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Laptop & Tablet Screen Troubleshooter

"Do I need a replacement laptop screen?"

Welcome to the laptop screen troubleshooter, if you're not sure whether you need to replace your laptop LCD screen, please use our free screen diagnostics here. You'll be able to quickly determine the cause of your screen related problem. Simply select the scenario from the mages below that matches your laptop screen problem. This interactive laptop screen troubleshooting tool presented by laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk

Please select the image that is closest to the problem you are experiencing.

cracked laptop screen laptop screen with white bands of colour laptop screen with coloured patterns
The display shows signs of cracking or shattering and you may or may not see what appears to be a "leaking" ink effect. The display has one or more bands of white running vertically down the screen. The display shows only coloured lines, bars or a kaleidascope effect.
laptop screen with colour tint laptop screen completely black laptop screen developing lines
The display shows signs of ghosting and may have a tint or hue of colour. The screen remains black and nothing can be seen when the laptop is powered on. One or more thin lines have developed running vertically down the display.
laptop screen display dim laptop screen washed out laptop screen completely white, laptop screen whiteout
The screen remains completely dark, however on close inspection when the laptop is powered on, a faint impression of what should be there can be seen. The display becomes washed out, or whites out either immediately or shortly after powering on the laptop. The display just lights up white, or "whites out" when the laptop is powered on.