many thanks - "Nick"

Nick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2011 15:04:00

thank you for rapid response. screen fitted and all well. thanks again. will recommend. - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/08/2011 13:30:40

Hello, Screen arrived and already installed. Thanks for all the support - "Christophe"

Christophe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/08/2011 09:36:34

Laptop screen ordered on Thursday evening, delivered on Saturday, fitted and fully working by Saturday lunch. Thanks very much for a quick and easy service! - "Graham"

Graham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/08/2011 11:01:58

Thanks for the great lcd. Was easy to fix it. Less 30 min. Regards - "João"

João 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2011 12:11:00

Thank you for the best ever online screens service! I'm from France and the delivery was fast (3 days). Prices are good, I definitely recommend! - "Ludo"

Ludo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/08/2011 12:58:42

I just wanted to thank you for your help with identifying the screen. It's all working perfectly! Regards - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2011 14:54:50

I was apprehensive about using this service but there was no need. The service povided was incredibly easy to use and the delivery was next day. Many thanks. - "Vicky"

Vicky 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2011 10:51:26

My screen arrived this morning what a great service that you provide. Thank you all for your great service. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/08/2011 14:22:16

Thank you Suzanne you have been a great help and as a first time buyer i can only say how impressed i am at the service and not being a pro repairer even the most inexperienced person can save themselves the cost of a new laptop by buying from you. - "Jon"

Jon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/08/2011 14:21:44

First class service,screen arrived next day and fitted it no problem.Thanks again, - "Ronnie"

Ronnie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/08/2011 14:19:20

I think its time now to price your very exciting service! You have done a great job. I will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you so far and best regards. - "Zoran"

Zoran 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/08/2011 10:30:00

thanks for the prompt service,replacement screen fitted,brilliant. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/08/2011 15:59:32

Thank you for such excellent customer support i will be spreading the word about how first class Qual-IT are. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/08/2011 12:41:42

Had screen size in stock delivered when they said @ good price - highly recommend ***** - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/08/2011 00:34:52

Many thanks for your speedy service. I ordered my new screen yesterday and it arrived promptly just after 8am this morning. Great service - "Ron"

Ron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/07/2011 10:38:32

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all your help. After your initial comment about an upgrade of LCD being harder than I thought, I did a lot of research and found that as well as a new screen I would need a new cable. Well I've just received the cable and installed the screen this morning and all is good. The screen is spot on and finishes my upgrade path off perfectly. - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/07/2011 10:37:54

Just to let you know that the screen arrived this morning, brilliant, installed and working. Fantastic service and really nice to deal with really friendly people too. Very many thanks - have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines..... - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/07/2011 12:53:14

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at your company; I've been very impressed with the service. Best Regards, - "Douglas"

Douglas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/07/2011 16:12:18

Just like to say thanks for being so prompt. The screen arrived today and i have already fitted it and started using it. Thank you, I will spread the Qual-IT word - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/07/2011 16:08:40

Many thanks for your prompt service. Replacement screen for MSI netbook arrived next day as promised and was really easy to fit. Netbook now as good as new. Will recommend you when/where appropriate. Thanks. - "Kate"

Kate 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/07/2011 16:32:54

Thanks for the quick turnaround your service and company are excellent - "Matthew"

Matthew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/07/2011 15:41:58

Just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic and prompt service. My Sony Vaio screen cracked on Sunday, I ordered from your website same day and screen arrived today (Tuesday). Screen replacement was easy and back up and running. Thanks very much. - "Howard"

Howard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/07/2011 11:18:10

What a brilliant service! Broke the laptop screen on Wednesday, ordered a new one Thursday night, arrived Saturday moring about 1030am, new screen fitted and working by 1130 after watching the online instructions- brilliant, great price too! A lot cheaper than replacing the laptop or sending it off to be repaired! - "Nick"

Nick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/07/2011 17:17:16

After all that went very well and easy, 15 minutes after I had opened the box my laptop was up and running again, by the way the screeen was vey carefully wrapped and packed. Thanks for your good service! - "Francis"

Francis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/07/2011 17:16:24

The screen was delivered a day earlier & when installed it works fine. it was nice doing business with you - "Stellios"

Stellios 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/06/2011 15:58:54

I'm delighted with my replacement laptop screen which I fitted in 15 minutes. I will recommend you to others. Many thanks. - "Malachy"

Malachy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/06/2011 15:58:04

Thank you very much for help out over the last few days, I must say that your customer service is well above first class. I myself are really impressed with the company as a whole and if I or friends ever need a screen then you guys will be the first on the list. Once again thanks for everything. - "Leigh"

Leigh 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/06/2011 11:19:46

Fantstic service, thankyou. The screen was perfect and very easy to fit. - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/06/2011 13:53:28

Thank you, the screen was received today and works a treat, great price and delivery times, very good service Regards - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/06/2011 13:52:42

Can I just say I have ordered the screen but have been very impressed with speed of response, helpful attitude and good customer service. I particularly like having a number to phone if I get stuck doing the replacement and will be recommending you at every opportunity. - "Lorna"

Lorna 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/06/2011 10:57:16

Just a note to say the new screen has been fitted. Our laptop is now working and looks new. - "Naz"

Naz 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2011 15:55:12

Thankyou very much for responding so promptly to my order for a replacement screen.The delivery was at 10am the day after ordering. Your customer service department was brilliant with extra thanks going to Suzanne for her help. I would recommend your company to all my friends. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2011 08:18:38

Many thanks for the very prompt delivery, exactly as promised. Video tutorial was excellent and new screen now in place and working well. Excellent value for money - less than half the price quoted by a local repair centre. Will definitely recommend to others. - "Alex"

Alex 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/06/2011 13:10:00

Hello again, I just fitted the new screen on my FS Esmprimo in about 20 mins. The screen looks brilliant not to mention better than the original. I"ll have you in mind and I"ll sure recomend you. Have a nice day. Best Regards - "PALLIKAROPOULOS"

ll have you in mind and I 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/06/2011 18:01:20

got the screen on hour ago, unpacked it, watched your 6 min video , and even if Fujitsu Siemens is a little bit "more challenging" to fix, it's working great now and I'm actually using it now replying to your mail, all the best to you and your company - "Kimberly"

more challenging 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/06/2011 15:55:42

Thank you very much for your excellent service, especially you, Suzanne. I ordered on monday and got it on thursday here to the west coast of Central Finland. Watching your six minute video and following the instructions, it took me 35 minutes to replace the screen, and now I'm using it! -"Kim"

Kim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/06/2011 15:55:06

After being quoted a large amount of money by a large pc dealer,i ordered the screen and was delighted when it came the next day and following your video found it very easy to replace myself thank you for your prompt service and help. - "brian"

brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/06/2011 11:08:30

You can phone this company and speak to sensible people who know what they are talking about and have unbeliveable product knowledge. My replacement screen had 3 versions with 3 different connectors and they knew these versions off the top of their heads. They offered that if I had a problem fitting it (which I didn't) call back and they will talk me through it. Ordered 3.00pm, arrived 10am the following day. I always complan about bad service. It is nice to be able to write this. Please use them, they deserve it. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/06/2011 11:26:42

Brilliant service - screen arrived next day and fitted in 20 minutes - repairer wanted £120 to replace screen which is more than double the price purchased. - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/06/2011 13:31:54

Feel free to let everyone know that I'm extremely happy with your products and service. People are only too ready to complain when they're dissatisfied with something, so they should be equally ready to give praise where it's due, which is certainly the case for your company! - "Katy"

Katy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/06/2011 11:16:34

I've just received my screen - fantastic delivery, really well packed for postage, and an absolute doddle to change! It's saved me quite a few quid - thanks very much for your service - I won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. - "Katy"

Katy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/06/2011 20:27:22

Thanks for that. The screen has arrived and all fitted and working beautifully. Call you on the next requirement. - "Clive"

Clive 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/05/2011 12:15:52

Thank you for a very easy screen replacement, done in 20 mins. Highly recommended. - "Paddy"

Paddy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/05/2011 10:03:16

We are completely Elated with your service from ease of ordering right through to Super Fast Delivery and excellent Customer Contact back up. We will definitely be using you for all our Laptop Screen Replacements in the future. Thankyou!!! - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2011 15:52:54

Thank you very much for a great service, received the screen today...fitted and working great....thanks a lot best rgds - "Mal"

Mal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2011 15:51:54

Just got my new lcd screen fitted in minutes phone service was brill made live easy - "howard"

howard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2011 15:48:22

If there is anywhere that you would like me to write a glowing review of your company then let me know and I would be happy to oblige. - "Christopher"

Christopher 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/05/2011 09:51:46

Just want to inform you that I have received the package this morning. Your services are excellent and I am very much grateful. - "Victor"

Victor 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/05/2011 09:50:42

I just wanted to say, well done on getting the order out so fast. I hadn't even had time to pour my first coffee and the panel was in my hands. - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/05/2011 09:50:06

It was a pleasure to deal with you. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who may need a screen. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/05/2011 09:48:58

I received this lcd screen on Saturday as expected, many thanks for your help. - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/05/2011 14:56:32

thank you for your prompt responce to my laptop screen order, I received and have installed the screen before 9am this morning, needless to say I will be adding your site to my list of favourates for future reference - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/05/2011 13:25:22

Thanks, I fitted the screen(Toshiba 15.6in) in about 15min before going to work. Saved £200 from curry's offer and about £60 from a local "repair Person" who could not finish the job probably trying to fit non compatible screens. Thanks Again Screen arrived early the next morning. - "James"

repair Person 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/05/2011 13:20:10

Many thanks for all your companies help and special thank you to Suzanne who was a fantastic to deal with on the phone and resolved my mistake the same day. - "Graeme"

