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Screen for laptop

Modern technology with portable computer devices is moving at an alarming rate. The screen for your laptop, indeed the screen inside any laptop or portable device is shrinking. Screens for laptops are becoming thinner and lighter every single day.

This dieting and thinning of technology, has, of course come with pros and cons. Whilst lighter and thinner, the screens for laptops are becoming more brittle and prone to easier damage. On some of the cheaper models that have thinner lids it's often possible to shatter the laptop screen glass simply by passing the laptop to a friend, holding the unit by one corner of the lid.

Once you've shattered the display there is of course no repairing it. Inside the glass finish are multiple layers of extremely thin glass sheets, sandwiched together. Once this assembly is damaged, repair is not possible.

The good news here is that there are several organisations that will either sell you a replacement screen with fitting instructions, or fit the screen for you. Some organisations will even offer to pick the portable device up from you and replace the screen then sending it back. There is of course risk of the item being lost and of course risk of your data privacy being breached. Our preferred method is self replacement as your laptop, notebook, netbook or tablet computer will never leave your sight; and you know the job will have been done methodically and carefully rather than being rushed through a screen for laptop replacement process.

Screens for laptops are very easy to fit/replace and you will be remarkably surprised when you see how easy this process is. Most laptops, in fact almost all laptops on the market employ the same fitting process for the screen. In the same way that cars vary widely in design, changing a wheel is almost an identical process on 99% of the cars out there. The same applies to your laptop screen.

If you are not sure about undertaking this your first port of call should be referencing available information and videos on the Internet. We've provided some useful links below to try and help you get started, at the very least we recommend you take just six minutes out to watch the screen replacement video below.

Many organisations including schools, colleges, self employed business people, students and private individuals have become more DIY savvy with the wealth of digital information that is now available online for immediate access. We can all become skilled engineers with surprisingly few tools. All the information you need is out there. Good luck.