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DELL High End Samsung Screen Panel ATNA56WR04-0 coming in two delicious flavours!

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Introducing the Samsung ATNA56WR04, UHD OLED display panel for high end DELL laptops like the Alienware M15 and the DELL XPS 15 7590. This panel can come in a touch type as well which would be the display itself and a digitizer overlay, which is a glass cover with the touch sensitive digitizer on it. 

The display can come with a frame attached with a gap for the webcam. These different versions of the Samsung screen come with different DELL part codes. #

We currently have a limited stock of this hard to find and high end panel without the touch facility or frame with webcam slot.

The panel is suitable for the following laptops, if it has DELL part codes 00HHFM, or 0HHFM, or 0HPV00, or HPV00 or 0XCKGD or XCKGD. The panel suits the following laptops with UHD OLED non touch displays.

The two panels available with this Samsung part code (ATNA56WR04) are:


Dell Part code 07TGPK / 7TGPK / 7FG50

Comes with frame and space for webcam


Dell Part code 00HHFM / 0HHFM / 0HPV00 / HPV00 / 0XCKGD / XCKGD

Comes without frame and space for webcam

It's important to carefully check your original screen to make sure that it matches the ones we have in stock, as with this display there are two types available and they are not interchangeable.

Use the DELL part code on the back of your original display to make sure you are purchasing the correct part.

Once you are sure you have the type 1 display you can purchase it here.

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