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Framework Laptops, low cost aftermarket LCD replacements

Online discussions about aftermarket screens for Framework 13 and 16 laptops reveal a range of experiences and insights. Users have been exploring and sharing their attempts and experiences with replacing their Framework laptop screens with aftermarket options, focusing on compatibility, technical specifications, and practical challenges.

  1. Technical Specifications: Most aftermarket screens need to match specific criteria like the correct 40 (FW16) or 30 (FW13) pin eDP connector, appropriate number of lanes (usually four), and proper pitch (0.4mm Framework 16 and 0.5mm Framework 13) to be compatible with the Framework models. Users have expressed challenges finding compatible screens due to these specific requirements.

  2. Risk and Compatibility Concerns: There's a general consensus that while aftermarket screens can be a cost-effective solution, they come with risks. Incorrect pinout or incompatible specifications can lead to hardware damage. Users are advised to thoroughly verify compatibility, preferably with datasheets, before attempting replacements​.

  3. Touchscreen Considerations: There is also interest in upgrading to touchscreen capabilities. However, this involves additional complexities like finding a compatible touchscreen cable, which is currently not available from Framework. The motherboard may support touchscreen signals, but the lack of a compatible cable makes this upgrade not feasible for most users​.

  4. OLED upgrades. There is no 13.5" OLED screen on the market that will fit the Framework 13 laptop but there is an OLED panel by Samsung that should fit the Framework 16 Laptop, however it would require a new eDP cable that is 0.5mm pitch and not the 0.4mm pitch cable that the standard Framework 16 laptop ships with..

Where to find the correct replacement screens:

At, we offer compatible displays for both the Framework 13.5 inch and 16 inch models, providing an affordable alternative to official replacement parts. Our screens meet the specific technical requirements of these laptops, ensuring a perfect fit and function at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're looking to replace a damaged screen or upgrade to a newer panel, our selection offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Visit our website to explore our range of compatible Framework laptop displays and enjoy significant savings.

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*Quality Statement At, our displays for the Framework 13.5 inch and 16 inch models are not only affordable, but they also boast exceptional visual quality with 100% sRGB coverage and excellent contrast ratios, ensuring vivid and accurate color reproduction for all your computing needs. Explore these fantastic options on our website and experience top-tier display performance at a fraction of the cost.

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