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Touch-Screen Laptops: Irreversible Trend or Technological Fad?

Do touch-screen laptops represent an irreversible trend?

In a recent interview, the president of Acer, Jim Wong, suggested that touch screen laptops will eventually come to dominate the computing market. Mr.Wong supported his assertion by pointing to internal research conducted by Acer which found that PC users, after having used a touch screen for a short while, naturally gravitated towards that mode of navigation. From such findings, Mr.Wong sought to conclude that the current tide of touch screen laptops constituted an “irreversible” electronic “trend,” rather than a transient technological fad.

Touch-screen laptops

Will Windows 8 hinder, rather than help, progress?

Whilst Mr. Wong was optimistic about the future of touch screen laptops, however, he was less enthusiastic about the software upon which such machines usually operate, Windows 8, suggesting that Microsoft’s decision to launch an entirely new operating system, (the intricacies of which must then be re-learned by consumers) would prevent it from becoming an “immediate hit.” Despite these misgivngs though, Mr.Wong maintained that the criticisms leveled against Windows 8 have been somewhat unfair.

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