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Laptop Language: Keyboarding

Nowadays, many people use the computer to do their work. One of the main challenges of using the computer is to master the keyboard. It’s normal for beginners to use a finger to type the letters but it can be quite time-consuming to look for a specific letter each time you want to use it. Since the letters on a keyboard are not arranged in alphabetical order, the main thing is to know where all the letters are located. Then, there are also the matters of using Caps and tabs. Have you ever wondered how professional typists can type so fast and accurately? Well, they go to classes to learn the finer aspects of keyboarding and typing. Fortunately, there are various keyboarding or typing tutorials on the Internet. Here’s a resource page with a lot of keyboarding and typing tutorials. Once you go through some or all of these free resources, you will be surprised to find how much your keyboarding skills have improved.


Here, you will find various lessons like RTYU, EIGH, ASDF JKL;, to help you master the US standard 101 keyboard.

Typing Tutorials

The website provides many online lessons on keyboards like the QWERTY, UK QWERTY, Colemak Keyboard, Dvorak Keyboard, and more.

Keyboard Lessons

In these lessons, you will go through specific exercises to improve your keyboarding skills.

Online Typing Courses

There are 27 guided step-by-step lessons to teach you the basics of keyboarding. Lessons are also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.

A Typing Hero

Negotiate through Peter’s typing lessons and become a typing hero!

Text Type

The website offers many typing exercises like ‘home keys 1’, ‘add g and h’, ‘add c’, and more.

Dance Mat Typing

If you want to have some fun while learning to type, here’s the place to go.

Keyboarding Practice

These 17 drills are guaranteed to improve your typing speed and skills.

Improving Keyboard Skills

Download the Typing Tutor and Typing Master which will train you in various aspects of keyboarding skills.

Online Typing Test

Simple and easy-to-follow exercises designed to help you master the basic keystrokes.

Typing Games

Take your time to enjoy these games and enhance your typing skills.

Online Typing Tutor

This is an excellent place to learn the art of keyboarding and typing.

Dvorak Typing

The free tutorial shows you how to master the Dvorak keyboard.

GNU Typist

Here, you can download the free software which provides exercises on typing techniques. It has interface in Czech, German, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, and more.

Keyboard Tutor

There are a number of games to help improve your keyboard techniques.


A 7-stage tutorial designed to boost basic typing skills.

Online Typing Games

Try KeyMan Typing Game, Bubbles Typing Game, and KeyBricks Typing Game to enhance your typing techniques.


Use this free program to learn the how to touch-type like a pro!

Ten Key Test

Take this test to find out how fast you can do simple numerical calculations on the keyboard.

Touch-Typing Tutor

This is an excellent online tutor to help you master the techniques of touch-typing.


In this game, you will be speed typing against other typists from around the world.

Another Typing Tutor

The page offers typing tutorials for various levels.

Keyboard Lesson

Here are some essential lessons to help you improve your keyboarding skills.

Krazy Keyboarding

On this page, you will find 16 online lessons to enhance your keyboarding techniques.

Finger Chart

These lessons will show you which fingers go to which keys.

Home Row – Left Hand

A special tutorial that trains you to control the home keys, space bar, as well as the return/enter key.

Learn to Type

Here, you will get tutorials on beginning typing skills, advanced skills, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Crazy Typing

In this game, it’s not just that your fingers must be fast but your eyes too!

Computer Circus

Starting with the lesson on Home Keys, you move to the last lesson called the Final Frontier.

Rank My Typing

This is another place where you can test your typing speed against other users on the Internet.

Typer Spider

Here’s another fun game to challenge your typing skills.

Keyboarding Practice

Type a letter on your keyboard and the corresponding letter will light up on the screen.

Fast Typing Tutor

If you are in a hurry to improve your typing skills, here’s a good place to go.

Online Typing Course

This free typing course is available in various languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

Speed Test

When you are ready, you can take this test to find out your typing speed.

Original Typing Test

Here’s another typing test, apparently, the original one.

Basic Course in Dvorak

You can learn to master the Dvorak keyboard by going through these 29 lessons.

Cup Stacking

You can further improve your typing skills by playing this game.

Typing Course

This is a simple and effective online typing course for beginners.

Typer Shark

After you have tried Typer Spider, it’s time for Typer Shark!

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