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We've made buying wholesale really easy, there's no need to apply or sign up. All you need to do to get wholesale pricing is follow these two simple steps.

  • 1. Find the product you require a bulk purchase on
  • 2. Add 10 or more of that product to the cart

The product will be added to your cart at wholesale pricing. Other screens you add to the cart in quantities of less than 10 will be charged at our standard website pricing.

All products ordered with a trade account and wholesale orders, are sent in plain packaging, with documentation sent by email, so you can drop ship these products directly to your customers.

Example wholesale purchase

Let's find our product.

In this example, we are going to make a wholesale purchase for 15 screens. The model number we searched for was N116BGE-EA1. These are 11.6 inch screens that are required for a school with 15 broken children's laptops.

The price of the screen including VAT is £53.31, and the trade price is £50.16.

Let's add 15 to the cart.

Press the Add to Cart Button.

Final Price.

We are paying £46.16 including VAT, per screen.
A saving of £7.15 per screen.

The total saving we made buying 15 screens is £107.25!


You can add other screens or other wholesale packages for other products to the same order.


For "Wholesale Deals", you'll pay wholesale pricing and the order will be covered by our 90 day Wholesale Warranty.

It's important that you inspect the screen you have purchased within the first 3 months of delivery. To return screens for replacement under warranty, please Create an RMA returns authorisation.

Damaged screens must be reported to us within the first 7 days. If the screen has arrived damaged in transit, do not send it back. Please follow this procedure for damaged screens.

For more information regarding the warranty and your rights please see our Terms and Conditions of sale.


If you live in Guernsey, Jersey, or a European country we will also remove the VAT for you automatically when you checkout. Read more about VAT.

Why buy wholesale?

The LCD screen industry is booming and you may be looking for ways to startup or expand an existing business based around this boom in LCD technology. The most popular market at the time of writing is the replacement laptop screen market. In the past 10 years, many organisations have seen the potential boost of clients that offering laptop screen replacement services can offer, but where do you start when looking for options to buy more than just 1 screen?

Why buy wholesale from us?

China is the obvious choice if you're looking to purchase a stock base of popular replacement LCD screens. One has to consider also the consequences of purchasing from China, which would include the lack of legal support from Europe should something go wrong with your transaction. The Chinese sellers are riddled with fraudulent activity who are keen to give you great prices and promises of hard to find stock, however you need to be aware that we have come across many people who have received different products to the ones ordered, and most often 2nd hand or reconditioned panels. Many Chinese sellers will offer you GRADE A+ guaranteed screens or even promise to hand inspect panels, however the reality is often very difference; and in fact there is no such thing as a Grade A+ screen. What will you do if you order an B156XW02 v.4 and get sent an LTN156AT02, or LTN156AT05 and find that it doesn't work properly in Toshiba laptops? As payment for the goods is by bank transfer only prior to shipping, you're not left with much of a leg to stand on legally. A bad buy could leave you stuck with tens of thousands of pounds of stock, that you cannot sell.

Safer options for wholesale purchases

Although more expensive, it is always safer for you to deal with companies within Europe, and the United Kingdom is a trusted business partner. Not only are you protected by the banks when making payments via credit or debit cards, you're also protected by many UK/European selling laws. So it's always a good bet to deal with a company locally for these reasons.

The replacement screens will cost slightly more than a purchase from china due to the following reasons:

  1. The importer will have paid freight and import tax to the UK government (20% currently).
  2. Exchange rates for the US Dollar. The cost of the US Dollar affects the final cost of the screens as purchases are always made in USD.
  3. The grade of screens purchased. Although many sellers outside of Europe promise Grade A+ (there is no such thing as an alphabetic grading standard for screens; they are classed with numbers, zero being the best), the reality is that screens are often not new or lower class stock which means a high level of defects such as dead pixels. We adhere closely to ISO 134062 and supply high quality screens only.

    More reasons to buy within Europe

  4. Your invoice. You may not get VAT relief, and your invoice may be in difficult currency if you purchase LCD screens outside of the Europen continent.
  5. Support and payment. Paying companies within your continent is easy and secure.
  6. Technical support. It is always important when selling highly technical items such as replacement laptop screens to make sure that you have some kind of support backup. You'll often come across technical problems, compatibility issues and you'll need a supplier close that can swap out screens for you for different models as and when you get a problem. This can be tricky if the supplier is in China and speaking to you with the Google Translator :)
  7. Supporting your local community. I hope we don't need to explain that ;)


As with any business venture, it's imperative that you find good partners to deal with. Your supplier will reflect heavily on you. A bad supplier or bad products will mean lost clients, and business, like everything in life is all about building good relationships.

Good luck!

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