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Drop shipping (Blind shipping) for laptop screens

Laptop & tablet replacement screens are a complex business, and stocking LCD panels, dealing with Chinese wholesalers and maintaining compatibility databases of tens of thousands of LCD part numbers is just not everybody's cup of tea. For this reason, many of the larger IT suppliers and corporate agencies, along with hundreds of self employed resellers are now using our drop shipping lcd supply services.

A drop shipping supplier is a company that sends items out blind shipped, or in plain packaging. Invoices and shipping information are sent via e-Mail only, and only the products (in this case laptop screens) and packaging arrives by post or courier, without any documentation, thus making it impossible to identify who the sender was.

ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE SENT LIKE THIS BY DEFAULT, so you don't have to register for this service, just create a trade account here on this website and start sending screens to your customers, who will think the excellent service and Class 1 replacement screen(s) they receive, are from yourselves.

We've helped thousands of companies shine by passing on our industry renowned 1st class customer service, high quality products and super fast shipment onto their clients. See what our existing clients say about us on our client testimonials page

Our relationships with other resellers are great, because we're already set up for drop shipping. This makes reselling our products extremely easy and simple, and no special registration is required. To resell our products simply create a trade account on our website, enter your billing e-Mail address and billing address for invoicing. When you arrive at the checkout you can specify a different shipping address, and we will send your screen(s) in plain boxes to the shipping address and all correspondence will be sent to your e-Mail address with the billing address you provided when you registered.

Ad Hoc orders

If you simply want to tell your clients you sell replacement screens for laptops and tablet devices, you can use this website to obtain pricing for over 75,000 models. Our website shows the price to traders as well as the retail pricing.

If it's available for sale on this website it is in stock and you can safely quote your customer. Once your customer has agreed, call us to make payment, or simply buy online and your customer will receive the replacement screen the following morning (UK only). Find out more about shipping to other destinations.

Are you looking to integrate our products into your site?

We can't name them here, but several large and well known companies use our services and you can find our product feed that can be integrated into your website here at StockInTheChannel.com http://www.stockinthechannel.com/Distributor/Laptop-LCD-Screens/3187

You'll need to register and purchase StockInTheChannel's WebStore package and you'll be able to instantly connect hundreds of thousands of products (including our screens) into your website for immediate sale. You can even show stock levels. More information about that service can be found here.

If you have an account with StockInTheChannel, our entire product database can be integrated into your shopping cart, or you can, as some of our clients choose to do, float our entire product listings on sites like e-Bay and Amazon.

For further information about StockInTheChannel please contact sales@stockinthechannel.com

Technical Support

Probably the most daunting part about handling laptop screen orders is the technical stuff. Many laptops have multiple screen types fitted, and customer care can be tricky for people that don't have the experience required. We also make this easy by providing you with totally free and first class customer service. You'll have access to technical engineers who will liaise with your clients either through yourselves or by calling your clients directly and posing as a representative of your organisation.

We make selling laptop screens effortless, if you're not having a smooth ride with your current LCD supplier, or you are thinking about branching out into selling LCD screens but are not sure where to start, why not get in touch with us today and start experiencing the level of customer care and support that generates thousands of recommendations for us every month.


We offer high quality and professional wholesale services as well, find out more abut that here.