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Make Way For Microsoft Edge Get ready for Microsoft Edge As well as preparing for the official release of their new operati Type: Post
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Microsoft Set to Release the Surface Pro 4? Microsoft due to unveil the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? A number of commentators expect& Type: Post
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Microsoft Making Windows 8 More Accessible? Microsoft trying to make Windows 8 more accessible? Recent reports suggest that Microsoft will soon Type: Post
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Windows 10 Set for Release on 25th July Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be released as a free upgrade on the 25th July. Surpri Type: Post
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First Impressions of Windows 10 A first look at Windows 10 Like countless others on the 29th July 2015, I set some time aside&n Type: Post
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Blue Screen on Laptop Blue screen on laptop   Although Microsoft Windows has come a long way since the way-back days Type: Post
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Acer Display Problems "I'm having problems with my Acer screen From time to time, you may find that the brightness on your Acer screen diminishes, making it difficult to see, or, that the manner in which the colours are di ..." Type: Post
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Laptop Screen Replacement Gone Psychadelic! Colours inverted, shaking, flickering etc. This information applies to the fitting of new replacement laptop screens only and does not apply to Type: Post
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The Handy Handmate that Turns a Normal Screen into a Tablet "An invention which turns a normal display into a tablet The full capabilities of Microsoft’s new software, Windows 8, can only be fully appreciated on a touchscreen machine. However, most of t ..." Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
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Touch-Screen Laptops: Irreversible Trend or Technological Fad? "Do touch-screen laptops represent an irreversible trend? In a recent interview, the president of Acer, Jim Wong, suggested that touch screen laptops will eventually come to dominate the computing ma ..." Type: Post
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We Weigh Up the Pros and Cons of Laptop/Touch-Screen Hybrids The pros and cons of hybrid laptops Figures suggest that tablets are steadily rising in popularity. Type: Post
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Intel Updating the Ultrabook? Intel in the process of updating the Ultrabook Intel, a company as powerful in the computing world a Type: Post
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The Top Five Laptops of 2015 The best laptops of 2015 What with the sheer amount of laptop models on the market today, it ca Type: Post
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Laptop Displays: Technical Language Explained Laptop screens: Technical language explained Displays are, of course, the central component on all l Type: Post
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Asus set to Release the Tiny Transformer Book T100HA Asus unveil the Transformer Book T100HA Type: Post
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Public WiFi: Protecting Yourself on the Move Keeping yourself safe whilst using public WiFi Public WiFi connections are extremely handy when Type: Post
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The Cost-Friendly Cloudbook Acer announce new laptop plans Recently, Acer discussed their plans to release a new Type: Post
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Apple Unveil the iPad Pro Apple release the iPad Pro Having produced a range of modes in the iPad range, Apple have recen Type: Post
Categories : Tablet news
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Designer of the World's First Laptop Dies at Age 69  World's first laptop designer Bill Moggridge dies at age 69  British born designer Bill M Type: Post
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Tags : bill, Moggridge, 1991, dies, first, laptop, designer, words, age, 69