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Computer Resources for Children

Computers are a marvel of the modern world. They help us to communicate with loved ones, buy things we want, make travel reservations, and keep up with the latest news and entertainment. Computers can even be fun while at the same time being educational. Before the Internet was created, computers helped to perform other functions such as complete complicated mathematical equations and help in industries like manufacturing and factories across the country. Today, computers have been integrated into our lives in almost every single facet imaginable, from transportation to healthcare. Even cell phones called “smart phones” now have the same abilities as some computers. If you have a computer or you want to learn more about them, check out the following resources for lots of amazing information, computer games, and much more!

  1. Timeline of Computer History – Starting in 1939, click on each year to discover the amazing history of computers.
  2. Triumph of the Nerds – Check out more about the history of the computer from PBS.
  3. Computers & Saving Energy – This article helps explain when you should turn off your personal computer to save money and energy.
  4. CryptoKids – This site teaches kids all about Internet safety and computer codes.
  5. Cyber-Bullying – Learn more about a new form of bullying that happens online.
  6. Is it True? – Dispel some myths about computers, the Internet, and other technology like cell phones.
  7. The Birth of the Internet – Learn all about the beginning of the Internet and how it came to be.
  8. What are Viruses? – Information everyone should know about computer viruses and what they do.
  9. Net Smartz Kids – Check out this fun website designed just for kids.

10. Brain Vs Computer – Discover the differences between the human brain and a computer.

11. Ergonomics For Children – Kids need to practice good posture when using the computer, too.

12. Computer Lab Site – This website has resources and links to tons of fun educational computer activities for K-5.

13. Types of Computers – Check out the different types of computers available today.

14. Who Built the First Computer? – Read about the world’s first computer and who built it.

15. Old Apple Computers – Timeline, pictures, and more about some of the first Apple computers.

16. First Generation Computers – Discover some of the very first computers invented in the 1940s-1950s.

17. ABCya – A fun website with tons of interactive and educational games for kids!

18. Best PC Games for Kids – Check out this list of 18 of the best pc games designed for children.

19. Fun Brain – Here’s another website chock full of fun, educational games for children.

20. All About Computers – This lesson plan is designed to teach students all about computers and the World Wide Web.

21. About the Internet – Learn more about the Internet and how it works with this website’s help.

22. Connected Life: Video – Watch this online video to learn more about computers and how they work in our lives.

23. Games – Here are some helpful educational games for children.

24. History of Computer Hardware – Take a look at this timeline to discover the history of computer hardware.

25. Kids and Computing – Some safety tips for kids to follow when using the internet.

26. Alice and Allen – This printable comic shows kids how to sit at a computer the right way to avoid injury.

27. The History of Windows – Read all about the history of the world’s most widely used operating system, Microsoft Windows.

28. The Apple Museum – Discover all things Apple Computer at the online Apple Museum!

29. History of Dell – Learn more about the history of Dell, one of the country’s largest computer retailers.

30. Crazy Typing – A game that teaches kids how to type using a fun game.

31. Safe Kids – This site has tons of information about how kids can stay safe online.

32. Wired Kids – Games, resources, and much more can be found here for kids and teens.

33. Web Wise Kids – This website has lots of information about how kids can be safe and help other kids while using the World Wide Web.

34. Dance Mat Typing – A fun animated website that introduces children to touch typing.

35. Kids Computer Resources – A list of computer resources for kids split by age group.