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Broken laptop screen

Have you had the misfortune to have accidentally or on purpose broken your laptop screen? Did you know that picking the laptop up by the corner can break the screen? Did you know that pressing on the glass, perhaps with a thumb would crack the glass?

Well, it may be too late to turn back time, but what you can do now is wind time forwards, to the future. In the future laptop screens are available to buy, off the shelf, just like a mouse or any other kind of accessory. Broken screens can be replaced simply by unplugging them, and are easily swapped over, like changing a keyboard on a desktop computer.

Sounds like a fantasy but in actual fact the future is here now. Companies like laptop lcd screen are changing the way that people think by enabling more and more of you to become DIY engineers. Using online video media alongside telephone and e-Mail assistance, companies like this have been paving the way for a newer generation of tech savvy environmentally green self repairing consumers.

The philosophy is a great move; it empowers more people to learn a new skill, understand more about the nuts and bolts of their computer and it also gives end users a great sense of satisfaction when the job completes. Some of the more daring have gone on to offer their new skills to the community as a service and are now replacing broken laptop screens as their primary job. How wonderful to become self employed.

During the summer months, mainly due to a mass movement of holiday makers, there is usually a rise in the incidents of broken laptop screens. Whatever precautions you take, they're never enough because you didn't account for the others around you. Lazy dogs can take a relaxer with their behind strategically placed right on the lid of your precious machine. Even the sturdiest of machines like the MacBook air will flex and the screen glass will shatter. The lid can be closed without you realising there is a USB stick on the keyboard. The laptop can fall from your hands. My screen was shattered as my cousin took the laptop by the lid to look at photographs.

So you see, when you travel by train, or air or boat, or simply stay at home - there is always somebody around the corner waiting to break your laptop screen. Isn't it just wonderful that all it takes is a few clicks and the following day a lovely shiny new replacement screen will be delivered to your home.

The future is now.

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