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A New Era Of LCD Screens - All In One Desktop Screen Replacements

At, we’ve been exclusively focused on laptop screens, diversifying briefly into tablet screens around 2012. However, as the tablet craze waned with the rise of smartphones, we refocused on laptop screens by 2014.

Always vigilant of market trends, our researchers have recently noted a growing demand for All-In-One (AIO) screens. These modern desktop devices integrate the computer within a large 19"-28" monitor, combining functionality and sleek design. Notable examples include Apple’s iMac, Dell AIO, and HP AIO.

Recognizing this trend, we are excited to announce our expansion into the AIO market for LCD replacements, leveraging our expertise in laptop screens. We are now stocking four new products:

  1. LM238WF2-SSK1 by LG Philips:

    • Fits Dell Inspiron 24 5400 AIO here (Dell part codes 0YXN48 and 0J1J7R).
  2. M270HAN01.1 by AU Optronics:

    • Fits HP All-In-One 27" models here.
    • Fits ASUS VA27 models here.
    • Fits Acer CB2 Business Monitor models here.
    • Fits Acer Nitro Gaming Monitors (KA271, KA272, VG270) here.
  3. LM238WF2-SSP2 by LG Philips:

    • Fits Dell Inspiron 24-5415 AIO here (Dell part codes 052Y72, 0CTN53, and 0H922R).
  4. MV238FHM-N10 by BOEHydis:

    • Fits Dell Optiplex AIO 7470 non-touch screen models here.
    • Fits Dell Inspiron 24 AIO models:
      • Inspiron 24-3455 AIO here.
      • Inspiron 24-3452 AIO here.
      • Inspiron 24-5458 AIO here.

We also offer a reasonable selection of AOC monitor LCD replacements here.

All of our AIO stock listed here is for NON touchscreen computers only.

Explore more about our offerings at

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