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Enlarged Image
20mm wide connector

HP COMPAQ ELITE C640 G3 CHROMEBOOK ENTERPRISE Full-HD Replacement 1920x1080 Laptop Screen
( Without Touch Glass )

NEW, Class 1 (ISO-9241)
1920x1080 (FHD) 1080p
Touch Screen
Touch Glass
Not included
Matte (Anti-Glare)
30 PIN EDP (bottom right)
Connector Pitch
0.5mm (Large)
Connector Position
7.5cm from right
Display Mode
Screen Bezel
Narrow Border/Narrow Bezel
 Explain These Specifications

Have you got the right product?

The currently selected product on this page is a 14.0" 1920x1080 (FULL HD) with a LED backlight and a 30 Pin signal, bottom right connector, with a 0.5mm connector pitch.

This HP computer has other screen types fitted. You must make sure you purchase the correct one which uses the same resolution and connector type.

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 Variations of HP Elite series screens

Matte. Bottom right connector 30 pins (0.5mm)




Matte. Bottom right connector 40 pins (0.5mm) Touch




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HP Elite series replacement laptop LCD screen 
Hp Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise 14.0 Full Hd Laptop Screen No DIGITIZER
30 PIN / 20mm

Class I Display for HP laptops
This is a replacement screen for the Hp Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise (FHD) computer. Class I and fully compatible LCD display part.

HP Elite series LCD specifications.
We can supply this LCD with a MATTE (Anti-Glare) finish. Please check that your original screen has a glass area of 14.0" inches diagonally (not including the frame) and has a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (or is known as FULL HD resolution or 1080p).

Technical data for the HP Elite series LCD.
This screen's backlight is powered by LED backlight technology. The data connector on this screen has 30 pins and is an eDP displayport, with a 0.5mm pitch, with a 302PL Pin Configuration, which can be found at the bottom right side of the screen - on the back of the LCD. This is a genuine IPS (AAS/ADS/AHVA or FFS/UWVA/PLS) screen offering ultra wide viewing angles.

100% Compatible part.
For the Hp Compaq Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise (FHD). This display will replace many screen makes and models, including (but not limited to), the following part codes:

Easy Mount Display.
This slimline, Narrow-Bezel HP LCD features an ultra-thin frame, that requires no awkward screws, and can be securely mounted, to the laptop's top lid using LCD mounting adhesive strips. The LCD is easily removed if needed without voiding your warranty. (strips available separately).

Not Touchscreen. Raw LCD panel only.
HP Elite series screens can sometimes come touch screen enabled, this product is a non-touchscreen model. We are supplying the raw LCD panel only without any accompanying front touch glass overlay (digitizer). If your laptop has a screen and a glass covering providing touch screen features you will need the raw LCD and the digitizer glass together. Professionals can separate the old digitizer with a heat-gun (if not damaged), and fit it to the new display. If your laptop is not a touchscreen model, this is the correct product for you.

Cost of HP screen.
Hp Compaq Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise (FHD) screen replacement cost is just £49.14 plus shipping.

We give an industry leading 2 year warranty on all our high quality HP replacement laptop screens. Terms and conditions apply.

Fast Delivery
UK and Europe only.

Certified Screen Replacement5 Star Rated Icon
Certified Screen Replacement5 Star Rated Icon

Hp Compaq Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise Full-hd Replacement Screen Buyer's Guide guarantee you a working Hp Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise (FHD) screen replacement, or your money back. With our 18 years of trading experience, we can warrant that claim with real expertise. If you research our company, you will encounter our impressive accumulation of fantastic reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google.

Touch Screen Models
Touch screen computers have two parts to the viewable display. They have a screen, like any computer and in addition they have another layer over the top of the screen that works like a mouse. That 2nd part is called a touch glass digitizer, and we aren't supplying that, we're selling just the LCD screen. In some cases you can re-use the old digitizer, unless of course it is damaged. If your old digitiser is damaged, this product is not for you. If your computer is not a touch screen model, you can go ahead and use this product with no problems.

Is the Hp Compaq Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise 14.0 Full Hd Laptop Screen (non Touchscreen), the correct product for you?
HP are notorious for fitting different types of screen to the Hp Elite C640 G3 Chromebook Enterprise (FHD) machine, and as such we ask you to please check the specifications of this screen match your original. To be 100% sure, it's best to remove your old screen first, and make sure it looks similar to the photograph we provide, and that the resolution, connector type and connector position match as well. Other screens available...

Changing screen resolution.
If you are looking to upgrade (or downgrade) the resolution, say from HD to FULL HD, you need to check a couple of things first before you try the upgrade. Check that the upgrade screen you want to purchase has the same mountings, connector type and connector position, by comparing the photographs on each product page and the connector specifications in the description. Next you'll need to make sure you have a screen cable fitted that is capable of the resolution you wish to change to. As this is tricky we advise against upgrading unless you know what you are doing.

Glass finish
HP Screens can be manufactured in MATTE or GLOSSY finish. MATTE is better for outdoor use and GLOSS is better for indoor use. GLOSS screens will display brighter and richer colours, and MATTE screens will look duller, but are less reflective. We try where possible to offer both options, if we have both options, we will offer them in the product description.

Screen size measurement
We always list the size of the screen to help you determine which product is right for you. Screen sizes are measured diagonally, from corner to corner, of the visible display area only. The measurement does not include any frame (or bezel), just the area that lights up and is part of the display area.

18 years' experience
We have the largest screen replacement database on the Internet. In addition to this, you have peace of mind that we have many years of trading, during which time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which enables us to provide the right screens, first time. The long time we have been established has also enabled us to build sterling relationships with top manufacturers like AUOChiMei InnoluxSamsungHannstarToshibaLG DisplaySharpBOEHydis Hundai,  and others.

Better quality screens
We insist on higher grade Class I panels, (note that there is no such thing as a Grade A screen). We pay a little more to ensure our products impress and please every time, and give a long working lifetime. With more than a decade of experience our team will ensure your high quality replacement screen is as good - or better than your original display, and that the whole process from purchase, through the delivery and to installation, is seamless. And this promise is endorsed by our customer reviews.

Do I need a new HP Elite series laptop screen?

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    This screen is only for devices with 14.0" displays @ 1920x1080 (FULL HD) resolution with a LED backlight and a 30 Pin signal, bottom right connector, with a 0.5mm connector pitch.

    This product is not for touch screen devices. [ Info ⓘ ]

    There are different screen type choices for your device on this page. You must choose the correct type. If you are unsure which type to choose, we recommend removing your old screen and searching for the screen model number instead.

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