Graeme 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/05/2011 09:48:26

Thank you for great service – quick delivery and a good product - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/05/2011 09:47:44

Many thanks for the excellent service. I ordered my screen on Thursday evening and received it Saturday morning. very well packaged, and extremely good value for money. I have no doubt i will be doing business with you again - "Cindy"

Cindy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/05/2011 09:47:00

I was really pleased with the service last time I got a screen from you guys so I've come back for a replacement screen for a work laptop. - "Ed"

Ed 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/05/2011 13:38:04

Once again Thank You, it was a pleasant change to get a fast and efficient service with that extra help at the end of a phone, I am very impressed. - "Gerry"

Gerry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/04/2011 12:23:32

Replacement screen for Asus 1005P arrived next day, fitted perfectly and works better than the original. I could have saved a couple of pounds ordering one from hong kong on ebay but I'm glad I didn't take the risk. Highly recommended seller. - "Iain"

Iain 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/04/2011 10:50:52

Just to say, the screen arrived before one o'clock on the day you said it would, and with the help of the fitting video on the site, I had the job done within 30 minutes. First class service and a first class product. I've already given your link to several friends. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/04/2011 12:31:48

Very impressive service, all promises kept, my screen arrived on time and, with help from the info on your website, I had it fitted and working in no time. - "Terry"

Terry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/04/2011 11:41:48

Hi, Just wanted to say - Thank you for great service! - "Vince"

Vince 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/04/2011 13:25:36

thanks jane for your wonderful customer service i recived the screen on the next day as you said and it working 100% in the future i will recomend my friends to by your prouducts from the company kind regards - "nuno"

nuno 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/04/2011 13:18:24

thank you for an excelent service. placed order on monday about 11.55 new screen was delivered tuesday morning at 7.30 am and only took about 20 min to fit. - "Dennis"

Dennis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/03/2011 11:55:54

Received replacement screen today after placing order on sunday. It was packed well and was in laptop within half an hour. I would recommend this company to anyone needing to replace a screen. Again excellent service from beginning to end many thanks. - "Sebastian"

Sebastian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/03/2011 15:18:24

am very impressed with the service I was able to fit my screen in 15 minutes Can't believe how easy it was following your website tutorialand thanks again for all your help - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/03/2011 12:29:58

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for your brilliant service. The cost of the screen was very modest and delivered the next day. Communications from your staff was absolutely perfect. I've fitted my screen and its working perfectly. I will definately keep you in my permanent browser bookmarks and recommend you to others. Well done and keep up the good work. - "Indy"

Indy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/03/2011 12:16:06

Hello Nick, just to let you know the laptop is up and running again thank to you and your tremendous help, the screen is much brighter like you said it would be, once again thank you from Colin. - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/03/2011 13:04:56

Just a warm Thank YOU to your staff.They solved my screen problem with out delay and with a smil, like they enjoy what they do! - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/03/2011 11:45:38

well i thought all was lost when i accidently broke the screen on my daughter's laptop , until now !!!! i must say how impressed i was on your quality service and fast delivery , it was so easy to fix ( also thanks to you tube,lol ) and now she's back on line to her friends , so thank you , thank you , thank you. now im the best dad in the world (priceless) - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/03/2011 18:43:38

Fantastic service! I am a complete technophobe but thanks to you I have been able to mend my Son's laptop. First rate help & advice, speedy delivery and great tech support. Many thanks, I will be recommending your service to all. - "Nigel"

Nigel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/03/2011 19:31:26

just to say thank you. I am well pleased with how easy it was - i will definitely use your company again - you saved me over £50! - "Thomas"

Thomas 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/03/2011 13:41:54

Couldn't fault the service. Great price, screen came the next morning and I was able to fit it in 15 minutes, following your website tutorial. Can't believe how easy it was and how close I came to being ripped off by the Original Manufacturer who wanted a minimum of 4 times the price - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/03/2011 13:29:36

Hi what an excellent service you provide. I ordered Tuesday evening and it arrived on time Thursday lunchtime. I did consider buying one about £15 cheaper from Ebay but didn't know what day it would arrive or how well packaged it would be, glad I didn't it was worth paying the extra for peace of mind. Thanks again. and will be sure to do business with you in the future and recommend you to my friends. - "Lawrence"

Lawrence 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/03/2011 12:24:44

Thanks so much for your help- Screen in and working Superb! Thanks once again for prompt service and even more important clear and prompt assistance. Regards, - "Melanie"

Melanie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/03/2011 15:14:30

You are the best, the screen arrived earlier and its up and running fine. - "Paulo"

Paulo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/03/2011 16:26:26

Great Service - Great Price - Thanks Very Much - "Bill"

Bill 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/03/2011 16:06:34

Fantastic service, the screen arrived quicker than I expected and was simplicity itself to fit. Saving - £199!! Thanks - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/03/2011 16:03:08

Just to say thank you really. I was surprised when I got the delivery this morning which I wasn't expecting. Within 30 minutes i got my laptop working again. I will recommend anyone I know who has laptop screen problems to you. Once more thanks for your service. - "Ben"

Ben 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2011 18:22:32

nothing to ask, just thanks a lot...i got the screen today and it works well...thank to you i saved more than 200 euros...you have been great...!!!thanks a lot - "luca"

luca 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2011 14:32:08

thank you so much, I received the screen at 11:00am today and laptop up and running by 11:30.So impressed with your very swift delivery, great to do business many thanks - "Emmett"

Emmett 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/02/2011 13:40:48

I just wanted to put on record what a pleasure it was to do business with you; despite no direct personal contact as it wasn't needed. An order placed on Wednesday evening, shipped on Thursday by you, arrived Friday at 11 a.m. and installed and working by midday!!! - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/02/2011 14:42:36

Thank you very much the screen was easy to fit, I am a novice this is the first time I have attempted to do anything like this and it was really straightforward. If I had taken it ti PC world to mend it would have cost £229.00 so I have saved alot of money. thanks again for your speedy response it was delivered the next day. will recommend you to all my friends - "Sam"

Sam 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/02/2011 11:53:34

I would like to thank you for the speedy service provided by you, my new screen was delivered almost the next day, so different from most other companies whwre you have to wait in for days, well done. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/02/2011 16:12:02

Hi ordered my screen monday, watched the video, Tuesday the screen arrived before 11am, watched video again fitted screen before 11:30, laptop as good as new. FANTASTIC service a BIG THANKS - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/02/2011 12:47:56

I just wanted to thank you so much for such an efficient and helpful service that you have given us here at **** ** in Norwich. First of all you are very polite and friendly on the telephone, you have sent us good quality screens that actually fit our needs, (unlike the company we were previously dealing with) They arrived quickly and well packaged. Easy PC are just very very happy to be dealing with yourselves. - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/02/2011 13:14:54

Just like to say what a great service you provide!!!! New screen works well. Had a few problems refitting the front bezel, but eventually got there. All I can say is many thanks for the quick delivery and the helpful video. Would certainly recommend you others, and will most likely have need of your services again in the future. - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/02/2011 13:54:12

I have my acer back up and running, thank you very much, i will be recommending yourselves on facebook and friends, Thank you!!! - "Rajen"

Rajen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/02/2011 12:30:54

I am very impressed with the service... and I honestly do NOT say that very often! Cheers, and thanks for all your help - "Jeff"

Jeff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2011 14:00:32

I would just like to comment on the prompt and professional service you provided me. The turnaround from that of requesting parts and recieving them (in less than 24hrs) is to be commended. - "Esther"

Esther 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2011 13:19:36

I just wanted to email to say how good the service I received was, everything was as described and the screen fitted first time. I am in the business of repairing computers and laptops and will deffently use and recommed your company. - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/01/2011 11:36:28

Just wanna say a big thankyou with your help over the phone in making sure i received the correct lap top screen, and also on the fantastic quick delivery service ..It took 1 day from ordering , until delivery..I will be using this site for future purchases..Thanks again - "Lee"

Lee 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/01/2011 16:31:12

Pleased to say that the screen arrived on 25th Jan and is now fitted and working. My son is thrilled to have his netbook back in working order and has promised not to carry it in one hand again!!! - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/01/2011 14:13:10

Just to say, by ordering a screen off yourselves, and by fitting it myself - it took 10 minutes - I have saved myself an additional £70 in quoted repair costs. The screen as received was very well packaged and it turned up when you said it would - supurb! - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/01/2011 14:08:36

The new laptop screen arrived this morning and I have just now fitted and tested it with no problems at all. I will levae positive feedback on such a great service. Thanks again - "Tarun"

Tarun 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/01/2011 18:02:00

Thank you very much for the two replacement LCD screens that arrived on Friday, very quick delivery too. Both Screens fit the relevant laptops perfectly and both machines are now back up and running, well away from the dog and children this time. I hope NOT to do business with you in the near future, but if I am unfortunate enough to get another broken screen, I know where to find you. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/01/2011 14:51:42

Thanks for very quick delivery. Screen is already on place in the computer and works perfekt. Regards - "Owe"

Owe 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/01/2011 12:58:58

Sorry in the delay in this thank you for the safe and prompt delivery of the screen top me considering where you were asked to send it to. but I have been recommending your company to all who ask me to look at repairing their broken screen. all of those that have used you have said that they are impressed with the delivery and service they have received and would recommend your company to others. - "Aneep"

Aneep 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2011 13:45:16

good morning, and thank you for the item (screen) it arrived in good condition, i will be useing your products in future and vey impressed with the prompt service, againg thank you. - "Trevor"

Trevor 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2011 13:43:54

Just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous service! Received the screen on thursday morning and it fits perfectly, we would very happily use you again or recommed you to anyone! - "Susan"

