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Free Laptop Mouse Exercises

Have you started using a computer recently? Or perhaps a laptop too? If you have, you might have realized that using a mouse can be a bit harder than it looks. Some computers have a mouse, but some laptops do not. On a laptop, you might usually find a trackpad, which is a flat, sensitive area, or a tiny button called a trackball. Although these two things look very different, they act in the same way as a mouse. With all of these devices, it simply takes a little bit of practice to get used to them and learn how to navigate online.

There are many different things we can do with a mouse. The most basic thing is the move the mouse around and use it to point to things. Your mouse should also have one or two buttons on it. By clicking just once on the left button, we can activate buttons and trigger active links on web pages. If we double click, we can open folders or documents. Right-clicking allows us to access additional menus or see more information about some things. You can also drag items with a mouse. This is very useful when we want to move a virtual object to a new location, or select text. We use dragging when we want to highlight something. If you have not used a mouse much before, don’t worry! The helpful resources below will introduce you to plenty of easy tutorials, exercises, games, and lessons on how to use a mouse. You will learn how to hold a mouse correctly and accomplish a variety of different tasks with it. To get started, single click on any of the following links!