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After spending 5 weeks waiting for my local Spanish pc-repairman to get me a new laptop screen, I gave up on him and ordered a Clevo W150HNQ from you. 4 days later it was delivered on my door here in Benidorm, Spain, and I made the repair myself in 10 minutes. Shame on the local pc-repairman, all poosible credits to laptop-lcd-screen for excellent service :)

einar on 05/12/2013 | ★★★★★

Excellent service, when asking questions about products, New screen. the Clevo W550SU1 for my wife‘s lap top working well. would buy again if needed anything.

George on 10/03/2017 | ★★★★★

The sales and delivery service was excellent other than the Canry Islands customs held it up for 3 weeks and I only got delivery after paying them 20 Euros so if I ever need to go through this process again I will have it delivered to a friend to bring out at their convenience. Installation in theary was simple but made a little more difficult by the construction of the Clevo laptop, the front frame is part of the hinge mechanism, that just made things a bit more fiddly, the ony real problem was the inverter cable which was about 2‘ shorter than the original so it necessitated cutting off the cable from the original screen and soldering it on as an extension to the new screen. if not for that it would have been a half hour job. I am now typing this on the new screen, well pleased.

Mike Middleton on 19/06/2015 | ★★★★★

The screen is of good quality and works as expected with my Clevo P170SM-A :)

Samuel on 30/03/2019 | ★★★★★

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