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Waiting to hear cost of Sony Vaio Laptop screen. Could you please quote the cost for replacing the said screen? PS Very Nice WEB Site ! Kind Regards Paul2

Paul Byers on 01/05/2016 | ★★★★★

Waiting to hear cost of Sony Vaio Laptop screen. Could you please quote the cost for replacing the said screen? PS Very Nice WEB Site ! Kind Regards Paul2

Paul Byers on 01/05/2016 | ★★★★★

I ordered a replacement LCD display for my Sony laptop and it was significantly cheaper than any other site I was able to find, the product arrived in the exact number of days they advised me it would take to arrive and when I installed it, it worked perfectly. All in all, a great purchase from a very efficient company. Thanks!

John on 02/06/2015 | ★★★★★

I ordered the SHARP LQ164M1LA4A replacement screen for my sons Sony Vaio laptop after seeing your website online and was so pleased with the service provided by your company and would recommend you to my family and friends in future. Thank you.

Brian Holmes on 04/04/2016 | ★★★★★

My new SONY VAIO VGN FW21Z 16.4 DUAL LAMP LAPTOP SCREEN is great! Thank You for doing Your job so good!I was very pleased with my purchase.

Peter Nikolov on 05/10/2015 | ★★★★★

When I first tried to order a replacement screen for my Sony S-Series (2012) laptop, the model I needed was out of stock, but a week or so later I received a polite email notifying me that it was back in stock. My replacement screen arrived quickly, with clear communication throughout. Upon inspection I noted that, as promised, the brand, model and serial number of the replacement screen matched that of the original - no cheap knockoffs here. I followed the instructions provided in the installation video on the Laptop LCD Screen website. I found the process of replacing the broken screen fairly easy, and the new screen works perfectly. One note for owners of this model of Sony laptop: the manufacturers in their infinite wisdom decided to glue the bottom of the bezel to the original screen, which meant I had to very carefully slice through the glue with a stanley knife in order to get the broken screen out. With the new screen installed, there is now a very small gap between the bottom of the bezel and the screen, which doesn‘t seem to affect the performance of the screen in any way, and is unnoticeable cosmetically. If you find yourself in a situation like mine, where I had a damaged screen on an otherwise perfectly capable laptop, I‘d definitely recommend considering trying to replace the screen before splashing out on a whole new machine.

Nathan on 08/12/2014 | ★★★★★

Replacing Sony LCD model number Laptop Screens

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