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Replacing Quanta Display Laptop Screens

Sharp LCD Display Group to Invest in IGZO Technology - Apple Retina Display Production Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : sharp, igzo, technology, apple, retina

Laptop Displays: Technical Language Explained Laptop screens: Technical language explained Displays are, of course, the central component on all l Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen Information
Tags : definition, Screen

Retina Displays - Coming to a Laptop LCD Screen Near You! Retina Displays are coming to mainstream laptops, but, what is a retina display? The display found i Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : retina, intel, ultrabook, ipad, iphone, 4g, retina display, display, lcd, pixel, density

The Rise of the IPS Display Key information on IPS screens IPS screens are specially designed to solve the problems one oft Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News, Laptop Screen Information

AMOLED: The Public Demands Proper Display Technology AMOLED: public demands proper display technology     A flexible Samsung AMOLED screen - Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : amoled, flex, flexible, bend, bendable, view, angles, viewing angles, IPS, better, contrast, black, quality, retina, sony, apple, samsung

IPS Displays With 120HZ 3D Technology on the Horizon? IPS dislays with 120hz 3D technology  Some believe an IPS screen with 120 Hz refresh would be Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : ips, 120hz, 120, hz, display, 3D

Acer Display Problems "I'm having problems with my Acer screen From time to time, you may find that the brightness on your Acer screen diminishes, making it difficult to see, or, that the manner in which the colours are di ..." Type: Post
Categories : Technical Support
Tags : acer, acer laptop screens, brightness, bright, colours, clarity, choice, laptops, Laptop

Gorilla Glass - Thinner and Stronger Laptop LCD Display Technology Gorilla Glass: Stronger display technology If you have been reading the screen news recently, you'l Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : gorilla, glass, 2, gorilla glass, gorilla glass 2, tablet, slate, netbook, ultra book, tough, thin, bendable, flexible, crack, break, shatter, resist, proof, drop, damage

Ivy Book : New Ultrabooks to Offer Higher Than High Definition Displays Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : ultra book, apple, retina, ultrabook, macbook

Samsung Designs Bendable Smartphone Displays "Bendable Smartphone displays At a reccent analyst day, (held in South Korea,) Samsung announced plans to design bendable Smartphone displays. The corporation presented a prototype (pictured ..." Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : screens, Screen, samsung, bendable, bend

EEEPC Stretched or Shrunk Display After Screen Replacement Why does my EEEPC have a stretched or shrunk display?   After replacing the laptop screen Type: Post
Categories : Troubleshooting LCD installations
Tags : laptop, notebook, netbook, asus, eeepc, eee, pc, display, problems, shrunk, stretched, after, screen, replacement, repair

Will Retina Displays Follow into Ultrabooks? Retina: ultrabooks to get better quality display technology If you are looking to purchase a l Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : retina, display, ultrabook, high, resolution, pixel, density

Intel and Sharp Interested in IGZO Displays? Intel and Sharp interested in IGZO screens? Notebook screens consume a great deal of battery life, a Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : Screenintel

Apple to Discontinue Retina Displays? Will Apple stop producing Retina screens? Current reports suggest that Apple is preparing to release Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : retina, display, discontinue, no, production, stop, high, res, resolution

Sony Pioneer 3D Display Technology for any Laptop. Sony’s lenticular sheet: no need for 3D glasses   New innovations suggest that Sony Corporation Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : sony, 3d, laptop, screen, glasses, free, glasses free, without glasses, no glasses

Laptop Screen Replacement Gone Psychadelic! Colours inverted, shaking, flickering etc. This information applies to the fitting of new replacement laptop screens only and does not apply to Type: Post
Categories : Technical Support

The Ultra HD 4K Scam The truth about 4KWe all know that our laptops are using very out-dated display technology because o Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen Information

Laptop Screens - MATTE vs GLOSS Laptop displays: matte vs gloss You may have seen that for some laptop models, replacement screens a Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen Information
Tags : choosing, buying, choose, buy, matte, gloss, reflective, glare, anti, anti reflective, anti glare, finish, colours, contrast, brightness, polorizer, poloriser, shiny, rough, lcd, screen, panel, laptop, netbook, notebook

3D Laptop Screens | 3D Screen Technology  3D screen technology One of the many new and innovative steps in screen design is no doubt t Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen News
Tags : 3d, laptop, lcd, screen, 2d, effect, glasses, new, technology, 3d display, 3 D, without glasses, live, display

Understanding LCD Terms : EDID What is Laptop LCD Screen EDID? You may have heard the term EDID used by laptop screen suppliers, yo Type: Post
Categories : Laptop Screen Information
Tags : EDID, software, firmware, LCD burner, transfer

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