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EEEPC Stretched or Shrunk Display After Screen Replacement

Why does my EEEPC have a stretched or shrunk display?  

After replacing the laptop screen in some models of Asus EEEPC, a strange video related problem can in rare circumstances occur. The display becomes stretched or shrunk (usually stuck at 800x600 resolution) whereby the Acer logo is off centre on startup of the laptop. Once booted into Windows usually the display looks stretched and the bottom and right hand sides of the Windows desktop are outside the boundaries of the laptop screen. 

The problem in detail

Why it occurs

The EEEPC has a bug with the BIOS (which is part of the motherboard that holds settings for the hardware). This typically happens if the laptop has had an external monitor attached to it. The new panel although the correct resolution only shows part of the image and the ASUS logo is off centre on boot up.

How to solve the problem

Changing screens will not help, this is what you need to do to resolve the issue.
- In the Windows Control Panel, remove the Video or Display driver software and shut down the machine.
- Flash or update your EEEPC to the latest BIOS version. If you already have the latest version re flash the laptop.
EEEPC Bios can be downloaded from here.
An explanation of how you do it is here.

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