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We Review the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung release the Galaxy S6

Samsung released its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S6, in April of this year. Unlike its predecessors, (which are fashioned from plastic,) the Galaxy S6 is built using sleek materials such as glass and aluminium. Below, we take a detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6

Everything you need to know 

Unlike Samsung's previous Galaxy models, the S6 battery cannot be removed. In sealing the battery into the back of the device, Samsung have attempted to create a phone that is altogether more slender. Like a number of smartphones on the market today, the battery built into the Galaxy S6 doesn't hold its charge for any considerable length of time. (The Galaxy S6 holds a charge for approximately 12 hours.) As well as deciding that the Galaxy S6 battery should be non-removable, Samsung have also removed the mircoSD card port, (which was freely available in previous Galaxy S models.)

The Galaxy S6 comes equipped with a  camera that is capable of taking 16-megapixel photographs. On the front of the phone, Samsung have also included a lower quality camera which can be used to capture spur of the moment selfies.  The S6 is available for purchase in a range of striking colours, from deep blue to pearly white. 

The Galaxy S6 comes equipped with a high quality, AMOLED, 2560x1440 pixel screen which is capable of presenting videos and photos in vivid (and accurate) detail.