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Website Cookies

This website, like most websites that operate databases and shopping carts, relies on a technology known as "cookies" to operate. Cookies are a name given to pieces of information that are stored locally on your computer by a website such as this one. Storing text information is obviously not harmful, however some people decide to switch off their browsers cookie ability for security reasons - they don't want any websites being able to store information on their hard drives. When you add items to your shopping cart, i.e. when you want to buy a screen, this website stores the shopping cart information on your computer - this stored information relies on the use of cookies.

How to resolve problems with cookies:

Test your computer to make sure it can accept cookies, if not read on;

1) Make sure session cookies are enabled in your browser. You could also try using a different browser on your computer, or of course a different computer.

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer

Enabling Cookies in Firefox

Enabling Cookies in Google Chrome

Enabling Cookies in Opera

2) Make sure that Internet Security Suites are not blocking access to our website.

Security suits such as Mcafee Internet Security, Symantec, AVG and all the other popular security protection suites often have features that will block website cookies. These features must be disabled to use this website. We advise clients to consult their documentation for the particular product they may be using.

3) Are you at work?

Some workplaces have security at the Internet connection and will block the exchange of information to our site, thus rendering the checkout function broken. In these circumstances we advise clients to bookmark the page(s) with the product(s) they need and try again later from a computer outside of the workplace network. You can of course also report this problem to your workplace IT department if you wish.

More information about Cookies

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