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In the description it says:‘We do not sell inferior quality Samsung screens‘. This was true in my case! I received an LG screen that was bettee than the original one. It is compatible with the screen i had and replacing it was very simple, and the image quality is far better than the original. the service was very quick. i would order from this site again, keeping in mind the screen model received is not guaranteed.

Richard on 02/01/2016 | ★★★

Perfect screen, original display from LG, packaging is amazing!! impossible to be more secure. Quality on display is perfect, fit well and very happy with this bought.

Carlos M on 03/11/2015 | ★★★★★

Fast service, good product (the unit served actually made by LG). Laptop up running like a charm again. Perfect.

Emilio on 08/02/2016 | ★★★★★

I got AUO in instead of LG, but I am very pleased so far.

Laurentiu Lazar on 12/02/2015 | ★★★★★

Product quality is good and shipping (to Belgium) was quite fast.

J.T. on 18/09/2014 | ★★★★★

Ordered a replacement screen for my HP DM4-2000. Delivery (to Denmark) was swift and without any problems. Although I orderd a Samsung screen, I received a compatible LG screen. While the interface and dimensions of the screen was identical to the Samsung, the four holes for attaching the screen to the frame were slightly misaligned, so I had to use some force to properly fixate the screen. Nevertheless, the screen works perfectly and I'm happily using my laptop again :)

Alex on 21/10/2013 | ★★★★

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