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New Apple Patent Reveals Hybrid Laptop

Are Apple developing a hybrid laptop?

Recently, a new patent by Apple has appeared on the internet which provides details of a hybrid machine, part laptop, part touch-screen tablet. Drawings indicate that the touch screen, (as in other present hybrid machines,) would be detachable, drawing its charge from a wireless system in the laptop’s hinge. 

Will Apple maunfacture this new model?

Patent: new design or innovative idea?  

Though interesting designs, the jury is still out as to whether these drawings are indicative of a future Apple product or whether they are merely representative of countless innovative ideas floating around Apple HQ. Various sources suggest that Apple has stated on numerous occasions that it is not particularly fond of the inclusion of touch screen technology within laptops. Perhaps such statements provide further evidence that these designs represent just one more peripheral idea rather than concrete proof of the company’s future plans. At present, the question remains: have Apple changed their minds, or is this just one more innovative idea that will never be realized?


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