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Desktops vs Laptops: Which is Best?

Laptops vs desktops Having a choice when it comes to computing is great as it allows companies and personal users to find the right solution for them. Below, we weigh the pros and cons of desktop and laptop computers. Pros and cons Screen size When carrying out some jobs, a large screen is important. Naturally, desktop screens vary considerably in size, whilst laptop screens are available in a number of fixed sizes. That being said, however, most laptops allow their user to attach a second, (or external,) screen, should extra display space be required. Performance Laptops are not as powerful as desktops, however, most users don’t require a machine with high levels of processing power. That being said, however, there are a number of laptops on the market with fast processors, (core i5/i7,) and attractive specifications. Portability Obviously, laptops are highly portable, allowing you flexibility when working, surfing the internet or studying. Though desktop PCs are smaller than they used to be,  they are still not particularly portable. Of course, you can store your documents in the cloud, but accessing, (or presenting them,) without your laptop, (and the relevant software,) can be difficult.  For this reason, the majority of desktop computer users also frequently purchase one, (or more,) laptops.  Conclusion Desktop computers are often preferred by companies that require high levels of processing power.  However, the processing power of a laptop is more than enough for most users. What's more, laptops afford the user a great deal of flexibility, meaning work can be done at home, in the office or in a public place. In summation, in the battle of computer cons and pros, the laptop wins hands down. 

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