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Brexit Means Business As Usual

There is much hype and hysteria surrounding Britain's delayed exit from the European Union. 

The media has scare mongered many people, and businesses into thinking that a no-deal exit will cause cross-border logistical problems for UK businesses.

Here at Laptop-LCD-Screen, we are not worried.

If the UK manages to secure a trade deal with the European Union, or it does not, we will still be shipping replacement LCD screens and associated parts to the same destinations. 

Without a deal from the European Union, the UK will be exporting goods outside of it's taxation zone, and so, in the same way we ship products to Switzerland and Norway, we will simply provide the correct customs declaration on the outside of the packaging, along with any other relevant documents that maybe required.

We are unclear at the moment on the VAT Tax situation if the UK does exit with no deal, however it seems apparent to us, that with no deal, our goods will be exported to EU destinations with VAT tax removed. We'll declare the value of the goods on the outside of the box, and remove the TAX at the checkout.

As we already ship to non-EU destinations like this, we're ready and prepared to continue shipping to European destinations regardless of the outcome of the current political negotiations surrounding Brexit.

We've recently partnered with DHL (Germany) for EU shipments, and they are also fully prepared for any changes in the way the borders and customs may function in the near future.

We look forward to continue providing all of our EU partners with the same high standard of service and fast delivery times we've been doing for you since 2006.

We wish you all the best for 2019, and please, don't worry - business will continue as usual no matter what happens.

Nick Christou

Company Director

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