Susan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2011 13:42:42

Received parcel at 9.30 today, Thanks for a great service - "Rick"

Rick 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/01/2011 13:36:22

Order arrived today 12.55pm and I fitted the screen earlier this evening on this laptop. no problems, thanks for your help. I'll recommed your company to others - "Jim"

Jim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/01/2011 11:24:32

got the screen installed and it is working a treat. Couldn't believe how easy it was. Checked out your instructional video to get more confidence but a I said I couldn't believe how easy it was, why do people pay so much for other people to do it for them. - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/01/2011 13:09:10

Excellent service.Replacement screen received before 10.30am the day after ordering.Easy to follow instructions in your video.Took about 30mins to fit on my HP laptop. - "Stephen"

Stephen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/01/2011 13:07:12

The replacement screen works perfectly, my daughter was very pleased. [..] Many Thans and Regards - "Linda"

Linda 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/01/2011 13:06:26

Many, many thanks for the excellent tutorial video! I was halfway through my first attempt at replacing a screen when I got stuck, as the other online guides do not explain half of what yours does. You've saved me a lot of grief, thanks! - "Duncan"

Duncan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/01/2011 12:24:22

I was delighted to receive the replacement screen on Saturday morning – great service. - " Kevan"

Kevan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2011 12:14:48

As per usual fantastic customer service. [..] Thanks for all your help! - "Stan"

Stan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2011 11:50:20

Thanks you very much for sending the replacement screen. It has arrived, and I have immediately replaced it, and it works fine, and without much troubles. The instruction video was very helpful. Thanks you for great service! - "Bart"

Bart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2011 11:49:04

The new screen arrived before 9 this morning and is now installed and working perfectly. Thank you for all your help. - "Geoff"

Geoff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2011 11:47:58

Just a quick mail to say how pleased I am with the service I received from you. Easy to follow web site, enjoyable call with Suzanne and very quick delivery. The new screen took about 10 minutes to install and works fine. Very happy customer who will be recommending. - "Jon"

Jon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/01/2011 16:08:20

Thanks so much for what can only be described as an immaculate service. My laptop was trodden on at my new years eve party and I was less than impressed as I thought a new laptop was my only option. Very little hassle to fit, even a novice can do it! - "Jon"

Jon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/01/2011 16:35:02

superb service from start to finish,will not hesitate in recommending you to my friends. - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/01/2011 14:40:32

I'm just letting you know that I could'nt be more pleased with the great service this site offers.The fitting of the screen couldnt be any easier than shown in the brief but informative tutorial video.excellent savings doing it myself! - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/01/2011 13:27:22

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the service provided by QUAL-IT and for helping me to replace my daughters laptop screen. I was quite shocked when PC World wanted to charge £230 to repair the laptop which prompted me to look into doing it myself during which time I found your website. I will be recommending you to anyone I know that needs a screen replacing. - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/12/2010 02:21:24

Hi, My new laptop screen arrived this morning. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your prompt service during the holiday period. The installation went as you said it would and took less than 20 minutes. Thanks again and Happy New Year. - "Carol"

Carol 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/12/2010 02:09:38

Thank you. Everything went well. The new screen arrived on time, and with the help of the video I fitted it and it works perfectly. - "Gill"

Gill 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/12/2010 14:29:38

Just a quick note to say that I'm really pleased to have stumbled across your site. Replacement LCD ordered, delivered in days and fitted in minutes! Replacement was a newer glossy model too so my daughter was please. - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/12/2010 14:39:12

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, All done, you are right, that is just what we needed to do, thank you again for your help and patience, I really appreciate it and have my laptop back. I am very happy to write on your site if it helps to tell everyone what a top firm you are with A1 customer service. Regards from a very happy customer - "Alex"

Alex 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:38:10

Fantastic service ! Screen was waiting for me on my arrival from work kindly being taken in by my next door neighbour. After a short while I've managed to fit it, works perfectly, brighter and more definition than before, maybe the old one was getting darker by the day till it packed in. Many many thanks for your fantastic and friendly customer service. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:36:56

I'm not a pc newbie, so not unhappy at taking the netbook apart, but your video is brilliant, if a little cheesy...hey presto, off we go. Changed within 15 minutes. John Lewis told me that acer charge around £180 for a screen plus fitting, so thanks for saving me a lot of cash. Brilliant - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:35:58

Just to say that I cannot fault your service - my son had been abroad volunteering with his acer netbook - screen cracked, so no warranty repairs - googled, found you, with the best price online, apart from ordering from Hong Kong on ebay, great comms, delivered saturday am. - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:35:08

How to replace your screen video was excellent and I fitted my new screen within 30 mins - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:34:06

Please could I let you know how fantastic my recent purchase from Laptop-LCD-Screen has been. First of all excellent communications with Suzanne, then excellent postage with next day delivery, very very well packaged and on top of all that a lovely shiny up to date replacement screen. - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/12/2010 20:33:16

Thank you very much for the next day delivery of my Sony nw20 screen. I bought the screen off your company because of the very easy to understand tutorial.Screen fitted and working in no time at all. Thank you once again for your excellent service. - "Stewart"

Stewart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/12/2010 14:22:36

Just a quick thank you for an excelent service.just 2 days to deliver my screen to Ireland, and 20 minutes had it fitted and worked pefectly,I will shop with you again in the future thank you once again. - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2010 23:11:58

many many thanks got new screen for my acer 5551 fitted prfect works more than fine. great support; will tell all. keep up the good work - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2010 23:11:18

Thank you for your e-mail I would just like to thank you for such a brilliant service I orderd my new screen Late monday night it's now wednesday morning 11am and i have just had a knock on the door and there is my new screen brilliant - "Vernon"

Vernon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2010 23:09:46

Thanks for the help with these screens. We now have 5 working laptops, which has saved us a fortune :) - "Steven"

Steven 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2010 23:05:38

hi, i just want to thank you for a great service and hassle free help.i will always us your company for any laptop needs many thanks - "Ron"

Ron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/12/2010 23:04:46

I think your company has a great service and I will definitely be recommending you to anybody I know who needs a screen in the future! - "Ben"

Ben 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/12/2010 13:40:20

I'm going to recommend you to my friends and even to the dude that didn't "know" how to change my screen! Keep up the good work! - "Jennie"

know 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/12/2010 12:58:50

Excellent price, excellent delivery, excellent service, excellent quality - What more do I need to say? - "Pete" Network Manager, St. Edwards RC/CE VA Secondary School.

Pete 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/12/2010 12:30:06

I got my laptop screen today and installed it within minutes. Thanks so much for helping me pick out the right screen. When I went to a computer tech a few weeks ago and asked him how much it would cost to change the screen he said he would have to change the whole top part (cause he didn't know how to change the screen, can you believe that?) and that would cost €400!! Once again thanks for being so helpful and saving me €280!!! - "Jenine"

Jenine 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/12/2010 12:19:26

Thanks for the prompt service, I have recieved the screen and had replaced the damenged one in no time. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Looking to do business with you again in the near future. - "Timson"

Timson 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/12/2010 13:04:54

Thank you, your customer service has been very impressive. - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/12/2010 13:01:10

Thank you for dispatching the new screen so promptly, it has been fitted and so far so good. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/12/2010 13:37:04

Thank you so much for fantastic communication,clear instructions and 1st class customer service. I really appreciate it! - "Trish"

Trish 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2010 17:33:24

I would like to say it has been a pleasure doing business with your company, I would recommend your company to others - "Dean"

Dean 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/11/2010 12:56:02

Thank you so much for your service and fast delivery of replacement screen to my Toshiba Sat Pro A120. Thanks to Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk and John at Datahörnan in Umea I can write this mail now using my brand new LCD. - "Kenneth"

Kenneth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/11/2010 12:44:00

thanks for the replacement screen, perfect. Another happy end user has their laptop back in full working condition and a lot cheaper then Lenovo! - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/11/2010 17:28:56

You mentioned 3000 happy customers but now have 3001 because everything works properly now! Words cannot describe how happy I am-I could almost give you a hug. - "Deepak"

Deepak 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/11/2010 13:03:42

Thank you so much for all your help. I received my knew screen today and I fitted it myself (which i`m very chuffed about) and it is all working fine. So thanks again xx - "Claire"

Claire 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/11/2010 14:39:04

Thanks - screen arrived Saturday as promised - great service. - "Ian"

Ian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2010 13:27:44

just thought that I should drop an email to say how pleased I was with the new screen. It arrived 8.30am Friday, the day promised and it took me about an hour to fix - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2010 13:26:38

Well ! what can I say? brilliant service, excellent staff responce, next day delivery bright and early. There is not more to add than to say I would recommend you to everyone I know. and if people want to contact me direct to prove this testimonial is valid please feel free to supply my email with utter admiration and thanks - "Chris"

Chris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/11/2010 13:22:40

Thank you for the excellent service, screen arrived 24 hours after ordering and the excellent video you provided made replacing the screen a breeze! Will certainly use this service again. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/11/2010 18:53:20

thanks verry much for the laptop screen verry proud of it is the right one will deffo doing buiness with you acain i orderd it one day ago and i got it tusday at 10 in morrning thanks verry much thanks - "Sue"

Sue 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/11/2010 12:52:26

Many thanks for the excellent service provided by you and your company; Good price, delivery as quoted, installation as easy as your video indicated, laptop as good as new - actually I prefer the glossy screen compared to the original!! I know where to come if ever I have an accident with a screen in the future, brilliant service thanks. - "Larry"

Larry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2010 17:57:46

thank you received screen thanks for all your efforts, screen installed no hitches - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2010 17:35:16

A beautiful bright perfect screen fitted and working before 10am next day, how about that! It's amazing how the old one must have deteriorated over the years, I think I might be able to output some better photos now. - "Jim"

Jim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2010 12:54:58

Hi quick thank you for quick delivery Screen arrived this morning fitted and working within the hour. - "Ernie"

Ernie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/11/2010 14:55:52

I justed wanted to let you know that the screen arrived yesterday and I am sending this email from my wife's fixed laptop and the screen looks great! Thank you so much for your speedy service. I will be promoting you to everyone and any one who needs a screen! - "Philip" I can't believe how easy that was!!

