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A Unique Homemade Multi-Monitor

A cleverly designed multi-monitor gaming screen 

One of our incredibly talented customers, Neil Chillingworth has used two of our LCD screens to build a unique, multi-monitor screen which allows you to play virtual games in an interactive and all-encompassing way. 

Neil's multi-screen monitor 

The details 

To build his unique multi-monitor screen, Neil bought a couple of 15.4 inch SAMSUNG LTN154BT05 screens from our store, as well purchasing controller boards from eBay, (to ensure that the individual screens, when fitted to his principal monitor, would still work.) Neil's original monitor has a total resolution of 2560x1440, whilst our Samsung LTN154BT05 screens boast a total resolution of  1440x900 pixels. The vertical resolution of our LTN154BT05 Samsung displays adequately matches the horizontal resolution of Neil's principal monitor, effectively adding +900 pixels to each side of the original screen, thereby creating a longer display in plp format (picture/landscape/picture.) On his blog, Neil guides you through the multi-screen monitor creation process explaining how he managed to  successfully mount two additional laptop screens onto his main monitor, ensuring both that they were in line with the original picture and, that their weight could be effectively supported.  

Well done, Neil. What a great creation! Here's to hours of happy gaming. :) 

If, like Neil, you've purchased one or more screens from us in the past to design something special and unique, we'd love to hear from you. We'd be more than happy to write about your technical adventures on our blog! 

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