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How to identify your laptop screen model


Ordering a replacement screen by laptop screen model number is a sure fire way to make sure you don't make any mistakes, and get the right replacement screen, first time. To get the laptop screen model number that is fitted inside your laptop, you'll need to remove the old screen. This is fine because you'll need to do this anyway when the replacement comes.

There is a knack to finding the screen model number on the back of the old screen. It's easy once you know how. In this article we will show you how to quickly identify the screen model number so that you get your order for a replacement LCD right, and quickly with little fuss find the information you need about the screen manufactured for your laptop.

Step 1: Find out your laptop screen model number.

To do this you usually have to remove the screen from the laptop lid assembly and check the back of the display for stickers which show the manufacturer and model of the display.

In some instances tools like HWINFO will give you this information, but in most cases you will need to get the screen out to discover the correct screen model number.

There are many videos on YouTube describing screen replacements on different models of laptop. We have also put together a generic laptop screen replacement video that tries to cover most types of screen removal.

Step 2: Identify the manufacturer.

There are only a handful of Laptop LCD manufacturers, and it's unlikely that whoever made your laptop also produced the screen. Like memory and hard disk drives they buy OEM displays from one of the handful of major brands in Asia.

LCD screen manufacturers always start their screen model numbers with their company code. For example AU Optronics screens always start with a "B" and LG screens always start with "LP" which stands for LG Philips.

The trick to quickly identifying the laptop screen model

The Laptop screen model will start with the manufacturers code, followed by the screen size as a 3 digit code. So for example, an 11.6 inch AUO screen will have a model number starting with B116. Similarly an 11.6 inch LG screen will have a model number that starts LP116.

We have made an easy list of the most popular LCD brands below to help you quickly find the screen model number.

AU Optronics (AUO)

AUO screens usually start with a B followed by the screen size. For example, a 15.6 inch screen model number will start with B156xxxxx and a 14-inch screen will start with B140xxxxx.

Familiarise yourself with more AUO screen part codes.

BoeHydis (BOE) / Hyundai BOE

BOE screens usually start with either NV, NE, NT, or HT followed by the screen size. For example, a 15.6 inch screen model number will start with NV156xxxx-xxx or NT156xxxx-xxx or NE156xxxx-xxx or HT156xxxx-xxx and a 14-inch screen will start with NV140xxxx-xxx or NE140xxxx-xxx or NT140xxxx-xxx or HT140xxxx-xxx.

Check out other BOE laptop screen models to see how the codes are structured.

Innolux / CHIMEI

CHIMEI Innolux screens usually start with a N followed by the screen size. For example, a 15.6 inch screen model number will start with N156xxx-xxx and a 14-inch screen will start with N140xxx-xxx.

See how other CHIMEI Innolux screen models look.


CSOT screens are harder to identify as they often don't follow the standard of the manufacturer's abbreviation and screen size. They often start with MN or MC followed by some numbers, then a hyphen and the revision number. For example MNxxxxxxx-x or MCxxxxx.