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How to Replace an Acer Aspire One Screen

Am I able to fix my Acer Aspire One screen?

We understand how frustrating it can be when you break your Acer Aspire One screen. Armed with the correct knowledge, (and the correct tools,) though, laptop screen replacement is surprisingly simple. In changing your Acer Aspire One screen yourself, you could also save valuable time and money. Below, you’ll find step by step instructions to help guide you through the screen replacement process.

Replacing an Acer Aspire One screen 

Step one 

Before you begin your repair, ensure that you have removed your battery, turned off your machine and disconnected any (and all) peripheral devices, (such as speakers, memory sticks and/or drives.) Next, locate (and remove) all of the plastic covers on the front bezel, (the frame surrounding the broken Acer Aspire One screen.)

Step two 

Once you are sure that you have removed all of these aesthetic covers, proceed by unsrewing, (and safely setting aside,) the screws holding the front bezel in place. Then, firmly, (but gently,) prise the front bezel away from the rest of the screen. Once you have freed the front bezel from the rest of the screen, pull it forward, (taking care to disconnect it from the hinges at the bottom of the screen.)  Next, remove the screws, (located at each corner of the exposed display,) holding the damaged screen in place. 

Step three 

Once you have removed all of the screws holding the damaged screen in place, carefully pull it towards you. Note: you may need to use some force as the screen is held in place using fairly strong adhesive. Once you have pulled the broken screen towards you, disconnect the cables, (often held in place using tape,) which run from the screen to the rest of the laptop. You should now be able to remove the broken screen from your machine. 

Step four 

To fit your newly bought replacement all you need to do is perform the above instructions in reverse. It really is that simple!

Further help and advice

Are you struggling to follow the steps described above? Are you still worried about carrying out this repair yourself? Why not take a moment to browse the advice provided at the links below? 

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*Disclaimer: As with any repair you choose to undertake, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during the replacement/repair process. If you feel anxious or unsure about completing this repair yourself, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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