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Reviews of our AU Optronics AUO LCD screens

The process to replace this LCD is quite tricky. I did it for Lenovo Legion 5P 15IMH05H and they use a strong double tape so if u want to replace the screen, the old one has a big chance to break while you try to remove it (or it just happened because it was a first time for me), but after that, the process is simple. The overall LCD is good, for now it doesn‘t seem to be a problem with it.

Cosmin on 01/02/2021 | ★★★★★

Waiting to hear cost of Sony Vaio Laptop screen. Could you please quote the cost for replacing the said screen? PS Very Nice WEB Site ! Kind Regards Paul2

Paul Byers on 01/05/2016 | ★★★★★

Waiting to hear cost of Sony Vaio Laptop screen. Could you please quote the cost for replacing the said screen? PS Very Nice WEB Site ! Kind Regards Paul2

Paul Byers on 01/05/2016 | ★★★★★

All good. Delivered in good condition, installed easily. Worked first time. Thanks. Only gave 4/5 because everyone has room for improvement!! :0)

Tom on 01/07/2014 | ★★★★

My daughter had broken the screen on her HP laptop, so I looked for a replacement. I found 3 potential suppliers, reviewed their T&Cs and googled their revies. I down selected Laptop-LCD-Screens, not the cheapest but reviews were good, postage was trackable, returns where OK. Ordered on a Sunday, package came Tuesday at 9:15AM. Have stripped a laptop down previously so got my tools, craft knife and mini screw drivers. Strip down took 15 mins. Removed plastic caps on two screws at the base of the screen, then screws. Used the knife to lever the plastic bezel off and then gently prised it off. Two Screws Top and 2 bottom to release back case. Gently Close lid toso screen is flat with keyboard. Lift back Case off. The fidley part was lifting the tape holding the connector to unplug as this was on both ends, once released I unplugged the connector and layed the lid down. Remove 2 screws from each side and lcd came out of the frame. Fitting the replacement was the reverse. I had to take special care in lifting the creen to ensure it stayed riggid and didn‘t flex so I made sure I held the frame and rear case in both corners. I put the battery back in and fired up the computer and the screen worked perfectly. Although I have had to rebuild Win10 as it had been corrupted with repeated swutching on and off whilst the screen was broken. Excellent service. Would use again.

Andrew on 01/10/2019 | ★★★★★

The screen arrived without problems after the promised shipping time. Installation was easy for me because of my experience before and examples on youtube.

Jef on 02/04/2015 | ★★★★★

Replacing AU Optronics AUO LCD Laptop Screens

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