Philip 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 12:03:28

I would just like to say thank you for my replacement screen and for the speedy delivery. The fitting video provided on your website made it so simple. Thanks again. - "Angel :)"

Angel :) 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 12:02:46

Can i just say thanks for your support before placing the order and also the excellent fast response and in achieving the delivery date. I would certainly recommend your company to others. - "Mr S Burnett" I did check out some of the competition but none looked as professional and some even operated out of a flat !!!

Mr S Burnett 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 11:29:18

i have just recived replacment laptop screen for a sony vioa i have just put it in it took a bit of time as the cable at the back that fits to the top of the screen was a short and fiddley to do but it in and working ok my son is realy please with it and how quick it took to come good service i would recomened you to anybody who ask where can the find a laptop screen - "Mr B Lloyd"

Mr B Lloyd 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 11:01:36

Just wanted to say what a fab company you are! Next day delivery (in fact only 20 hours after placing order) and with your video tutorial it was so easy to replace my laptop screen that my initial fear and trepidation was completely unfounded! Many thanks, will definetly be recommending you to others, I'm a real happy satisfied bunny!! - "Elaine"

Elaine 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 10:58:10

Just a big thank you for the screen, (arrived way before 11am this morning), took 25 mins to put together. Working pefectly. Top notch! - "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2010 10:57:22

I received my new screen at 09.15 this morning as promised and was using it 20 mins later after following the fitting instructions in your video. I am so pleased with the result, it was so easy to fit and I'm a woman with no technical knowledge. It has saved me a lot of money by fitting it myself, thankyou so much for your excellent service, I would definately recommend you. - "Gillian"

Gillian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/10/2010 13:00:12

never , ever do this , but i feel compelled to thankyou for such an excellent service , from enquiry to delivery everything has been superb , keep up the good work and once again many thanks. - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/10/2010 12:56:56

Thank you for your quick response. I received the scrren today. You have an excellent customer service, and very rapid response. - "Pablo" Thank you, will buy again

Pablo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/10/2010 08:32:28

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my replacement screen. It arrived exactly when you said it would, It fitted perfectly and my notebook is now working as it should. Great service thanks again. - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/10/2010 08:30:18

I just like to say that so far you have really impressed me! Never before have I recieved an order from UK this fast! We will continue to buy from you, I'm owner of one IT company in Sweden. We will gladly buy spare parts from you. Today we will install the screen and it looks really good. - "Henrik"

Henrik 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/10/2010 13:31:48

I found you one of the friendliest and most helpful companies I have dealt with in a long time — which is well above average for the UK. Although I live in Spain, the product arrived quickly and at a very fair price. Another most important thing, however, is the quality of the product. The improvement in clarity and colour of this glossy screen compared to the original Dell item is very striking - "William"

William 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2010 21:35:50

I have received my new screen today, thank you very much. It took only minutes to fit and it is perfect! You should be very proud of the service your company gives, I will recommend you on every occasion. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/10/2010 11:00:18

I dropped my computer yesterday at about 9.00am. I got the screen today about 11.00 this morning. It is fitted and working, 27 hours later. Very good service, identified the correct part, and generally very helpful, and friendly. In this day and age such service is rare. - "Malcolm"

Malcolm 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/10/2010 12:32:12

New screen arrived today as promised & it's actually better, clearer and brighter than the original one fitted by DELL. Well done on a fast and efficient service. Regards, - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/10/2010 11:59:16

Just like to say what an excellent service you provide. I ordered on a Friday, it arrived Tuesday and took no more than 10 minutes to fit. I was quoted over £100 to repair and I fixed it myself for £70.00. - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/10/2010 11:21:54

Many thanks for an excellent service. My new screen was ordered at 14:45, arrived at 11:55 the next day and my laptop is now working again at 14:30 after watching your video. Thank you once again. - "Dawn"

Dawn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2010 14:02:12

Thank you for the superb service and very prompt delivery. The new screen as ordered yesterday morning & was delivered today at 8 o'clock. This was after waiting almost a month for a major electronics chain to finally deliver the wrong item. I cannot fault your service & would recommend you to anybody. - "H.Nuncarrow"

H.Nuncarrow 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/09/2010 12:17:26

Many thanks for such superb service - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/09/2010 21:28:50

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for your help and support with the new screen which I bought from you. Following your directions, removing and replacing the broken screen was easy, and the delivery lead time was minimal. The item arrived well protected in quality packaging, and is now fitted and working as was hoped. - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/09/2010 15:27:30

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Netbook screen. Installation was very simple. - "Bill"

Bill 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/09/2010 10:14:20

Many thanks excellant service my new screen arrived on time in perfect condition as you said was easy to change and works fine. - "P SCOTT"

P SCOTT 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 20:53:34

Once again you have excelled, this is the second laptop screen that I have purchased from you, and your standards have not changed. Excellent service, helpfull staff and excellent delivery. - "Dennis"

Dennis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 16:32:58

Just like to say that we received our screen today, followed the video just now and installed it without any problems. Excellent. Thank you. - "Linda"

Linda 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 14:41:28

Many thanks for providing an excellent service. Nothing could be easier than replacing a LCD screen - my laptop is now in tip-top order again. - "Morten"

Morten 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 14:40:46

Great fast service, can't fault anything. Screen is brilliant and will definitely use this company again. - "Faris"

Faris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 14:39:52

Great Service. I ordered my screen around the 3pm deadline and it arrived a couple of days later just before 9am. The connectors for my screen were different to the ones in the video, but after watching the video, I was confident enough to replace it. - "Faris"

Faris 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/09/2010 14:39:36

I would just like to thank you & the team for your first class service. Many thanks - "Derri"

Derri 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2010 14:21:48

The screen works a treat so thank you once again, we will be using you again if we have any more screens to replace. Keep up the good work guys, :) - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/09/2010 16:05:42

: I would just like to thank you for your excellent service, ordered screen at 10am Monday morning, arrived 7.30am Tuesday morning. Followed your on screen insructions, and screen was fitted and working within 15 mins. Thank you for all your help. Highly recommended. - "Denis"

Denis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/09/2010 22:36:38

Thank you once again for a first class service and product delivered exactly as promised right screen first time and so very easy to fit. You have saved the life of a perfectly good laptop and given it a new lease of life. All other quotes for a repair made it more economical to replace. That is until I discoverd LCD Laptop Replacement which was both economical and high quality. - "Jonathan"

Jonathan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/09/2010 22:28:24

I just wanted to say thanks for shipping my order so quickly. The service from Qual-IT has been brilliant [..] I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anybody else who needs to make a repair. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/09/2010 12:42:40

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my new laptop screen. I installed it with the help of your video. It was very easy and i had no problems at all. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking a laptop screen. Thank you very much - "Arlene"

Arlene 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/09/2010 12:41:16

I have received the screen and did the job. works very well. Many thanks for your support. - "Mohamed"

Mohamed 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2010 10:36:26

Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt despatch. My screen came today (Saturday) and within an hour I had fitted it to my son's laptop. First off I didn't connect the VGA cable securely enough and had a white screen. But this was easily rectified. And I'm a lady - with no experience at all! - "Stephanie"

Stephanie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/09/2010 17:19:36

fab really great thanks for a great service - "Deborah"

Deborah 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/08/2010 22:41:02

I have a great sense of achievement in being able to repair my own compjuter and my husband is even more delighted as it saved him money!! Fantastic service recieved the screen in less than 24 hours after finding the website, and then was fitted all by myself! Fantastic experience and a great company to deal with. Thank you. - "Aileen"

Aileen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2010 11:50:44

I am a delighted customer for a number of reasons. I would never have dreamt of replacing my own Laptop screen if I had not seen your video, it gave me the confidence to go for it. I had been quoted £215 to replace it by a local business and I managed not only to replace the screen in 20 minutes, but saved nearly £100 in the process. - "Aileen"

Aileen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2010 11:50:18

Just a little note to say thank you for a fantastic service. Excellent!! Well recommended. - "Rob"

Rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2010 09:11:24

Thank you so much I have fitted my new screen and all working perfectly. The how to video is a great idea don't know if I would have attempted the job myself but that made it so easy(didn't let on to my fella though he just thinks i'm really clever) the speed of delivery was excellent.I would definitely shop with you again. - "Sioux"

Sioux 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/08/2010 08:46:04

Just to say a BIG thankyou for confirming the correct screen type for a customer of mine, allowing me to order at 3pm and getting it to me for 8am the following morning. - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2010 15:51:02

I'd like to say thank you for the prompt supply of my new laptop screen. The online tutorial was very good and I fitted it myself in 10 minutes. - "Philip"

Philip 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/08/2010 11:43:50

Arrived promptly yesterday. Fitted within 30 mins. Working perfectly. - "Graham"

Graham 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2010 11:12:52

The screen for the Dell Lap Top was spot on. Many thanks for your help - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2010 09:59:00

Just like to see s big thank you.Speedy delivery, excellent service and I'm so glad I can now use my laptop :D Cheers!! - "Kim"

Kim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/08/2010 17:01:30

Hi...LCD Screen arrived this morning, super quick.................fitted and working. Superb service. - "George"

George 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/08/2010 17:00:56

My screen arrived this morning & with the help of the fab video on your site I installed it within 30 minutes. This has saved me approx £100 & I have a happy son again. I would definitely encourage anyone in need of a new lcd screen to visit your site & replace it themselves. Thanks again - top class service! - "Gail :)"

Gail :) 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/08/2010 17:00:12

I have just fitted my replacement LCD screen into my laptop and had to tell you how easy it was. Thanks for saving me a lot of money, i would certainly recommend you to my friends if they have similar problems. Thanks again! - "Moira"

Moira 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/08/2010 10:11:24

Brilliant service. Excellent website. I will certainly recommend your company - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 16:08:24

Thanks to Nick and Suzanne who both assisted me with this and for their great customer service. - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:20:26

A very big 'thank you' to staff, particularly Suzanne, who have helped me 'navigate' through the minefield of trying to find a suitable replacement screen for an Asus eeepc 1001ha. {..] the service you provided has been first class. (if only 90f other UK businesses were as diligent and committed....). - "Marcus"e again, many thanks.

