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Microsoft Paint tutorial

 Microsoft Paint provides you with all the tools you need to create whatever designs you can imagine. Where can you check to see if you have Microsoft Paint already installed on your computer? Click on the Start button, go to programs, select accessories and choose paint. You can draw vertical, horizontal or diagonal straight lines, freeform lines or curved lines. You are provided with specific shape tools which you can use as well such as the rectangle, square, ellipse, circle or polygon tool. To create most of the shapes you begin by simply selecting the shape you desire and click on the “fill style” you want (which is located below the tool box). Next you click on your picture and drag the pointer to create your shape. Many colors are available for you to use on both the foreground and background of your picture.

Would you enjoy creating a picture in the Paint program and then using it as your desktop background? You can easily accomplish this with Microsoft Paint by clicking on the file menu and selecting “set as background (tiled)” or “set as background (centered).” When you select the tiled background, many copies of your picture are displayed while the centered option places a single picture in the middle of the desktop.

Microsoft Paint can also be used as a photo editor. You can view and edit photos that you scan into your computer. You can also work with pictures that you download to your computer from your digital camera. One trick that many users of MS Paint do not know about is that you can create your own custom brush. Begin by choosing the pencil tool and draw a small, textured brush. Next select the image you just drew, turn transparency on, hold the shift key, and drag around the image.

The airbrush tool is a fun tool because it works similarly to spraying paint. The tool is even in the shape of a spray can. You merely need to click on the tool and then click on your design and drag. As you drag the tool it sprays the paint color on your image. As you use the program more often you will learn all the special tricks and techniques that can help you to create your truly best designs.

There are many online resources which can provide you with everything you want and need to know about Microsoft Paint. Step-by-step tutorials as well as tips and tricks are found throughout the web and are all brought together in this article to help you learn to use the program. The following links will provide you with all the essential information you need regarding this fascinating software program.

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