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Reviews of our Sharp LCD model screens

I ordered the SHARP LQ164M1LA4A replacement screen for my sons Sony Vaio laptop after seeing your website online and was so pleased with the service provided by your company and would recommend you to my family and friends in future. Thank you.

Brian Holmes on 04/04/2016 | ★★★★★

Brilliant display, it's significantly better than the stock TN panel that Dell had put in the laptop. Better colours and a much brighter sharper image; no greasy washed out look. Fast delivery and really well packaged; great video on how to install too; only took 10mins. Overall, very happy.

Anthony on 07/12/2018 | ★★★★

Hello, I have received and installed the ordered laptop screen (SHARP LQ164M1LA4A). I am very happy with how the order is handled, and my laptop is ‘as new‘ again, thanks! One note though, you advertise with this screen as being a glossy screen. The original screen of my laptop (Sony Vaio FW31ZJ) is not glossy, but matte. I still ordered the screen from you, because I could not find the matte version anywhere on the internet. Now that I have installed it, it turns out it is the matte version! For me this is an unexpected, but positive surprise! Regards

Willem on 27/02/2015 | ★★★★★

Hi Deklan

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry you are experiencing this issue.
What happens when the laptop is booted into Safe Mode? Apart from it looking larger than normal do the colours and sharpness look correct?
If so, its likely a driver issue; in which case you should not re load the newest drivers but uninstall them completely as they may not be compatible with the screen which will be newer. You can usually go to the control panel, Add Remove programs or Uninstall a program on newer versions of Windows. Look for XYZ HD Graphics, perhaps the XYZ will be Intel or NVidia. Uninstall it, then reboot. Windows will attempt to find more appropriate drivers. Let me know about safe mode and the rest of the suggestion. Best Sales Customer Services

Nick (laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk) on 30/07/2015 | ★★★★★

Replacing Sharp LCD model Laptop Screens

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