Marcus 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:19:40

received laptop screen 9am yesterday - fitted & works like a dream - will use you again ! - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:15:46

Just a note to thank you for your speedy and excellent service - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:11:10

Just thought that I would send a quick note to thank you for the quick and efficient service when ordering a replacement screen for my toshiba laptop. The website is easy and user friendly and I was able to find the correct laptop replacement screen, place the order and make the payment. - "Liz"

Liz 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:10:44

Hi Jane, what can i say. Ordered my screen Thursday 5-40pm. delivered Saturday 8-20am put it in up and running by 8-35. Thankyou for ur prompt service. My daughter has stopped nagging me now and on her computor. Peace at last. - "Ray"

Ray 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:09:52

My replacement screen arrived next day exactly as promised and I managed to fit it in 25 minutes. I was quoted £180 at a computer shop whereas the screen cost me less than £90 including delivery buying direct. Will certainly be recommending you to others in need. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:09:20

Got the screen thursday morning and was fitted 5 mins later. Thanks very much for a great service. Cheers. - "Jonathan"

Jonathan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/08/2010 11:03:20

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a fabulous service. Finding you (your website!) on Google was an absolute blessing, from start to finish. The whole experience was pure efficiency - some corporations could learn a lot from your service! - "Martyn"

Martyn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/08/2010 08:53:50

Recieved my Screen at 08.30 today and fitted by 09.30 all working - superb service - "Pete"

Pete 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/08/2010 09:31:58

Thanks to Nick and Suzanne who both assisted me with this and for their great customer service. - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/08/2010 14:07:54

Thank you very much, my new sony laptop screen arrived this morning and was so easy to fit, thanks to the video. - "Jenny"

Jenny 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/08/2010 10:25:42

I have just used your company for the first time and i have to say very impressed with your service not to mention suzanne who i found was very polite and helpfull a credit to your business hope to deal with you again. - "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/08/2010 10:11:10

Received 7.30am this morning. Now fitted with no problem and I no longer have a vertical white line down the screen. Many thanks for your fantastic service. - "Barry"

Barry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/07/2010 11:55:58

Just to say how delighted I was with the service - absolutely fantastic! [..] I have saved a small fortune buying the replacement screen from you, delivery was next day, the part is identical and your online instruction video made fitting it child's play - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/07/2010 15:24:16

A huge thank you to all at Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk, my replacement screen arrived today and is perfect. If you have a testamonial page I'd be happy to contribute, well done for an excellent service, and fantastic comms. - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/07/2010 09:50:36

Just a short email to inform you that I received the LCD screen today. It did'nt take long for me to fit and I must say that the quality is fantastic [..] I would highly recommend your company to anyone for an excellent service. - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2010 19:19:32

Received my screen abroad in six business days and 10 minutes later, the laptop was fixed and working perfectly. It’s been reeeally easy, perfect service. Pretty exciting replacing the screen by myself, thanks so much guys!! - "Rebeca"

Rebeca 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2010 19:18:12

Received the screen today before 1.00pm. Screen now fitted in about 6 minutes and would like to thank your company for their help and efficiency and the screen is a big improvement on the factory fitted original. - "Ron"

Ron 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2010 13:19:02

Thanks for the excellent service, really glad to see it was a genuine part too. Changed the screen in about twenty minutes and would recommend anyone to give it a go Cheers - "Rich"

Rich 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/07/2010 09:13:28

Superb service(email confirmations, delivery), excellent installation video - gave me the confidence to complete what is a perfect repair. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/07/2010 14:20:02

Thanks for the helpfull information and a really fast response. My daughters laptop is up and running again. All the Best - "Mal"

Mal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/07/2010 21:22:02

My replacement screen arrived at 9 o'clock the next morning, excellently packaged, and it really is as simple to change screens as your tutorial video shows. I will definitely use you again and have already recomended you to others. You've saved me hundreds of pounds - "Karl"

Karl 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/07/2010 10:15:04

I would like to say a big thank you for what I can only describe as a brilliant service. After being told by two different I T companies that its cheaper to buy a new laptop than to replace the screen, well you've proved that to be a total myth. - "Karl"

Karl 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/07/2010 10:11:46

Just simply, thankyou. My screen arrived 1 hour ago and having already watched your very helpful video. I got to work and 45 mins later I am sending this e-mail to you looking at my new screen. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/07/2010 11:33:28

the customer service from your company is fantastic. - "Andrew"

Andrew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2010 20:59:38

Many thanks for all your assistance - I just wanted you to know I'd give you 10/10 for superb service. - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2010 09:40:18

Informative web page, good value for money & fast delivery = 5 of 5 points from me / Thanks / - "Kaz"

Kaz 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/06/2010 09:05:18

Thanks for your quick response. I ordered a screen from your Company, fitted it and problem solved. Laptop now running fine. Good response, Fast delivery, no hesitation on using your Company again. - "Ray"

Ray 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/06/2010 13:21:58

Very quick and good product. im very satisfied and already install without payment a Hardware genius. LOL - "Gueth"

Gueth 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/06/2010 07:25:32

..Gorgeous display, very nice glossy technique, I am very satisfied. - "Adrian"

Adrian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/06/2010 15:27:36

Just to thank you for your excellent service, i ordered a replacement screen 24 hours ago , i received it and have now fitted .thanks again. - "Daphne"

Daphne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/06/2010 13:05:40

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service, I received my screen today (after ordering yesterday at 2.15pm) and following your online instructions my new screen was fitted and working within 20 minutes. Thanks once again form a very satisfied customer. - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/06/2010 13:03:44

l received my screen today all safe and sound,now the screen has been fitted, and the laptop is working great again,l nearly gave up on getting a replacement screen,l know it's a bit of an oldie now but it still works very well,you saved the day for me,many thanks for all your help,support, and most of all brilliant service,"ten out of ten - "Mr Fuge"

ten out of ten - 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/06/2010 09:54:18

Just wanted to say the lcd turned up as promised, works perfect and very easy to fit . Well done. Thankyou. - "Robert"

Robert 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/06/2010 09:39:24

The part arrived this morning - very quick - thank you! - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/05/2010 15:59:00

I am just to writing to say after exchanging my replacement screen with you due to my error what an excellent and professional service you have provided me and will definitely recommend and use you again. - "julie"

julie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/05/2010 15:50:18

Many thanks for your assistance today... it's been nice to email a company that actually replies promptly... as it lets me reply to my customers promptly too - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/05/2010 16:06:06

You have been marvelous, and it is very impressive that I ordered the LCD screen Monday afternoon and have already received it (Wednesday afternoon). - "Ginny"

Ginny 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/05/2010 12:42:26

Dell quoted me £150 plus delivery!!!! Thank you - "Daniel"

Daniel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/05/2010 11:39:12

It is also a pleasure for me to deal with your web-shop, excellent price, competitive information, in a word, EXCELLENT. - "Adrian"

Adrian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/05/2010 10:43:38

Many thanks for your excellent service and a very fast delivery .,your website was fantastic with details of how to replace screen and you saved me nearly £100 Many Thanks - "Ann"

Ann 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/05/2010 09:47:56

Thank you very much for the excellent service. Kind regards - "Julie"

Julie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/05/2010 09:45:50

I would just like to thank you for your xceellent service. Replacement screen arrived next day, screen was replaced in less than 20minutes. I would reccommend you to anybody. - "Carl"

Carl 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/05/2010 11:51:54

I am so impressed with the service and the web site was so easy to use , I ordered my new LCD screen for my Acer on Monday morning and my confirmation came in no time ,they said it would be next day delivery and Tuesday 9.55 am it was here and by 10.20am fitted --- Thank you - "Terry"

Terry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/05/2010 10:39:02

Many thanks for the excellent service - at last, it appears that I have found a good LCD supplier. I look forward to dealing with you again. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/05/2010 13:59:14

on Sunday. On Monday you advised me of the fix and in less than 10 minutes I had a second e-mail from your technical department with fuller instructions. Your prices are low, your quality is high and with a service second to none. Thank you very much indeed. - "Roger"

Roger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/05/2010 17:53:56

Thankyou for your help,laptop now up and working and one teenage daughter very happy - "Nigel"

Nigel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/05/2010 17:49:40

Absolutely brilliant. I bought the replacement screen from Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk and fitted it in 10 minutes following your demonstration video. My Daughter loves me even more now as I have saved her over £100. Thanks very much indeed. - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/05/2010 18:20:24

My new screen was delivered to Sweden in just a few days. I had no problems with the assembly so now I have a "new" computer. Thank you! - "Lars"

new 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/05/2010 18:01:50

I've received the screen I ordered and my laptop works as new again - thanks to you. I must say that I was very satisfied with your service. Keep up a good work! - "Matija"

