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I have lived with the terrible BOE 1080p TN screen in my Lenovo V330-14ARR since buying it - easily the worst screen I've seen in the last 20 years with its single-digit viewing angles, poor contrast ratio, colour shift, bad PWM flicker, and grainy anti-glare coating.

I finally decided to upgrade to a Matt 1080p IPS panel. The new panel came wrapped in "big bubble" bubble wrap, and a foam sheet protecting the screen, all in a durable cardboard box. Delivery was via Royal Mail, unlike some eBay sellers who use cheap "couriers".

It was only 15 minute job to swap it over - far easier than I expected, because the front bezel of the screen on the Lenovo V330 can be unclipped in-situ. There's a BIOS option to turn off the internal battery temporarily for servicing. Once the bezel is off, undo the 4 screws holding the screen in, and fold it forward over the keyboard to get access to the display connector. Reverse process to install the new screen - the pad of foam in the box was useful to prevent scratches. No need to mess around removing wi-fi antennas or anything like that.

Powered back on and it was detected as a new screen and worked immediately at 1080p. The new screen is a huge improvement. The most obvious difference is the wider viewing angles. Text is far easier to read, in part because the new screen is less grainy, but also thanks to the far superior contrast ratio and lack of colour shift. The backlight does not have PWM flicker at any brightness level - that was a very nice surprise. Additionally the full backlight range is working correctly.

Chris - Wed 17/08/2022 12:07pm