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The New Google Nexus 7

Google releases the Nexus 7 

Google’s new portable tablet, the Nexus 7, (manufactured by Asus,) is designed with power and portability, (it weighs a mere 290g,) in mind. Google states that the tablet is ideal for gaming, with the new Play Games app allowing users both the opportunity to play games against opponents the world over and the chance to discover other games of interest. The Nexus 7 also allows users to access radio streams, songs, television shows and movies.


What can we expect from the new tablet?

The Nexus 7 in detail

The Nexus 7 screen possesses a 1920x1200 resolution, (double that of Apple’s iPad mini.) It is made of Corning glass which, though scratch resistant, is nowhere near as hardy as the Gorilla Glass found in smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Replacement LCD screens for the Nexus 7 can be found here. Replacement touchscreens for the Nexus 7 can be found here

The tablet has two cameras. The camera on the front, (positioned on the right hand side of the device at the top,) is 1.2 MP. The camera on the rear, (at 5MP,) is capable of taking far cleaner pictures.

The Nexus 7 speakers produce a full sound though, some users have opined that the maximum volume settings are inadequate in particularly noisy and crowded areas.

The tablet comes with an AC adapter for charging. Google note that the battery should hold its charge for nine hours. Alternatively, the tablet is equipped with a facility for wireless charging. (If this option is preferred, a wireless charger will need to be purchased.)

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