Matija 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/05/2010 17:44:08

Just to thank you for your excellent pre-sales advice and extremely prompt service. The new screen is an exact replacement, easy to fit and works fine. - "Kevin"

Kevin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/05/2010 11:13:14

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for a wonderful service. After checking out the web I discovered your site and realised it may not be as problematic as first thought. And indeed it wasn't [..] fitted and working within 45 minutes... FANTASTIC!! - "Anthony"

Anthony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/04/2010 16:22:40

Thank you very much, Suzanne. I'm so impressed by the service you provide - it's fantastic. - "Martina"

Martina 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/04/2010 10:03:10

Thanks very much for the prompt efficient service. My daughter and I watched the on-line video and then fitted our new screen. We are very pleased with ourselves. - "Paula"

Paula 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/04/2010 08:55:10

I would like to thank you for all your help, it's a pleasure doing business with you. - "Lindsay"

Lindsay 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/04/2010 13:55:44

New screen arrived Sat Morning. Fitted and working perfectly. Thanks Very Much. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/04/2010 09:31:08

Feedback, Super quick, easy service , screen excellent and a doddle to replace. Thank you Very Much - "Terry"

Terry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 12/04/2010 09:22:48

Many thanks for a rapid service, I only found out that a new screen was required on Wednesday and now on Friday evening all is well again. - "Geoff"

Geoff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2010 18:59:46

Just to let you know the screen arrived today and is now installed and fully functional. Thanks for the service. The short video about replacing the screen was a great help - "Derek"

Derek 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/04/2010 09:20:16

Many thanks, super service all good, fitted and working. Regards - "Marshall"

Marshall 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/04/2010 13:04:04

I got from you choosing the correct screen over the phone,i thing is an excellent service from start to finish...I will definetly be using your company again and will be recommending you to family and freinds...What a brilliant service you provided to me... - "Mal"

Mal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/04/2010 14:07:56

My thoughts on your Service: Finding the screen - easy, Cost of the screen - great value, Paying for the screen - easy, Delivery of the screen - next day as promised, Quality of the screen: excellent, 24 Hours later fitted!! Great Service Well Done. - "Les"

Les 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/04/2010 14:06:28

Laptop screen arrived at 9am the following day.Excellent service.Will definately recommend your company.Many thanks. - "Rosemary"

Rosemary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/03/2010 13:37:16

The replacement screen works perfectly, thank you both for your diligence. - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/03/2010 12:24:34

I received the screen exactly as you said it would be delivered. Fitted it myself in about 20 minutes. Many thanks for the video, it was a massive help. If anyone is apprehensive just watch the video a couple of times and just do it. - "Bryan"

Bryan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/03/2010 11:16:52

Lovely to actually speak with you this morning. Thanks again for the refreshingly exemplary customer service. - "Roger"

Roger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/03/2010 17:34:56

Thanks for getting back so quickly; you guys are super-efficient - I'm only sorry I haven't been on this occasion. - "Roger"

Roger 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/03/2010 17:34:32

Screen received, correct item, all working again. Appreciate your help and assistance - "Geoff"

Geoff 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/03/2010 13:27:06

Thanks for the replacement screen,promt delivery,the computer is up and running,and i am much relieved ! Great service...- "Luke"

Luke 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/03/2010 18:08:30

Thanks for the screen – really great service from you – my laptop lives again! - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/03/2010 11:37:48

All i have to say is thank you!!!!...love it it took me about 25mins but it was worth it i learnt something new now i can brag about my technical ability...omg..love it! - "lola"

lola 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/03/2010 13:58:54

AWESOME! I was so worried about finding a screen for my very old thinkpad, you guys not only had the exact screen but your instructions were so clear and I now have a perfectly working laptop once again! Very very impressed and happy, thank you!! - "Tanbir"

Tanbir 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/03/2010 13:57:48

All Done! Arrived fast and i have repaired in half hour! Thanks! - "Alessio"

Alessio 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/03/2010 12:21:40

No questions but just wanted to thank for your kind service.I e-mailed you recently as I needed to replace the screen on my sons laptop but couldnt seem to get the front bezel off.Your quck response showed me how to do it and so it was only right to purchase the screen from you. Thanks alot - "Mark"

Mark 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/03/2010 11:30:28

Just a quick word of thanks for the replacement screen. Very prompt delivery, and I fitted it myself (my first attempt) in 20 minutes! - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/03/2010 12:22:44

Just to let you know my screen arrived Today ,on the day arranged !.It was quite easy to fit after watching the video which is a great added extra also the new screen seems a little brighter a clearer than the original one. - "Hazel"

Hazel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/03/2010 17:16:48

Just like to tell you the LCD screen arrived this morning at 7.30. Had it in the laptop by 9.00!! A special thanks for the video instructions on your site...brilliant...the procedure went without a hitch!! - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/03/2010 12:01:40

New screen fitted without any major problems. Thanks for your super fast service. - "Richard"

Richard 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/03/2010 16:01:14

I was apprehensive about replacing the screen on my wife’s laptop but it was so easy, it took less than ten minutes and the best thing of all is that she will never know that I had broken it in the first place.Top marks for quality, good service and speedy delivery. - "Stephen"

Stephen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/03/2010 11:07:24

Hello Nick, I've got my screen, and it works wonderful! Thanks very much, - "Vladimir"

Vladimir 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/03/2010 13:25:44

Thank you for your help it was excellent, l have now placed an order with you on line. Yours gratefully - "Alison"

Alison 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/02/2010 22:08:48

I have received and fitted the new screen, and it works perfectly. I want to thank you and your team for the fantastic service I received. I have already recommended you to other engineers and I will definitely use you again if I need to replace another screen! - "Rob"

Rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/02/2010 17:05:20

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your prompt and superb service. Being a novice at these things I viewed the video tutorial, and 30 mins later had sucessfully fitted my new screen. It works like a dream, and makes the laptop feel new again!! I was quoted £230 at a well known big brand computer store!!! - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/02/2010 12:36:56

..My laptop screen came on time .. as promised.I am very impressed by your level of service (especially Nick!) and would not hesitate to use your services in the future. - "Kiran"

Kiran 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/02/2010 12:10:24

Exactly as you said, screen arrvived next day and it took me about 20 minutes to fit. Very good service. Thanks - "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/02/2010 14:29:04

Wow!! what can I say about your customer service? Second to none. :) - "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/02/2010 14:24:46

Screen arrived promptly and fitted. PC now up and working with better quality image than original. Many thanks for your attention particularly with helping to identify the correct part, and competitive pricing. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/02/2010 13:47:34

I Ordered A Screen Replacement from your website on the 26th. It was delivered on the day its said in the confirmation email and the video also helped me fix my screen within minites. Thanks for the great service you guys provided. - "Michael"

Michael 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/01/2010 12:42:02

Just to let you know my screen has just arrived and I have installed and I am hugely pleased and impressed with your service! I was expecting at least one or two problems with the job but all has gone well and it's all up running. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2010 14:54:54

Screen installed & working perfectly. Thanks for all your help. This has saved me from vast expense - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2010 14:52:20

I telephoned up today (about 10.30am) and spoke to a young lady re. damaged screen of my grandaughters Acer netbook.Unfortunately I did not get the young ladies name, but I would like to thank her for her help and advise. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/01/2010 14:51:02

Screen arrived Friday am, great service. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 11:42:28

The screen arrived today, when I expected it on Monday - fantastic. The video was really helpful and everything worked a treat. Brilliant service. - "Rod"

Rod 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 10:35:26

Received screen today fitted in about 30 minutes but working great. Money well spent as laptop was being unused for over a year, now we have a spare. No hesitation in ordering from you again. Many Thanks to Jane for great customer service. - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 10:31:10

Arrived this morning, fitted and working. Excellent service, thank you. - "JB"

JB 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 10:30:14

Recieved my screen this morning , fitted it and it works great .fantastic service , prompt attention well pleased. - "Gordon"

Gordon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 10:28:02

Thanks so much for your superb service, the part I needed was very easy to find on your website. Great communication regarding order process and next day delivery even in the snow. - "Beckie"

Beckie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/01/2010 10:25:24

I received the screen. It was in very good condition. Thank you very much for all (communication, speed and quality)... - "Frederic"

Frederic 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/01/2010 13:15:04

Many thanks. You're screens are such good value! - "Christopher"

Christopher 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/01/2010 12:06:46

With regard to my order for a replacement LCD screen for my Toshiba laptop, I would just like to say how pleased I am with both your replies during my enquiries and your first class service after placing my order with you. - "Bobby"

Bobby 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2010 16:52:02

A great service! Helpful at time of placing order and a well packaged exact replacement screen arrived when promised, despite the snow! A breeze to fit even with my first timer trepidation. - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/01/2010 16:34:02

received my screen today as promised fantastic service,( 23 hrs after ordering).Fitted it to my lap top as new again thank you - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/01/2010 13:38:12

Thank you so much for the customer service I recieved, screen arrived two days after ordering and fitted within 30 minutes thanks to the tutorial, I will have no hesitation in recommending your web site to any body. - "Tom"

Tom 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/01/2010 11:04:48

Just a quick thank you for delivering my screen so quickly Fitted it today works perfectly Great service will use again All the best - "kenton"

kenton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 31/12/2009 14:57:28

Just received new screen after ordering at weekend, arrived here in Belgium on Christmas Eve, followed the video and went without a hitch. Excellent service! Have tweeted a recommendation too. - "Nige"

