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Ross Stone

Ross Stone


Ross Stone was born in 1964 and educated at Valley Park School in Kent. As a child and young adult, he demonstrated a consistent flair for the written word, a passion he honed and developed through extensive university study. He graduated from the University of Kent in 1986 with a BA (Hons) in Journalism.

After working in several reputable press offices, Ross became disenchanted with mainstream practices, and, instead poured his talents into freelance writing, the content of which often revolved around his other principal passion: screens, science and computing. In 2010 Ross Stone was hired by Laptop LCD Screen on a flexible basis. Working in autonomous tandem with the business, he conducts extensive research on new laptops and their unique specifications, presenting collated written work which also forms the basis and structure of the company website.

The experience he gains through consistent writing and research allows him to keep abreast of current computing trends and the release of new models. It is for this reason that company directors consider him, not only a talented peripheral member of the Laptop LCD team but an invaluable source of understanding and advice.

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