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The Marriage of Tradition and Tablet

The fusing of tradition and tablet

The steady rise in the popularity of tablets has driven established manufacturers to design new machines called convertibles which combine tradition with touch screen technology. Companies have attempted to bridge the gap between these two technological spheres in a number of innovative ways.

Current convertible machines

1.) The Lenovo Helix

This machine is equipped with double hinges which allow the user to flip their screen fully over so that the machine can be used as a tablet. Unlike the Lenovo Yoga model, however, the helix also allows the user to rip the screen off their machine if required, so that it can be used as a standalone, independent tablet.


2.) The Asus Transformer All-In-One  

On the surface, this laptop looks like a traditional machine running Windows 8 software. However, the user is able to disconnect the screen from the machine‚Äôs body and use it as an independent tablet. Asus maintains, that, in tablet mode, battery power should last for an estimated 4-5 hours.



3.) The MSI Slider 

This machine seems designed primarily to be a tablet, though, one can access a keyboard by sliding the screen back and up, a system perhaps more conducive to occasional, rather than every day, use.




4.) The Asus Taichi

The Asus Taichi is a dual screen notebook, allowing the user to use it open as a traditional laptop or closed as a tablet. Two people could even use the machine at the same time, one using the tablet, the other using the normal screen!

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