Nige 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/12/2009 14:59:34

I'd just like to say I think your service is truly excellent. Despite having problems processing the payment on the website, the person I spoke to on the phone was very helpful, very polite and sorted my order instantly. You really don't get that many places any more. - "Peter"

Peter 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/12/2009 12:46:42

Your company is a perfect example of how a service company should work. Simple to use and informatative website, helpful,informative and prompt staff (yourself) and efficient service once the sale was made. Once again thanks - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/12/2009 12:35:54

I Would just like t say thank you, I repaired my friends laptop screen and saved him money. Your site was easy to use, your delivery was fast, and the product was the right one. - "Adam"

Adam 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/12/2009 15:26:20

Just a quick message to let you know that I have received the new laptop screen, have fitted it and it is working perfectly. Many thanks for the helpful, courteous, efficient and professional service I have received from you. I am so impressed with the service I received I have recommended your company to the IT department at the school where I work. - "Louise"

Louise 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/12/2009 15:25:46

2nd time I have had to use your service and once again no issues screen deliverd promptly and the correct screen. I would just like to say a big thanks the best service I have found on web.- "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/12/2009 12:27:30

service, very informative, huge savings - could not have asked for more. will recommend you to anyone who as similar problems as i have. Thank you - "Steve"

Steve 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/12/2009 00:49:00

Just to let you know the laptop screen arrived on Saturday morning and is now fitted and working perfectly - thanks for the excellent service and help in finding the right part - "Rob"

Rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/11/2009 14:00:08

I would just like to say thanks for such a great service, I received my new laptop screen in perfect condition, well packaged and much sooner than I had expected. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 30/11/2009 13:40:58

Got it thanks, fitted and working. Blinding!!!!! - "Trevor"

Trevor 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/11/2009 15:55:36

Just to let you know that the screen arrived yesterday and I have fit it with no problems, it works perfectly. Thanks - "Stephen"

Stephen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/11/2009 19:25:36

Have been impressed with the prompt service. If only the company that supplied my laptop were as efficient! - "Steven"

Steven 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/11/2009 19:20:44

Installation as a doddle, and the P300 16T is happily working using your Replacement LG Screen. Thanks so much. Impressed with your company and that wonderful lady who took my order. She's a Godsend. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/11/2009 18:38:20

Replacement screen arrived today, one day after ordering, easily fitted. Excellent service, many thanks. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/11/2009 18:24:58

New display arrived this morning, very promptly and is installed and working! Great service, thank you. - "Pat"

Pat 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/11/2009 11:53:14

Item received today.. Fitted by me this evening working fine Thank you for the prompt service. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/11/2009 11:22:20


Gwenda 🔒 Registered Buyer on 16/11/2009 11:03:06

Item was recieved next day in perfect condition. I installed it following the video instructions and all is well. I will certainly recommend laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk... - "Prithpal"

Prithpal 🔒 Registered Buyer on 13/11/2009 17:10:28

Just to say a thankyou for your rapid response and delivery of the lcd screen for my sons netbook,15 mins and as good as new - "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/11/2009 14:02:26

Brilliant service was told would not be able to repair lap top 15 minutes to fit new screen its as good as new saved me a fortune and we have one happy daughter again. thanks for a great service. - "Philip"

Philip 🔒 Registered Buyer on 11/11/2009 13:54:20

Just to let you know that the laptop screen is now fitted and working! I am delighted with the service I have received from you. - "Neil"

Neil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/11/2009 23:45:20

Hey there, recently placed an order for a laptop screen. It arrived quickly and i got it installed no bother thanks to the tutorial. Just dropping a line to say many thanks, i expected this to be quite a hassle but you've made it very easy. much appreciated. - "Sebastian"

Sebastian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/11/2009 23:43:56

Hello Suzanne, Thank you so much for your great service. - "Krysia"

Krysia 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2009 15:33:54

thank you, very happy, great service and a quality item, would use you again - "Alan"

Alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/11/2009 10:27:26

Very pleased with your service. The screen has been fitted successfully and I have one happy teenager again! - "Blake"

Blake 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/11/2009 19:04:18

Thanks for the new screen for my laptop. you've saved me in excess of £100+ by selling the parts rather than me having to get somone to fix it for me. It only took me 15mins thats with misplacing a screw lol. - "James"

James 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/11/2009 17:18:12

Thank you for sending the replacement lcd, I have installed it and everything work fine. Thank you for exelent service - "Asbjorn"

Asbjorn 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/11/2009 15:24:58

I got the screen. Works great. This was an excellent service and thank you. - "Anthony"

Anthony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 02/11/2009 10:58:32

Just like to say a Big Thankyou my replacement Acer Ferrari 4003WLMi screen arrived today and works a treat. - "Glen"

Glen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/10/2009 13:37:20

Screen delivered as promised. Very prompt service. Very easy to fit by following the instructions on the website. Highly recommended. Thanks. - "Stewart"

Stewart 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/10/2009 13:45:20

Replacement screen ordered on Monday morning 10.00am! Delivered Tuesday Morning at 7.30am Fitted and working by 7:50am Thats two days faster than the local Laptop Repair Centre and a saving of exactly £100. for only 20 mins of my time. THANKS - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/10/2009 13:00:58

Many thanks: the delivery of screen it was very fast (3 days in Italy) and all is ok in 30 minutes!!! Wanderful... - "Carlo"

Carlo 🔒 Registered Buyer on 26/10/2009 01:43:12

I am just sending a quick mail to compliment you on the very impressive service you provided yesterday. After placing an order late in the afternoon, the help the advisor gave in getting the screen sent out as soon as possible was excellent, and I was even more impressed to find the package with our receptionist earlier this morning. The screen was in perfect condition, and the prices were excellent when compared to other suppliers of ours. - "Ben"

Ben 🔒 Registered Buyer on 23/10/2009 11:24:24

Outstanding service! Many thanks - "Colin"

Colin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/10/2009 12:40:12

Thank you, very quick delivery - smooth transaction with no problems. The laptop is working fine and it was an easy task to fit in the new screen due to your excellent instructions on the website. I'd recommend you to anyone with a broken LCD screen, thank you again! - "Jen"

Jen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/10/2009 12:16:08

hi, i'm really happy with the new screen. it's lovely. thanks. - "Matthew"

Matthew 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/10/2009 23:51:38

The replacement screen has arrived and been fited today works perfectly. Thank you you for the fantastic speed ... - "Martin"

Martin 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/10/2009 21:18:52

thank you for your quick reply, i have recieved my new laptop screen today and have fitted it and all is ok, once again i thank you and your team - "Ashley"

Ashley 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2009 12:11:08

Just repaired my sons 3 week old laptop in 10 minutes. Excellent service and an easy to use web site. A special thanks to Suzanne for expediting my order - "Rob"

Rob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/10/2009 12:10:02

A Big Thanks I cant believe ordered on the afternoon was deliverd to NI next day as promised. within half an hour laptop backup and working! - "Keith"

Keith 🔒 Registered Buyer on 10/10/2009 13:21:16

That's what I call customer service! - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2009 14:53:16

Many many thanks for your superb customer service. If only other companies I deal with were as committed to ensuring that the customer is always "delighted" as you have been life would be a lot less stressful! - "Richard"

delighted 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2009 12:06:34

Just a big thanks to say the screen arrived promptly, very secure and was easy to instal (even for me) and as I am now typing to you using my new screen it must have worked...Cheers, would highly recomend you! - "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/10/2009 10:52:40

I must say the service of which i experienced was fantastic. Not only was the delivery swift but when my installation differed by one minor detail, the customer services told me what i needed to know in no time - they know their stuff! - "Craig"

Craig 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/09/2009 18:53:02

thank you for excellent service and your video. - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 29/09/2009 18:50:22

Thank you so much for your friendly advice & excellent service. It is pleasure to deal with you. Well done! & a big thank you to all of your staff. I will be sure to use you again! - "Bruce"

Bruce 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/09/2009 12:30:44

Hello. I just received my lcd-screen. Easy to install and works perfect. Thank you for good service and fast delivery. I hope to make more business with you soon - "Stig"

Stig 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2009 13:54:06

Thank you for your prompt delivery of my screen had the laptop fixed and running in 20 mins so pleased with your service highly recomended thanks - "j.gray"

j.gray 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/09/2009 08:24:02

I ordered my replacement screen on the 23/9/09 it arrived on the 24/9/09. I had already watched the vidio on how to replace it. It took no long than the time you said. Service and customer care fantastice what more can I say would recommend you to all. - "John"

John 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/09/2009 17:57:34

WOW The screen looks better than the original and even better I fitted it myself in a matter of minutes.I know it sounds a bit sad but i feel as though I'm a real techno whizz (geek) now...Don't tell anyone how easy it is otherwise I'll have to stop bragging down the pub. - "Jason"

Jason 🔒 Registered Buyer on 22/09/2009 14:18:18

Arrived, and screen is working fine.. thanks! - "Dennis"

Dennis 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/09/2009 10:57:32

thank you for your excellent service and video presentation, sons laptop works perfectly and no hassle fitting screen. - "Harry"

Harry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/09/2009 10:57:02

Received my laptop screen next day delivery as promised. Watched your video prior to removing damaged screen and fitted new one in no more than 15 minutes. Superb service and easy to follow video. Makes a change for to have such excellent backup. - "Andy"

Andy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 18/09/2009 18:32:56

I wanted to take time to say that I have just purchased a replacement screen from you and found your service and delivery excellent, the product great quality and the video instructions absolutely spot-on. - "Natalie"

Natalie 🔒 Registered Buyer on 17/09/2009 10:35:40

Just a message to say how delighted we are with your service. Laptop screen arrived very quickly and is fitted and working perfectly.We have a very happy daughter now,many thanks - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2009 15:59:52

I recieved the new screen this morning, after giving you a call because I thought I had the wrong screen, your adviser quickly put my mind at ease and installation went without a hitch. The screen is working perfectly. I'd like to take this oportunity to thankyou very much for not only your prompt service, but the manner in which you made me feel like a valued customer from day one. - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 15/09/2009 14:01:24

Thank you so much for this information , I did not realize just how simple this job was 15 mins and a screen fitted. A shop tried to charge me £150 for fitting a screen daylight robbery!! - "Sarah"

Sarah 🔒 Registered Buyer on 14/09/2009 09:02:18

great service, great screen, great tips..thanks - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2009 12:33:36

The screen was easily fitted and now working fine so many thanks for all your help. - "Jenny"

Jenny 🔒 Registered Buyer on 09/09/2009 09:53:48

Received my laptop screen today its fitted and all working. Thank you very much for all your help and information. - "James in scotland!"

