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Laptop Care & Cleaning Guide

In 2010, it’s estimated that some 170 million laptops were sold. Laptops are gaining in popularity because they are compact, powerful, and mobile. As long as there’s a power outlet, a laptop can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks. Yet, many laptop owners neglect their laptops. If you take good care of your laptop, it will serve you for a number of years. Caring and cleaning the laptop also ensures that it will perform to its full capacity. However, the laptop is a sensitive and a somewhat fragile device so the proper steps have to be taken in cleaning it. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to care for and clean your laptop. 

The steps for taking care of and cleaning the laptop are as follows:

Never carry the laptop in your hands. An accident can happen in a few seconds. It can set you back days and even weeks if you do not have a backup of your work. From an economic point of view, the financial loss can be devastating. Always carry your laptop in a good quality padded bag. It will protect your laptop from accidental falls or knocks.

Never leave your laptop unattended at any place. Although the chance that a thief may be lurking around the corner at any time is quite remote, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Always ensure that you carry the laptop in a padded bag and keep an eye on it all the times.

When you are grabbing a quick meal, keep your laptop at a distance to avoid accidental spillage of liquid or other substances. Liquids and electronics don’t go together. All drinks are dangerous for your laptops, especially hot beverages like coffee, which can damage the keyboard and render it unusable. Liquids can cause additional damage by destroying the fine circuitry of the machine. In the event that there’s a spill on your laptop, use a dry soft cloth to clean the spill as quickly as possible.

Never use your laptop on an uneven surface. Always ensure that the heat sink is not blocked as you are using the laptop. Though it’s called a laptop, remember not to use it for too long by balancing it on your thighs. It can cause your skin to get burnt.

Do not charge the laptop in an area where people are moving about. Some people tend to charge their laptops in the classrooms. This is not advisable. In some schools, students are not allowed to charge their laptops in the classrooms. Furthermore, it’s dangerous to use a charger inside a class because someone can trip and fall, flinging your machine to the ground. To be safe, carry a spare battery which is fully charged.

Avoid using your laptop during a lighting storm because electrostatic and magnetic pulse can damage your laptop. Do not use the laptop at a place where something may fall on it. Do not use it at a place where spilling or leaking is evident. If the casing of your laptop is damaged, get it fixed immediately.

Always clean your laptop using a soft cloth, especially while cleaning the screen and dusting the keyboard. The laptop screen is highly sensitive to harsh treatments and it can easily develop scratches or even break when handled roughly. Ensure that you do not keep anything on the keyboard while you close the lid. The pressure can damage the screen. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the laptop. The pressure of the vacuum cleaner can destroy the circuits. If you want to dust the laptop, you can get a special duster from the computer store. Use it to dust your laptop softly.

While cleaning the inside of the laptop, take care to ensure that you do not loosen the screws while opening it. After opening, gently remove any dust balls gathered around the fans. Blow out the remaining dust with a hand blower and wipe it gently using a soft cloth. Unscrew the fan from the motherboard and blow out any residual air from it. After you are done, put it back and screw the back-lid to close the laptop.

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