James in scotland! 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/09/2009 12:31:36

Arrived safely and now installed and working fine. Thanks very much for a good service. The instruction video was very helpful too - altogether saved me over £180 getting it fixed at a repair centre!! - "Suzanne"

Suzanne 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/09/2009 12:07:40

Nick, Got the screen on Saturday after all! Fitted it and works. Thanks. - "Ant"

Ant 🔒 Registered Buyer on 08/09/2009 11:14:12


Neville 🔒 Registered Buyer on 03/09/2009 09:22:24

Many thanks for the prompt curteous service provided by your company. My laptop screen arrived next day at 11.00am & wihin an hour it was all working ok. Its very nice in this day & age to find this level of customer service I will definitely recommend you to all my friends - "Lee"

Lee 🔒 Registered Buyer on 01/09/2009 11:10:30

Many thanks, The display arrive on time, was fitted within 30 minutes and working perfectly. Excellent service - "Tony"

Tony 🔒 Registered Buyer on 28/08/2009 12:37:36

Excellent service - its arrived! - Thanks very much - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 27/08/2009 09:40:32

Just to say thank you for the quick dispatch and great service - Soon as the box arrived with the new screen inside the nice protected spongey foam inserts, I fitted it as per your excellent video. - "Stephen"

Stephen 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2009 16:34:24

Both your service and support has been fantastic, thanks you both very very much - A very pleased customer - "Paul"

Paul 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2009 16:02:52

Dear all, screen arrived today and is perfect. Fitted it easily. My son is now able to converse with his friends again and is no longer in a state of shock and withdrawl at the loss of his laptop - "Dean"

Dean 🔒 Registered Buyer on 25/08/2009 15:44:54

Orgered thursday lunchtime, delivered Friday morning, fitted Friday afternoon without any problems or issues. Excellent product delivery and service Many thanks - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/08/2009 12:03:20

The screen was delivered quickly & the video of how to fit one was very good [..] I would recommend your company & website to anyone. - "Kathy"

Kathy 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/08/2009 12:01:16

Hi Nick - thank you for this message. I have now replaced the screen successfully - after watching your You Tube video tutorial. It is very good! - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 24/08/2009 12:00:10

Hi Nick Thanks again - great to deal with people like you. Kind Regards - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 21/08/2009 11:25:10

thank-you for my laptop screen service was great parts are genuine and get looked after well. i will certaintly use yourselfs again .once again thankyou - "alan"

alan 🔒 Registered Buyer on 20/08/2009 15:56:22

I can't thank you enough for outstanding customer service and the fact that thanks to yourselves a 5 month old laptop with a cracked screen (which cracked all on its own, for no good reason) is now as good as new. I'm going to recommend you to everyone I know, and many thanks again. - "Mary"

Mary 🔒 Registered Buyer on 19/08/2009 08:58:50

Unfortunately I broke my precious laptop`s screen and i was so sad but I have found you and oredered it. I received it the following day and replaced it in 40 minutes. So my dear laptop came back to me. Thank you very much for your service, I am so impressed and I will recomend it to anyone who is in the same situation. Keep going! - "Alex"

Alex 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/08/2009 09:52:24

I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance, the correct screen was delivered super fast and fitted in no time. All your help in identifying the correct screen was most appreciated !!! I wish more companies had such a high standard of service...Thanks again !! - "Adam"

Adam 🔒 Registered Buyer on 07/08/2009 09:16:36

Great service and help! The screen arrived just fine very quickly and was really easy to fit (5 mins) My daughter is delighted to get her precious Ferrari back! - "Ken"

Ken 🔒 Registered Buyer on 06/08/2009 14:17:20

I got the screen today. Thank you for all your help. I will tell everyone what a grat service I have had from you. Thanks - "Vincent"

Vincent 🔒 Registered Buyer on 05/08/2009 13:34:52

I am sure that your company service is second to none. - "Russel"

Russel 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 11:53:04

Received screen yesterday and fitted it in 10 minutes ..... Absolutely brilliant service. Well done. Will definitely use you again. Really good experience all round. Very refreshing to find a company that does everything right. - "Phil"

Phil 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:08:56

I just wanted to thank the kind person to whom I spoke to when purchasing my new laptop screen. I think his name was nick? The replacement came today and took me 15 mins to replace. - "N"

N 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:07:54

got a price quote from sony for 839pounds, with an 8-10 weeks repair time, i payed 173pounds same day repair service. amazing :) thanks a lot guys - "Ferenc"

Ferenc 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:07:26

Excellent service ordered online late Thursday night,had an e-mail bt 10am Friday advising screen had been dispatched. Arrives 9am Saturday, 30 minutes later fitted and running. All for £80, when local computer shop had quoted £200 minimum to supply and fit. Will definitely recommend you. - "Dave"

Dave 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:07:00

I telephoned you the exact part number on Friday at 2pm to order the replacement screen I received the new screen on Saturday morning by Royal Mail Special Delivery. I installed the new screen and had it working correctly within 1 hour. Thank you for your good service. - "Mike"

Mike 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:06:32

just a note to say that the laptop screen arrived safely and is fitted and working perfectly! so impressed with your service, will definitely come back to you if (hopefully not) we have any more screen mishaps in the future!! - "Fiona"

Fiona 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:05:48

Thanks for your help (fujitsu li2735). screen arrived early next morning - fitted and working like new. fantastic service definately buy from you again - once again thanks a lot. - "Terry"

Terry 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:05:18

Thanks, i ordered 03 august received next day at 8:30am very very happy, easy peasy to fit when watching the video Laptop-Lcd-Screen.co.uk made... would recommend to everyone ! - "Anton"

Anton 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 11:45:22

Just wanted to compliment you on a great service from start to finish. From your website, to your help in tracking the part I needed to, the responsive and friendly telephone call to the quick supply, was first class!- "Brian"

Brian 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:04:12

I'd like to notify you that I have receive the LCD panel today and that it works like a charm. Your service (and pricing) is excellent, and I will definitely recommend your store to other people. - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:03:40

Excellent service. Suitable also for newbies. After purchased LCD replacement I received also email with link to video showing how to replace old LCD display. Received new screen on a next day and I did replacement in 30 minutes. I would suggest Qual IT to my friends and I would use the service again. - "Jaro"

Jaro 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:03:18

Absolutely Brilliant, received my new LCD screen as promised before 1pm and fitted it in next to no time!!! This after Sony had tried to screw me over for £748 to replace first my invertor then eventually the LCD screen. My customer service experience was first class. - "Maurice"

Maurice 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:02:18

Nice prompt delivery of my 17.1" widescreen panel in a substantial well designed box. I managed to change the screen (my first) no problems in about 10 minutes (with a suitable screwdriver) on the kitchen table. It's a very good quality replacement and in fact, brighter than the original! Good price, great service & highly recommended. Thank you. - "Steve"

widescreen panel in a substantial well designed box. I managed to change the screen (my first) no problems in about 10 minutes (with a suitable screwdriver) on the kitchen table. It's a very good quality replacement and in fact, brighter than the original! Good price, great service & highly recommended. Thank you. - 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:01:44

Thank you for your honest and very efficient service, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Please feel free to use this email or parts of it as a testimonial to your excellent Company. - "Tim"

Tim 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:01:00

Fantastic service - Many thanks. This is no mickey mouse outfit. Ordered Friday and was delivered Saturday morning 8.30 AM at no extra cost. Great packaging. also their prices are more than competitive and you can request instructions if need be. You cant lose. - "Simon"

Simon 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 01:00:30

Hi,Just wanted to say Thanks for a fast delivery on my laptop screen,I was alittle worried when my screen packed up,Thinking this is going to cost quite a bit to put right,but after a quick internet search found you with a Good price and after waching your helpful video a couple of times I felt confindent enough to replace my screen myself which is what ive just done, replaced in minutes and all seem well.what a cost saver,Many Thanks once again. - "Robert"

Robert 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 00:59:36

I am most impressed with your service and would happily recommend it to others. It took me longer than 30 minutes - but I am a non-technical, 62 year old lady who was quite scared that I might get it wrong and have to go back to Sony with my tail between my legs (they are quite intimidating!) so I took an enormous amount of care. - "Sandra"

Sandra 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 00:59:42

All arrived intact, fitted this morning, and apart from being a little brighter, is back to normal. Much obliged even if the Romania route was a little convoluted. Regards, - "Bob"

Bob 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 00:59:48

Just a quick note to let you know that both the laptop screen and keyboard arrived yesterday and both are now fitted and working. Thanks for a great service. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 00:42:46

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my LCD screen for my Gateway ML6227b laptop. I replaced this screen in 40 minutes no problem, after viewing your video and looking at the service manual. - "David"

David 🔒 Registered Buyer on 04/08/2009 00:42:20